Some highlights: “Ralf GUM – In My City” selected Best Dance Album 2014 by iTunes SA ....... “Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” stays more than half a year in the South African Media chart ....... Ralf GUM named #5 Afro House & #11 Soulful House Artist and Sir LSG to be on #20 of the Afro House Artists worldwide by Traxsource ....... “Ralf GUM – In My City” hits number 1 on iTunes SA on the day of release ....... “Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” hits GOLD in South Africa and is the #1 selling album of 2012 on Traxsource ....... “Take Me To My Love” by Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles of the year on Traxsource 2012 ...... GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol. I - IV - out now ... GOGO Music - 10 years young and fresher than ever ...... 'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated' hits #1 on Traxsource for almost 3 weeks and makes it to #1 in the Mascom/Yarona charts in Botswana ..... 'Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me on' (incl. Raw Artistic Soul remixes) # 3 in the "Best of 2009" charts of Traxsource ..... Ralf GUM with 4 releases in the 'Best of 2009' charts of Traxsource .... Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham hit #1 on Traxsource with 'Little W. 12th St.' again, after they scored the #1 spot in the 2008 sales chart of Traxsource with 'Kissing Strangers' .... find many more in our news and news archive!

Releases / Ralf GUM feat. Wunmi - “Brother Like No Other”

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Ralf GUM feat. Wunmi - Brother Like No Other
Ralf GUM is on a roll in 2008 and drops another supremely fantastic single on GOGO Music. With Wunmi on vocals and with a fat remix package including versions by Benny Pecoraio, Rufuss and Joyful Noise, this is a truly diverse release.

In its original form ‘Brother like no other’ is one of the few broken beat tunes on Ralf’s celebrated album ‘Uniting Music’. The serious percussion work and beat programming is supplemented by miraculous live instrumentation that suits Wunmi’s vocals perfectly. Mature music for mature people. The Ralf GUM Dubs are pure deep dance-floor delight. The ‘Ralf GUM Horn Dub’ uses a totally cut-up pattern of the horns from the ‘Original Main Mix’ which is absolutely memorable. The “Ralf GUM Minimized Dub” reduces the instrumentation, and concentrates on the ridiculous driving rhythm, but still is a mind-blowing and multi layered weapon. Intelligent rhythmic journeys for any occasion.

In the world of dance music, Wunmi is a one-off, an artist that effortlessly joins the dots between Nigeria's Afrobeat heritage, New York's house pedigree and London's jazz, broken beat and classic street sounds. During her career she worked with production heavyweights like Masters At Work, Seiji or Raw Artistic Soul. Wunmi finally released her first solo album A.L.A. in 2007. On “Brother like no other” she shows her soulful side without negating her African Roots.

Artists Rufuss and Joyful Noise are both hailing from the French Qalomota Records camp, a label and a band founded in 1998 by producer Thierry Colau and Dj Chris Thomas. For every member of the Qalomota crew music is a physical and spiritual experience where the beat is the foundation, and the melody, food for the soul. Rufuss and Joyful Noise are both following this formula in diametrically opposed ways. Joyful Noise delivers a fierce, slightly techie version which is a secret weapon for peak time or late night. Rufuss’ music will take you on a Segio Leone styled trip. His beats are organic and his instrumentation has written live-feel over it, including great flute solo and finding its climax in those very remindable Italo-western hook breaks. Finally German DJ/producer Benny Pecoraio delivers a fabulous deep US House version. His remix is the perfect interpretation for everybody looking for the classical styled 4 to the floor mix with great atmosphere.

GOGO Music is pleased to present you another undeniably awe-inspiring package with this Ralf GUM release. After putting out a string of acclaimed hit singles including ‘All this love for you’ and the future classic ‘Kissing Strangers’ plus a bunch of remix-works for e.g. Mn2S, Kapa or Foliage, ‘Brother like no other’ now lands on the global scene after it already rocked Ralf’s gigs on his South Africa tour lately in a big way.

Tracklisting Ralf GUM feat. Wunmi - Brother Like No Other - GOGO 031

G-Side 1 - Original Main Mix 6:22
G-Side 2 - Ralf GUM Horn Dub 6:35
O-Side 1 - Joyful Noise Remix 8:05
O-Side 2 - Rufuss Remix 6:34

Additional available mixes as download:

1 - Benny Pecoraio Remix 6:50
2 - Ralf GUM Minimized Dub 6:02
3 - Rufuss Instrumental 6:34
4 - Benny Pecoraio Instrumental 6:50
5 - Joyful Noise Instrumental 8:05

Enjoy the music...


JJazproJect Magazine
Ralf GUM feat. Wunmi - Brother Like No Other - GOGO 031

I would put Ralf down as one of the artists of 2008, There are at least two of his releases this year that I just couldn’t bear to be without. This is another excellent release with far too many mixes to mention them all. Whilst I like the vocal versions it’s been the dubs that have really done the damage for me personally. In particular the “Ralf GUM Horn Dub” and “Ralf Gum Minimized Dub” are superb with rhythms that simply force you to dance. Brilliant! by Dean Serafini
Ralf GUM feat. Wunmi - Brother Like No Other - GOGO 031

Pick of the week!
The broken beat gem "Brother like no other" (lifted from Ralf GUM's highly acclaimed "Uniting Music" album) gets a full release, including a great variety of mixes to choose from. Featuring a passionate vocal by Wunmi, "Brother like no other" in its original form is all about the resistless, percussion driven broken beat and the marvelous horns. Ralf GUM himself provides two delightful deep house dubs built around an irresistible groove, with the 'Horn Dub' flipping the horns around and combining them with captivating chords, while the 'Minimized Dub' reduces the instrumentation for a more intense vibe. Joyful Noise goes deep and slightly techie for some serious late night / early morning action, while Rufuss gives the track an organic live feel complete with Italo western hook breaks. Finally we have Benny Pecoraio who presents a wonderful inspiring deep house interpretation. by Micheal Fossati
Ralf GUM feat. Wunmi - Brother Like No Other - GOGO 031

Ralf GUM's label GOGO has become a prominent name in the house music scene and have a catalogue of fine releases under their belt. They continue in fine form with 'Brother Like No Other' taken from Ralf's album, 'Uniting Music'. The package comes with a stomping nine different mixes, but we will concentrate on the original mix as well as mixes from Joyful Noise, Rufuss and Benny Pecoraio. The original mix is the same as from the album and is a lovley downtempo/broken beat type affair. The Joyful Noise mix sees the track going off in a harder and deeper direction for main room play in the early hours. The Rufuss mix is a brilliant take on the track, and has it's own slightly latin and spanish tinged flavour infused into it, complete with caracas.Benny Pecoraio supplies a lovely mix that flows well from start to finish and is superb. by Gareth Morgan
Ralf GUM feat. Wunmi - Brother Like No Other - GOGO 031

Wow, Mr. GUM brings us a whopping 9 versions of this, his newest single featuring the amazing vocal talents of Wunmi. Ralf himself enjoys laying down a few remix versions of the song as does Benny Pecoraio, Rufuss and Joyful Noise and I can't quite pinpoint which is the best one for me... have a close listen yourselves and let me know ok? by David Colkett
Ralf GUM feat. Wunmi - Brother Like No Other - GOGO 031

There are various mixes of Brother Like No Other to choose from and the one that's got me is GUM's own Minimized Dub, which is an insistent key mission. by Jon Freer

Some Ralf GUM feat. Wunmi - Brother Like No Other - GOGO 031 - DJ feedback:

:: "Dope release keep the heat coming!" Marlon D (USA)

::"All the mixes are beautiful... I am looking forward to play it loud this weekend! Respect." Jamie Thinnes (Seasons Recordings)

:: "Dope release! Really hard to choose a favourite cut, but original and Rufuss’ will trip with me for my next gigs for sure!" Señorlobo (Lovemonk)

:: "Uniting Music - hands down my favourite album this year! I've been waiting for this release to come, it's my second favourite track from the Album. A stellar production, amazing vocals and sweet melody. Beautiful music right here, will be giving this much support!!" Myles Chalmers (Nakedsoul, UK)

:: "I'm really feeling Ralf GUM mixes the best, keep bringin the heat this is a DOPE release!" Bradford James (Seedrecordings)

:: "Lovin the original and Horn dub!!!" Soy Mustafa (Shack Music, UK)

:: "This one has a good vibe and my preference goes to the Horn Dub! It's good for me! I will support it also my radio show" Danilo D'Andrea (Partygroove Radio, Italy)

:: "Love the whole package hott, your horn dub and Benny pecoraio's mixes do it for me." Andre Harris (USA)

:: "Ralf GUM Horn Dub ... my favourite mix ...great Vibe !!!" Alfred Azzetto (Purple Music)

:: "As always quality stuff!" Roog/ Hardsoul (Netherlands)

:: "This is HOT!!!! Can't wait to play it over the weekend....!!!" Luis Radio (Italy)

:: "Ralf GUM Original and dub mixes are superb!! Full support from me." Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote, UK)

:: "Great package! Loving the Horn Dub, Benny Pecoraio Rmx and Rufuss Instrumental. Really hard to choose from. In one word: Superb!" Christos Kedras (Kapa Music, USA)

:: "You've hit the mark again, always sending beautiful vibes." Robert Owens (UK)

::"Ralf GUM dubs go straight into rotation. Another fine release from this remarkably consistent producer." Charles Spencer (Loveslap, USA)

:: "Another great release.. will be a classic on my morning shows for sure… A lot of amazing versions." Joan Ribas (Ibizaglobalradio, Spain)

:: "Another GOGO, another gem…Really liking the original mix on here - warm, soulful, and the vocals are magic….. a thorough polished production with bags of soul. Remixes are cool too, but I can’t compliment the original enough!" Russell Pollitt (Defected, UK)

:: "The new release is amazing!! Really feeling it!! Best of luck with this baby!" Andy Compton (Rurals, Peng, UK)

:: "Superb!!!!!!!" DJ Mannix (Whipped Cream, Austria)

:: "I always like your work, in this case the versions who "puts me on" is Benny Pecoraio, i think i can play on air Orignal mix and Benny Pecoraios Mix." Michael Ramirez (Univerdance, Spain)

:: "Bro, its hot!! U and Wunmi did something of new. my sincerely compliments." Antonello (Vega Records)

:: "A paramount single and a gleaming set of mixes here! In the box for sure." Shawn Christopher (Physical Graffiti)

:: "Lovely single, I love Oriinal vibe and will definitely play Horn Dub! 9/10" Bogdan Taran (Essential Capital FM, Latvian radio syndication,

:: "Lovely selections of mixes, really like Ralf GUM Minimized Dub and also Benny Percoraio mix too..." Gary Ward (Days Like This, Birmingham)

:: "GRANDE DISCO !!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cerino Testarossa (Radio Ibiza)

:: "Ooooh I love this sooooo much! Original and Benny’s Remix are wonderful! Rufuss’ Remix is really cute too" Sarah Foote (Favouritizm, UK)

:: "Thanks for the promo! - here is our reaction:

"Ralf Gum is one of our favourite producers and this package is no dissapointment! - lot's of great mixes too!" Mikkel Wendelboe & Morten Trust aka Soulmagic (Sweden)

:: "Ralf GUM Minimized Dub for me...nice!" CJ Mackintosh (UK)

:: "Benny Pecoraio Remix: great funky groove & sounds. Ralf GUM Minimized Dub: very nice groove man!! Just minimized optimized! Chart & play!" DJ Rork (Stalwart, France)

:: "The Original is still the best by far! I played it on Saturday night to a very responsive crowd! Great stuff from Wumni!" Marcia Carr (TalkingMusic Productions, UK)

:: "Another excellent remix package with more than enough for everyone. Joyful Noise Remix will get a good work out on Radio For Sure!!" Umberto Giannini (Rushes, Ministry of Sound Radio, UK)

:: "Yes! Been waiting for this one to drop. One of my fav tracks of Uniting Music. Fell instantly in love with Ralf's Horn Dub and Benny Pecoraio's Remix. Lovely stuff as always on GOGO." Dalminjo (Norway)

:: "The Ralf GUM Horn dub features an uplifting, hypnotic, serious groove that will take you on a musical journey unlike no no other! Top 5 tune for my playlists!" Shawn Phillips (MOVIN 100.7 FM, BILLBOARD Club Chart, Laterdaysoul Inc.)

:: "Ralf GUM Horn Dub Mix is my new number 1 in my charts!!!! AMAZING…" Roberto De Carlo (Switzerland)

:: "I like Benny's rmx the best for the vocal and I am feeling all of the dubs and JN Inst. Thanks again for all of the wonderful music." DJ Dealer (Look At You Records, USA)

:: "Another smash hit for the headz." Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, NY WHCR 90.3 FM)

:: "Great melodies in this huge track. Good the vocals by Wunmi. I Love the downtempo stile of the original mix with his funny trumpet. The Horn dub's vibe is good for dancefloor. Strong rhythm for a slamming Joyful Noise rmx. Incredible guitar and flutes melodies in the Rufuss remix. Classic and very refined the Benny Pecoraio's version. Good the Minimized Dub... i like his sound... simple but funky. Useful the instrumental versions present in the package. I will play for shure!" Alessio Furia (Magma DJ web,

:: "Congratulations for the track with Wunmi and yourself. Great jobs!!" Ivan F (Deephousesection, Italy)

:: "Just diggin on this new promo vibe. Perfect i must say." Huwston - Knowfoowl Music, 2SER Radio, 3D World Magazine (Sydney, Australia)

:: "Very very good release!!! Orig Mix: Very solid track! Will keep them on the floor and also bring them to the floor. Horn Dub: Energy x3. Love the Wunmi vox sprinkled in. Joyful Noise Mix: Peak time mix with a taste of Broken beats...should be a crowd favorite! Rufuss: My favorite mix. Hot afrobeat treat, Wunmi sounds great and the vibe on this one is relentless. Benny: HOT! Great bassline, soulful, sexy and seductive. Ladies should shake their hips to this. Minimized: Great mixing tool. Keep this in the folder for some on the fly remixing..." Michael Alan (Sweat, Sole Notes of House, USA)

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Ralf GUM Horn Dub Listen to
Joyful Noise Remix Listen to
Rufuss Remix Listen to
Benny Pecoraio Remix Listen to
Ralf GUM Minimized Dub Listen to
Rufuss Instrumental Listen to
Benny Pecoraio Instrumental Listen to
Joyful Noise Instrumental Listen to

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