Some highlights: “Ralf GUM – In My City” selected Best Dance Album 2014 by iTunes SA ....... “Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” stays more than half a year in the South African Media chart ....... Ralf GUM named #5 Afro House & #11 Soulful House Artist and Sir LSG to be on #20 of the Afro House Artists worldwide by Traxsource ....... “Ralf GUM – In My City” hits number 1 on iTunes SA on the day of release ....... “Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” hits GOLD in South Africa and is the #1 selling album of 2012 on Traxsource ....... “Take Me To My Love” by Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles of the year on Traxsource 2012 ...... GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol. I - IV - out now ... GOGO Music - 10 years young and fresher than ever ...... 'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated' hits #1 on Traxsource for almost 3 weeks and makes it to #1 in the Mascom/Yarona charts in Botswana ..... 'Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me on' (incl. Raw Artistic Soul remixes) # 3 in the "Best of 2009" charts of Traxsource ..... Ralf GUM with 4 releases in the 'Best of 2009' charts of Traxsource .... Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham hit #1 on Traxsource with 'Little W. 12th St.' again, after they scored the #1 spot in the 2008 sales chart of Traxsource with 'Kissing Strangers' .... find many more in our news and news archive!

Releases / Ralf GUM - “Easy”

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Ralf GUM - Easy
Ralf GUM’s follows up his ”Warrior” release on GOGO Music with another abolutely winner entitled ”Easy”. New York’s diva Inaya Day adds her incredibly versatile songwriter skills and delivers a marvellous sultry vocal performance, that makes this song, yes we say it - an anthem. There's plenty reason to get carried away by the melodic harmonies of Ralf GUM & CrisP’s Full Vocal Mix. The clever keys over the floating dope deep groove make this track is a sure blessing for the music enthusiast. The Ralf GUM & CrisP Disco Attack Dub comes up with supremely danceable beats accompanied by kicking baseline and driving guitars. It strips down the vocals and adds an excellent brass riff, which leaves no doubt about the fact that this mix a sure dancefloor winner.

On the remix tip RAW ARTISTIC SOUL delivers one of his subtle oustanding works with great atmosphere. Based on a unresistably melodious percussive groove Phil Kullmann adds an elegantly spiritual touch to his mixes. No doubt that his Remix and Dub will underpin his steadily growing reputation as one of the most upfront artists.

This second single taken from Ralf GUM’s currently in production album was already contained in a slightly different version on his GOGO Music Compilation ”GO!!” and already aroused quite some interest amongst many trendsetters, who have been asking for the track after hearing it on the CD. With this essential release Ralf GUM clearly prooves why he’s recognized as one of the most looked after producers for superb soulful tunes.

Tracklist Ralf GUM - Easy - GOGO 023:

G-SIDE 1 - Ralf GUM & CrisP Full Vocal Mix 6:36
O-SIDE 2 - Ralf GUM & CrisP Disco Attack Dub 5:51

Enjoy the music…

Ralf GUM - Easy - GOGO 023

There is a reason I asked Ralf GUM for a copy of this track as soon as I heard it on the "GO!!" compilation. "Easy" is the sencond single from Ralf GUM's upcoming artist album, featuring a passionate vocal performance by Inaya Day, with Ralf GUM & Cris P providing the irresistibly storming 'Full Vocal Mix' (the compilation includes a slightly different version) that features great melodies that together with the vocals create an anthemic vibe. Their 'Disco Attack Dub' intensifies by stripping down the vocals while adding funky guitar, brass riff and a groovy bassline. Phil Kullmann provides the remixes under his Raw Artistic Soul disguise, smoothing things down for a more subtle experience on the dancefloor that keeps percussively grooving from the beginning to the end, being on a very tasteful and stylish tip. by Michael Fossati

M8 Magazine (UK)
Ralf GUM - Easy - GOGO 023

Ralf GUM without any doubt has always been one of Germany’s pioneers when it comes to soulful house music. His GOGO Music label is well respected by all big jocks and after more than 20 single releases, a great album from Raw Artistic Soul and some wicked compilations the label don himself is currently working on an album. Taken from this forthcoming longplayer is a very nice track called ‘Easy’ with house diva Inaya Day on vocals. The ‘Ralf GUM & Crisp Full Vocal Mix’ blends soulful keys with great melodies and Inaya’s timeless voice. Phil Kullmann aka Raw Artistic Soul delivers 2 tasty atmospheric percussive excursions but it’s ‘Ralf GUM & Crisp’s Disco Attack Dub’ that will fill any floor thanx to a very effective arrangement of kickin beats, a ultra funky bassline, some driving guitars and a brass riff to die for. Nice! by Mannix

JJazproJect Magazine
Ralf GUM - Easy - GOGO 023

GOGO’s latest is another quality production from Ralf GUM. Notable assists come from Inaya Day on vocals and Raw Artistic Soul twiddling the knobs on the remixes. There are four strong versions to chose from: two vocal mixes and two dubs. For me, the standout is Ralf GUM and CrisP’s “Disco Attack Dub” complete with driving bass, funky guitars, a catchy brass section, punchy drums, memorable keyboards and of course the vocals. Raw Artistic Soul provide a subtle, deeper ride with more gentle tribal rhythms. It’s a combination of production and songwriting talent that was never likely to disappoint and the results will bear fruit on most dance-floors. by Dean Serafini (Italy)
Ralf GUM - Easy - GOGO 023

Ralf GUM is back with another soulful winner. His new release "Easy" is an intense track featuring New York's diva Inaya Day on vocals. The "Ralf GUM & CrisP Full House mix" is a classic soulful track with an infectious deep groove and melodic harmonies, the "Ralf GUM & CrisP Disco Attack dub" is a pumped up affair for the dancefloor, it has solid beats, driven piano line, powerful funky bassline and hot disco horns. Raw Artistic Soul also provides two stunning remixes (Vocal and Dub) adding their trademark elements, including a catchy and warm percussive groove. by Franco Martinelli

Some Ralf GUM - Easy - GOGO 023 DJ feedback:

:: "Thanks so much for this! I love the Dub. I'll definitely play and chart this one!
Great stuff...congrats!" Osunlade (Yoruba Records)

:: "EASY is HOTNESS...I'm lovin it." Karizma (Kohesive Productions, USA)

:: "Really felling the Ralf's Original Vocal mix played it this past weekend and had a great crowd response." Halo (City Deep Rec, USA)

:: "Great release. The RAW ARTISTIC SOUL Vocal Mix is nice. Sounds good. Vocal is greatly interpretated in the remix. Like the way the voices are edited in the remix!" Frank Roger (Realtone Records, France)

:: "Love this!!! Full support from me :)" Sarah Foote (Favouritizm, UK)

:: "What a beautiful soulful song!! Vocal works beautifully." Euphonik (Soulcandy, South Afrika)

:: "Love it!" Bernd Niedergesaess (Radio 42, Germany)

:: "The Disco Attack Dub and Raw Artistic Soul Dub sounds fucking amazing!! I will be playing these tracks in the club and my radio shows. Great job!" Shawn Tulsi (Ministry of Sound, Singapore)

:: "Very nice tune. Right up my street. The RAW ARTISTIC SOUL mixes are dope. Like it a lot." Tim White (House Afrika, South Afrika)

:: "I love Ralf's disco mix and the R.A.S. remix, gonna be big tracks for me. I'll make sure they are HIGH in my next chart. GOGO gets it right once again!" Dave Warreign (RedSoulMusic, UK)

:: "Great release as usual. My favourite cut is the disco dub, hot horns, great breakdown and supersoulful voice by big diva, what else ould you ask for!" Senorlobo (Lovemonk, Spain)

:: "Ralf GUM & CrisP Disco Attack Dub is HOT!" Groove Junkies (USA)

:: "Really nice package!! Like all the mixes, although the disco attack dub will probably get more club spins…the rest on full radio support!" Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote Records, UK)

:: "Another quality production from GOGO Music. A real deep song with the fabulous vocal by Inaya Day. Great remixes by Raw Artistic Soul. You have all my support." Dj Floy (France)

:: "Quality as always…especially loving the Raw Artistic Soul Dub." Harael Salkow (Soulcandy, South Afrika)

:: "This is yet another quality House music offering." Matteo Esse

:: "RalfGUM & CrisP's Disco Attack Dub is my fav! 10/10. Again GOGOlicious!" Cay Taylan (Austria)

:: "Nice package. Like the the disco vibe best. Nice soulful groover with soulful horns." Tobias Lindén (Orange Muse, Sweden)

:: "Dope dope .. 2007 will be the year for GOGO!!!" Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades of House, XM Radio - USA)

:: "Nice!" Motorcitysoul (Cocoon, Frankfurt / Germany)

:: "Great work!" Carlos Mena (Ocha Records, Yoruba Records, Bembe)

:: "Congratulations for your new release. Theres not to much labels in the world with your sustained quality during all those years." Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio, Spain)

:: "All of the mixes sound tight. Very soothing & soulful. Keep up the great work!" DJ Dealer (Juke Joint, Look At You Records, USA)

:: "All the mixes have a nice vibe, however, I'm loving your disco attack dub man! Certainly my kind of music. You have my full support on this one." Christian Alvarez (Delecto Records, UK)

:: "What a beauty. Beautiful funky classic vibe topped Inaya's wonderful vox in the Full Vocal Mix. And a wicked Disco Attack Dub with great uplifting keys & trumps. Also lovely R.A.S. mixes who keeps it going in a cool MAW style with fresh vibe. Overall: Another excellent GOGO release bro!!!" Ken N (Belgium)

:: "Excellent production with great vocal. The beat is beautiful." DJ Matt (Radio FG, France)

:: "I go for the full vocal! Solid stuff as expected from Ralf GUM. Also the remixes are sweet." Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Germany)

:: "A peaktime monster & solid deeper track! In my charts! The Henchmen (France)

Ralf GUM & CrisP Full Vocal Mix Listen to
Ralf GUM & CrisP Disco Attack Dub Listen to

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