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Releases / Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - “Magic Star”

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Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - Magic Star
GOGO Music is proud to present the full single release of “Magic Star”, which already was included in it’s original form on our “Spring Collection 06”. Roberto De Carlo is surely one of the celebrated up’n’coming producers and DJs in the soulful house scene and the track created quite some buzz when released this spring. Ever since the track was promoted it received massive support from all around, was called “a future classic” from various Top-DJs and was championed by heaveyweights like Jay-J or Tony Humphries, who used the original version of the song on his upcoming “Master Class Vol II” compilation for Mn2S.

Now "Magic Star" has received the heavy remix treatment it deserved. Simon Grey, well know for his succession of stunning productions for labels like Papa Records and Purple Music, his remixes for Reel People or Sandy Riviera on Defected, co-remixes with Knee Deep for Jamiroquai and Elton John and celebrated keyboard wizzard e.g. for Incognito, delivers two groundbreaking remixes. His vocal mix is a highly sophisticated slice of broken meets nu-disco (it has been reported he might have even invented the style), which already turns the heads and moves the floors of various major-tastemakers around the globe. His fierce beats gel together perfectly with infectious instrumentation and Joshua’s vocal to take you on an epic jazz-fused journey. Simon tightens things up in his 4-to-the-floor dub mix and delivers a dancefloor bomb of the highest caliber. Completing the package, next to the not-to-forget Original, is Dom Navarra, half of Sueno Soul and highly acclaimed remixer for label’s like Yellow, UK Basic or Player Records. His Magic Dub Ride is a laid back spiritual latin-soul tune perfect for all pool-parties this summer. Keep your eyes on this GOGO Music release - it surely will take over the hearts of all music lovers and all dancefloors in a storm and stay there for long.

Tracklist Roberto de Carlo feat Joshua - "Magic star" - GOGO 019:

G-SIDE 1 - Simon Grey Vocal Mix 6:46
G-SIDE 2 - Original 6:19
O-SIDE 1 - Simon Grey Dub 6:59
O-SIDE 2 - Dom Navarra Magic Ride Dub 7:07

Enjoy the music...

Roberto de Carlo feat Joshua - "Magic star" - GOGO 019

Pick of the week!
A favorite with many DJs since the release of the original version on the GOGO Music's "Spring Collection 06" sampler, "Magic star" by uprising producer Roberto de Carlo gets a full 12" release including the soulful original version that features classic strings and has a funky touch it. Simon Grey adds two remixes, with the vocal version being a wonderful broken beat interpretation that highlights the marvellous vocals by Johsua and the jazz-funk instrumentation. His dub is a jazz-funk fueled four-to-the-floor masterpiece with an incredible breakdown in the middle. Completing the package is Dom Navarra (one half of Sueno Soul) with a smoothed down version that is on a laidback and spiritual latin vibe. All in all, this is a fantastic package not to be missed. by Michael Fossati (Germany)
Roberto de Carlo feat Joshua - "Magic star" - GOGO 019

Yeah, this one IS magic and it's truely a musical star. Liked the original version already a lot when I heard it quite some time ago. If you need a good alternative to Roberto's excellent classic garage original, go straight to Simon Grey's slamming dub version. Synths, keys, 80s elements - take from all the best and add Joshua's soulful voice to imagine how Mr. Grey's rework sounds. Did I mention THIS break?!? Simon Grey has the balls to go different ways and I hope you have the balls to follow him on his way. Check out the deep Dom Navarra Magic Ride Mix and broken beat version delivered by Simon Grey, too. All in all a must have bomb for each occasion! by Thomas Fath, DjOriented and JayCulture (Italy)
Roberto de Carlo feat Joshua - "Magic star" - GOGO 019

GOGO Music is back with another winner, the forthcoming full release of "Magic Star" by Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua includes some strong remixes from Simon Grey and Domenico Navarra (from Sueno Soul). The "Original mix" is a beautiful soulful track with a funky edge, in the classic Roberto De Carlo style, while Simon Grey provides two stunning remixes infected with hot jazzy elements and a broken-beats rhythm in the Vocal one. The package is completed with a beautiful, smooth, deeper and delicate remix from Domenico Navarra. by Franco Martinelli

Nightlife Magazine (France)
Roberto de Carlo feat Joshua - "Magic star" - GOGO 019

Le producteur suisse Roberto De Carlo présente une house raffinée et sexy avec son nouveau titre " Magic Star", le remix soul de Simon Grey est de très bonne facture, ainsi que le Dub de Dom Navarra plus connu sous le pseudo Sueno Soul. by Chris G

Some Roberto de Carlo feat Joshua - "Magic star" - GOGO 019 DJ feedback:

:: "Many thanks for the nice music. The release is that good, that I can't decide which mix to play. All versions are great and I simply will play all of them. Keep on like this." Rainer Trüby

:: "Already liked “Magic Star” in the Original Mix that was on the Miami Sampler. The new Simon Grey Vocal and Dub are really nice. Support for sure!" Tony Humphries (Tony Records)

:: "I've been playing the original mix off your sampler for a few months now - its a personal favourite! The new mixes are awesome, I'm really feeling Simon's Vocal and Dub, and Dom has done a sterling job too! Sure to be one of the big tracks of 06." Dave Wareing (Redsoul, UK)

:: "Love the Simon Grey mixes!" Parrish (Groove Junkies)

:: "Soul in your mind body and in my record case, perfect for the summer sets love it, job well done." Jonas J-man (Joia Nero, Sweden)

:: "Big up for the Simon Grey's remix. In the Top 10 of my play-list." Léo Cuenca (Radio FG, France)

:: "Wow. GOGOlicious as usual. Original: super deep. Dom Navarra dub: deep, smooth. Simon Grey dub: superb break. Simon Grey Vocal: superb." Tay Caylan (Austria)

:: "You are in the place. Killer production." DJ Rico (Slip'n'Slide)

:: "Love the broken Simon Grey mix, the bass is groovin perfectly, bravo!" Feet (Paris)

:: "Killer !!!!!!!!!!" Jerome Derradji (Still Music)

:: "Lovin the Simon Grey remix. Nice drum Programming, and he takes the vibe a little deeper." Ben Tidy (Souled, Ministry of Sound)

:: "Very Good song...Roberto De Carlo Original and Simon Grey Remix are the favourites....Full Support!!" Luis Radio (Italy)

:: "All mixes are tight! Quality as always!" Soy Mustafa (Shack Music, UK)

:: "Simon does some magic the box and chart. 9/10" Dave Storm (Ceremony Records)

:: "Awsome!" Bernd Niedergesaess (Radio 42)

:: "Will support your track!" Wei-Shen (Australia)

:: "Thanks for this hot track. will def be in rotation." Thomas Blondet (Rhythm and Culture Recordings)

:: "Thanks 4 da super nice sounds for play on IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO and Ibiza partys this summer.....GOGO Music we gonna enjoy!" Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)

:: "Superb track. In my charts." Lorenzo Al Dino (7th District)

:: "This is definatly my favorite RDC production so far, we have been playing this track since u gave it us in Miami. We're also digging the Simon Grey dub too, hot package! 8/10" Audiowhores (UK)

:: ""Another stylish outing from the impeccable GOGO guys, house music with elegance and refinement". Alan Brown (Soul Seduction, Vienna)

:: "Dom Navarra Magic Ride Dub: This Dub really took me back to the weekly Giant Step sessions with Ron Trent at Shine circa 2000 with Ron Trent. Classic Blaze / MAW style garage tune. Original: Good 70s flavored, uptempo track. Nice, in the pocket bassline and the guitar harkens back nicely to Earth Wind & Fire and Santana. Simon Grey Vocal: The Vocal version on the other hand is TIGHT! The broken vibe he puts on this tune fits it just right." Adam Kurzawa (Giant Step)

:: "I really like it! Original Mix is my choice but the Simon Grey ones are high quality as usual. Excellent package. Congratulations for this amazing release!" Danny Marquez (Bubble Soul)

:: "Great track. You guys have yourself a real summertime gem. 9/10" Russell Pollitt´(Unique Distribution, UK)

:: "LOVE IT!!! Dom Navvaro & Simon Grey Vox add nice touches to a GREAT TRACK!!!8/10" Harael Salkow (Soulcandi, South Afrika)

:: "I like this release very much, its fonkee and deep. Hard to choose a mix coz I like them all. Great stuff. More please!" Alex Attias (Switzerland)

:: "Very lovely track." Chris Haze (Coiner’s Den, Republic-cafe/ Aut)

:: "Nice deep house tune, cool little percussion sounds, good flow. Like it." Michael Reinboth (Compost Records)

:: "Lovin the Simon Grey vox and dub. 8/10" Craig Bartlett (Lamericapromotions)

:: "We’ve been playing the dubs out with great response." Bobby & Steve (UK)

:: "Simon Grey's vocal mix of Joshua is fantastic, lush pads behind broken beats complimented with the funkiest of basslines!!!! This is not gonna leave the box this summer, thank you thank you thank you." Rob Wilder (Rockafellasdj, Hedkandi)

:: "All about the Original Mix for me love it, been all over it like a rash since the Spring Collection." Dan Liquid (Liquid Peolple, UK)

:: "THIS IS PHATT SOULFUL and SO GOOD" Dave (CitySounds Records, UK)

:: "Simon Grey vox mix is great, perfect sunset material...great stuff. Dub has a great vibe and the original mix is still a firm favorite with me." Central Avenue (UK)

:: "The Simon Grey mixes hits the spot as far as we're concerned. Well done all at GOGO." Paul Gamblin (Australia)

:: "I really love the vocal on this one but oddly I will only play the Dom Navarra dub." Kaskade (USA)

:: "It’s a great record indeed, but I enjoy Dom Navarra’s Magic Dub mix the most. It’s vibey and very soulful to suite any time of a party mood. Keep rocking guys." Tshepo A.K.A DJ Q.T (Sheer Music, South Afrika)

:: "A great release package got even bigger! Simon Grey's vocal remix is an amazing reinterpretation of the original. He added the right flavor to give it even a more superb sound. Definitely my favorite!!!" Kris Verex (Subground FM, Germany)

:: "I love the Simon Grey Dub! Will play it this summer at the beach." Plastik Funk

:: "The usual high quality from GOGO Music, I'm really liking the Simon Grey dub. Radio + club plays from me already." Dean Facer (UK)

:: "Played the original on the radio on Saturday Night, absolutely love it!!!" Umberto Giannini (Ministry of Sound Radio, UK)

:: "Dom Navarra Magic Dub rocks tha house with a fantastic organic basslines!!!" Michel Palazzo (Underground Records Brazil)

:: "Thanks very much for your new goodie. I still play Roberto's original mix from the sampler, but now with Simon Grey's mixes it's pure 'magical' Lovely breakbeat-ish Simon Grey Vocal mix, joined by a superb Simon Grey Dub." Ken N (Belgium)

:: "Good overall selection of mixes." Greg Fenton (UK)

:: "Very nice. Will play bigtime. 9/10" Henri Kohn (Clubstar)

:: " A piece of delicious sexy House & Simon Grey killer mix" The Henchmen (France)

:: "I am on the track...will pop up in next chart" Oscar P (Media Services, NY)

:: "Sure fire summer splendor." Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, NY)

:: "Another track that I´m loving from you - keep em coming!!!" Curtis Zack (UK)

:: "Nicely made polished soulful package." Lewis Dene (UK)

:: "You have done a wicked three aces in a row with this one. Another stunning 12”! Simon Grey’s is my favorite. Its groovy, its funky and very disco. Lovin’ it." Borja/Señorlobo (Lovemonk)

:: "Loved the original mix from the Miami sampler, now we have 2 more gems added, Simon Grey mixes are awesome and the Dom Navarra's Magic Dub is simply fantastic. What a great record !!! Max support guaranteed." Franco Martinelli (Italy)

Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - Magic Star - Simon Grey Vocal Listen to
Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - Magic Star - Original Listen to
Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - Magic Star - Simon Grey Dub Listen to
Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - Magic Star - Dom Navarra Magic Dub Listen to

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