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Toni Sea & Ralf GUM - Beautiful
Ralf GUM’s back after various much acclaimed remixes, including works for Shaun Escoffery on Oyster, Jay Sinister on ATAL as well as for RAW ARTISTIC SOUL or Roberto De Carlo on his own GOGO Music imprint. This fresh headnodding and hippmoving outing entitled “Beautiful” once again prooves his distinctive ability for programming superior beats and his innate desire to make you dance. Sung by Toni Sea with a little help of Inaya Day on backgrounds this song is ready to become an anthem for all houselovers this year.

Toni Seawright made history when she became the first black woman to win the coveted crown and title of Miss Mississippi. She's appeared on "Arsenio Hall" with Freddie Jackson and Teena Marie, as well as with Stephanie Mills. Her Broadway credit includes "Street Corner Symphony." Internationally, Ms. Seawright appeared in George Faison's "Only For One Night" in Europe and was a featured performer in Melba Moore's One Woman Show. Now Toni’s beautiful voice hits the dancefloor for the first time and she’s coming up with so much love that this tune will surely light up your day long after this autumn.


Ralf GUM’s impeccable production skills really shine through as he dishes up a bouncing groove with syncopted drumpatterns topped by CrisP's unmistakable harmonisation. As only they can Phil Kullmann and his RAW ARTISTIC SOUL deliver a dreamy Afrobeat Dub containing vast live instrumentation in their own inimitable style. Roberto De Carlo rounds of the release with one of his astounding soul-filled, funky mixes.

Tracklist Toni Sea & Ralf GUM - "Beautiful" - GOGO 015:

G1 Beautiful - Ralf GUM’s Original Mix
G2 Beautiful - Roberto De Carlo Funky 79 Mix
O1 Beautiful - Ralf GUM's DubToMental
O2 Beautiful - RAW ARTISTIC SOUL Remix

...enjoy the music...


Keep On Magazine (UK)
Toni Sea & Ralf GUM - "Beautiful" - GOGO 015

GOGO Music remain as one of those hidden gem labels that continue to impress on a continual level through each and every release. This time around label chief Ralf GUM enlists in the vocal talents of Toni Sea - a new vocalist to my ears but one that I'll defnitely be looking out for in the future. The first mix takes shape through a slick yet rolling bassline and sweet guitar flicked stabs all providing the funky stable backbone for the dynamic vocals to do their job. The second mix from RAW ARTISTIC SOUL notches up the afro-rhumba sound, the beats flip and roll in a calypso style and the brass introduction & guitar hook provides much the same feel... imagine late nights in the sunshine and your half-way there! The final rework from Roberto De Carlo runs along smoothley using nice key melodies and a live plucked bassline whilst the sweet vocals shine through once more. by Russell Pollitt & Jayculture (Italy)
Toni Sea & Ralf GUM - "Beautiful" - GOGO 015

Ralf GUM teamed up with Toni Sea for his latest production, an uplifting soulful house track that is going to be released soon on Ralf's own label GOGO Music. The "Original mix" is a superb track with beautiful vocals, bouncing groove and a powerful rolling bassline. The beautiful Roberto De Carlo remix goes more funky and soulful, while the RAW ARTISTIC SOUL remix takes us into an emotional journey with african beats, great live instrumentation, horns riffs and sexy guitars, served in their own inimitable style. by Franco Martinelli (Swiss)/ Indamixworldwide (France)
Toni Sea & Ralf GUM - "Beautiful" - GOGO 015

For the latest release on his own GOGO Music imprint, Ralf GUM teams up with singer Toni Seawright for "Beautiful", featuring addtional background vocals by Inaya Day. The original mix and accompanying dub feature bouncing beats together with syncopated drum patterns and wicked keys, creating an irresistible vibe. RAW ARTISTIC SOUL add their down distinctive style, creating an uplifting and dreamy afro dub. The last mix is courtesy of Roberto De Carlo who rounds up the release with an astonishing fresh and funky mix that keeps it truly soulful. by Michael Fossati (Germany)
Toni Sea & Ralf GUM - "Beautiful" - GOGO 015

Beautiful is probably the perfect word to describe this great team work between GOGO Music labelhead Ralf GUM and the soulful singer Toni Sea. More then just beautiful is the superb selection of breath taking remixes that stand for the musical approach and quality of each new release on this label. Swiss still new and already very hot talked about Roberto De Carlo delivers the perfect mix for the classic house lovers with the extra part of soul while Cologne based Raw Artistic Soul do a superb broken beat version for all the Dennis Ferrer / MAW lovers in the house and finally Ralf GUM is in the team with CrisP doing an excellent bonus dub for the heads. Timeless! by Thomas Fath

Some Toni Sea & Ralf GUM - "Beautiful" - GOGO 015 DJ feedback

:: "What a superb track. Definetly full backing on this nice one. 10-10" Marco Smith (TTR Magazin UK)

:: "Amazing work!!! I love it!!!" Danny Marquez (Bubble Soul)

:: "Liking this a lot. Will be in the box for sure." Grant Nelson

:: "Beautiful song, with a very cute atmosphere on the original mix. Special dedicate to the Roberto De Carlo remix, with a very soulful style." Leo Cuenca (Radio FG / France)

:: "A very nice Original mix! Soulful house for the clubs with funky groove. My hearth goes for RAW ARTISTIC SOUL Remix: Afro beat, great baseline making me shakin!!" Rocco (Rodamaal)

:: "This is going to be a perfect tune for the end of the summer." Rob Wilder - (Rockafellasdj)

:: "The raw artistic soul mix is nice afro business. Went down well at the weekend." Nik Weston - Mukatsuku Pr

:: "Very nice indeed." Dean Facer (United Colours of House)

:: "Quality release. The Original mix prooves that house is love & the RAW ARTISTIC SOUL Mix freaks me out!" Henri Kohn (Clubstar)

:: "Thanks for this latest joint. All mixes are strong, on it!" Soy Mustafa (Shack Music / House FM)

:: "I really like the vibe of the dub mixes and especially the nice grooves in the RAW ARTISTIC SOUL remix" Audiowhores

:: "This is a great uplifting track that is gonna’ really move the floors with its catchy vibe. Like this a lot!!!" Steve Parr ( / UK)

:: "Like Ralf's dub and Raw Artistic mixes. Nice musical cuts. In the box. Will play and support." Dave Storm (Ceremony Records)

:: "Such a beautiful tune in a beautiful way! I think the best GOGO so far." Ken N (Belgium)

:: "Lovin the funky79 mix, nice bass and rhodes" Martin Ikin (Soulpurposerecords)

:: "Summersunonskinsound. Great." Tay Caylan (Couchrecords)

:: "Wicked vocal bomb, soulful & uplifting, great voice, classy mixes for all occassions, will stay for a long time in my set. Not sure if I love the great Ralf GUM dub or Roberto De Carlo's hot vocal mix most. I guess, we'll hear much more from this still new swiss guy in the future! Beautiful got everything to become a modern classic - simply timeless!" Thomas Fath (Deepvibes)

:: "Beautiful is the right word to describe this release." Roger Sanchez (Release Yourself)

:: "Simple lovely this..." Russell Pollitt (Uniquedistribution UK)

:: "Wicked mixes" Steve Miller (Afterlife)

:: "Ralf GUM teams up with Tony Sea to give us an uplifting vocal track, in its original form Ralf opts 4 an electro bass, bouncy keys & a vocal that cuts through the mix beautifully, with some cool synth & guitar riffs in there for good measure, the sound is unmistakably "gogo"! Signor De Carlo goes for the more "funky" soulful angle that brings out the song to its full capacity in its true form. With a top notch vocal performance by Madame Sea, Mr De Carlo spreads it over the track with ease, one for the more classier floors! As for the Raw Artist Soul mix, they start things of carnival style, with an original afro beat which is so refreshing after hearing so many tracks with the same "snare snare" afro drum beat formula. They then introduce us to a killer horn section with a riff that will stay in my head 4 a while and then "crash bang wallop" they bring the funk with sum sexy guitar and vocal stabs, add sum strings, haunting piano, sweet percussion & a beautiful horn solo "mmmm nice" my personal fave of the bunch ! A great package from GOGO Music that grows from strength to strength!" Sueno Soul (Domenico Navarra)

:: "Nice piece of vocal house. Have tried it and works great in the early hours at clubs. Great tracks! Respect and thanks for your music!" Señorlobo (Lovemonk)

:: "I really like the RAW ARTISTIC SOUL remix, is very good for my sets, and i will play it a lot, really like the brass arrangement and the beats in the EOL style." Kiko Navarro

:: "Thanks for the mixes...enjoying all of them." Tim White (Houseafrika)

:: "A beautiful vocal house track with a funky feel" Franco Martinelli (Housepages Italy)

:: "I have been playing the Ralf GUM Dub and the RAW ARTISTIC SOUL mix! Nice stuff! Works well on the floor!" Willie Graf (Cielo NY & Pacha Ibiza)

:: "Another quality release from GOGO Music. I really like the original mix and Roberto de Carlo Funky 79 mix. The RAW ARTISTIC SOUL ensemble serve us a different interpretation with a fresh new afrobeat version. Nice song, quality mixes." Davide Maffei (Houseconnection Italy)

:: "I’m liking it. Keep up the good work." Matteo Esse (Cosmonote Blue /Italy)

:: "Einfach genial! Flauschig, groovig und genau das richtige zum Abschluß des Sommers - wer da nicht mitwippen muß, der sollte sich schleunigst einen Termin beim Hausarzt holen!" Bernd Niedergesaess (

:: "Gratuliere Dir zum Gesamtprojekt - sehr gut gelungen, würde fast sagen - eine deiner besten Produktionen!!!" Lorenzo Al Dino (7th District)

Beautiful - Ralf GUM Listen to
Beautiful - Roberto De Carlo's Funky 79 Mix Listen to
Beautiful - Ralf GUM's DubToMental Listen to
Beautiful - RAW ARTISTIC SOUL Remix Listen to

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