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Releases / Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - “Soulful things”

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Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - Soulful things
It’s about the soulful things in life!
This fundamental maxim of Roberto De Carlo takes place in all parts of his life and work. His house-sound touched by Soul, Jazz and Latino offers him a good possibility to express his feelings. Roberto started to produce in the year 2000 in his own RDC-Studios. Soon he worked in several projects and with different musicians. Always aiming for highest quality his first remix under the project-name “Souldrops” was released on the top-label “Purple Music” in 2003. Followed by own productions under different pseudonyms in 2004, including “Freedom” together with “the soul-diva from Brooklyn” Inaya Day or the first “One Touch - Ready?!“ together with “the soul voice“ Colin Corvez Rich from the “Peppermint Jam” imprint. The same year GOGO Music presented Roberto De Carlo’s remix of “Seek - Everafter”.

Putting all his South-Italian temperament into his prime vocation, Roberto De Carlo developed an unmistakable sound impudent quickly and now is ready to lift of with the first release under his real name. Together with Joshua on vocals “Soulful things” was chosen as his first single, simply because he and we are absolutely sure that this song will move your body while touching your soul.


Roberto De Carlo’s Original Mix is best “New Generation Soulful House Music”, including fine live instrumentation with Acoustic Guitar, E-Guitar, Rhodes and a great bubbling baseline. It easily catches everybody with its lovely vocal hook and will be welcome on the bigger floors as well as in every lounge set. On the flip-side Benny Pecoraio comes up with an off the hook remix ready to rock from head to toe. His Dub intensifies the funky elements and keeps surely the dancefloor burning. Last but not least Ralf GUM adds his flavour and completes the single with the deeper “Lost in Delay” mix. Starting of with powerful drums and monotone baseline the track develops into a heavenly deep-house track.

Tracklist Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013:

G1 Soulful Things - Original Mix
O1 Soulful Things - Benny Pecoraio’s Bless The Funk Dub
O2 Soulful Things - Ralf GUM & CrisP’s Lost In Delay Mix

...enjoy the music…


TTR Magazin (UK)
Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013

Soulful Things is a beautiful track laced with live instrumentation acoustic guitars and a real hooky vocal supplied by Joshua who I might add sound’s alot like Stevie Wonder. There are 3 great mixes all excellent and keeping on the credible side of house music, but my love lies with Ralf GUM & CrisP's lost in delay mix. It’s beautiful house music made from the soul top marks.
(10-10) by Marco Smith

Discoid (Italy)
Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013

Here the title really does say it all, this is pure soulful house music and the production work undertaken by Roberto De Carlo is complimented perfectly with the lovely vocals from Joshua. Three versions, ‘Original Mix’, ‘Benny Pecoraio’s Bless The Funk Dub’ and ‘Ralf GUM & CrisP’s Lost In Delay Mix’ there really is three different ways of looking at this song so you should find one just for you. Cool stuff!
by David Colkett

Discoid (Italy)
Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013

From the GOGO camp comes a new single from Roberto De Carlo featuring Joshua on vocals with a fantastic soulful outing aptly entitled “Soulful Things”, brimming with a feast of live instrumentation, this release also comes packaged with mixes from Benny Pecoraio, Ralf GUM & CrisP.
by Sarah Foote (Germany)
Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013

The long awaited production of Swiss Dj and producer is finally out on GOGO Music and available in the stores now. Signore De Carlo shows once again a hot improvement of his production skills and delivers a soulful monster with the voice of newcomer Joshua. His original version is filled with smooth funk and a high quality contribution to the classic US garage sound. Remixes are courtesy of Ralf GUM & CrisP as well as from German youngster Benni Pecoraio, who adds once again a hot underground feeling to his 'Bless the funk' remix. Ralf GUM & CrisP go for a laidback reconstruction and obviously not just regarding the remix name 'Lost in delay' - a HOT package!
by Thomas Fath

DJ Times Magazine (US)
Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013

Three mixes to tickle the tastebuds from German label GOGO Music. The Original combines full instrumentation underneath the soulful melodies of Joshua, whilst on the flip Benny Pecoraio works the dub and label owner Ralf GUM takes an altogether deeper route. A solid package and well worth a listen.
by Curtis Zack (Switzerland)
Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013

Swiss producer and DJ Roberto De Carlo debuts on GOGO Music with "Soulful things", a truly soulful production with a bubbling groove, funky bassline and uplifting guitar along the warm keys and sweet vocals. Benny Pecoraio delivers the dub version that intensifies the funky elements and is sure to keep the dancefloor burning. Lastly, Ralf GUM & CrisP are responsible for an alternate vocal version that features echoed vocals over a smoothed down groove, coming with warm melodic keys.
by Michael Fossati & JayCulture Mag (Italy)
Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013

Uscirà a fine mese su GOGO l'atteso singolo di Roberto De Carlo "Soulful things", che per l' occasione fa team con il cantante Joshua. L' original mix è uno splendido esempio di raffinata ed attuale soulful house, ritmica solida, un coinvolgente bassline, chitarra acustica, rhodes e l'ottima interpretazione di Joshua, per una versione di altissima qualità. La dub curata da Benny Pecoraio è semplice e di grande impatto, più minimale nei suoni, con riferimenti funk. Chiude il disco il mix di Ralf GUM, intriso di atmosfere deep e un gran lavoro sulla voce di Joshua, per un'altra versione di altissima qualità. "Soulful things" è un disco bellissimo in tutte le sue sfumature. Imperdibile!
by Franco Martinelli (Denmark)
Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013

"Soulful Things" er titlen på Roberto De Carlo's nyeste single udspil og det forpligter. Men den italienske wonder-boy levere varen med en omgang super opløftende soul-house.
Roberto De Carlo startede karrieren i år 2000 og har allerede udgivet plader på Purple Music, remixet Seek og arbejdet med sangerinden Inaya Day.
12' "Soulful Things" er smuk live instrumentering inklusiv akustiks guitar, rhodes og en delikat bas gang. Henover har du Joshuas sublime vokal og hvis det ikke er nok finder du remix fra Ralf GUM og Benny Pecoraio.
"Soulful Things" er kolossalt catchy og fra første sekund er med på. Det er varmt, dybt og glædelig house fra en ung mand som vi nok skal komme til, at høre mere til.
Foreløbigt kan han nydes med denne 12' som soulportal giver 5/5 stjerner.
by Frank Ryle

Sub Culture (Germany)
Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013

Der ausgesprochen sympatische Schweizer Roberto De Carlo ist mittlerweile kein unbeschriebenes Blatt mehr in der Housemusicszene, und nach seinen Erfolgen auf Purple Music, sowie Remixes für GOGO Music, war es nur eine Frage der Zeit, wann eine Bombe wie die vorliegende Single erscheinen würde. Mit der Neuentdeckung Joshua, als Sänger am Start, gibt sich Signore de Carlo enorm US-lastig und überzeugt mit schweizer Understatement sowie New Yorker Oldschool Qualität. Neben dem oberdicken Originalmix darf man sich an einem etwas relaxteren und trippigeren Remix von Ralf GUM, CrisP sowie einem Mörderdub eines weiteren Airport/Studio DJs, Benni Pecoraio, bei dem man sich immer wieder fragen muß, wie er es schafft neben seinem Studium derartige musikalische Kreativität zu zeigen, erfreuen. Pflichtkauf dieses Vorsommers!
by Thomas Fath

Some Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - "Soulful things" - GOGO 013 DJ feedback

:: I'm really feelin it! Will be spinnin for the next few months! Great dancefloor action, soulful but yet still retains the pump for the floor - Da Groove Assassin

:: Summer vibes for the summer is always welcome. Stand out track for us on this EP is Benny Pecoraio’s funky remake - S.U.M.O.

:: We really liked all the mixes, but for me personally Ralf GUM & CrisP's dub stood out - Audiowhores

:: I can't stop listening the track. It is a so good track!!! This track will stay in my bag for a long time for sure!!! - KFK (So, Happy in Paris?)

:: Very nice work - Brian Tappert

:: Super Single! - Tay Caylan (Austria)

:: Very beautiful production of Roberto De Carlo. Very careful work, with nice vibes. The remix of Ralf GUM is great too. - Leo Cuenca (Radio FG)

:: Der Original Mix ist einafch auf den Punkt. Ein Song mit großem Crossover Potential - Tobias Meggle (Sandboy)

:: I like the soulful and funky vibe of the Original mix. My fav goes to the third mix wich really grabs me with it's Beat and the nice Rhodes used for. Well done! - DJ Rocco (Buzzin' Fly)

:: Really dig the "lost in delay" mix. Benny Pecoraio's Dub is also quite right. Will support! - Henri Kohn (Clubstar)

:: All mixes are lovely - Ken N (Belgium)

:: Blinding voice and some serious chords make this essential for the soulful massive! - Mannix (Austria)

:: Big tune! Really dope!! Yannick - Needs

:: Wicked soulful one!!! Will play it a lot!!! Full support. - Louis Radio (Equal Rec.)

:: I love it! - Jay-J

GOGO013 Soulful Things - Original Mix Listen to
GOGO013 Soulful Things - Benny Pecoraio’s Bless The Funk Dub Listen to
GOGO013 Soulful Things - Ralf GUM & CrisP’s Lost In Delay Mix Listen to

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