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Releases / Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - “Angel”

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Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel
If you ever feel lonely - you’re not the only -
but there’s a way to make a better day…

…listening to this warming song definitely is the first step.

Talented Italian Matteo Ionescu’s music transforms his influences from jazz, acid jazz, funky and disco era into an up-to-date house sound. Matteo started producing for pure enjoyment at the age of 18, but soon realized that it was his premier passion. Today he can boast releases on Solemusic (UK), MAP Dance (Switzerland) and Mix2Inside (Italy). His tracks enjoy a good reputation all around and have met the likes of top-DJs like Tony Humphries, CJ Mackintosh and BrianTappert. Apart his own productions, Matteo’s works in the estimated ‘TwoHalf’ project.

For “Angel” he collaborated with lovely Wendy Lewis, the official Jestofunk vocalist. Singer, writer and composer Wendy was born in Chicago, city of blues, gospel and house music. From jazz club to Orchestra Hall, Wendy has an immense musical variety. With an elegant, warm, no limits voice she is able to express her soul and her hopes. She studied in America's most respected music school, the Juilliard School of New York. After that she started her career abroad and built up a huge fanbase quickly. She shared the stage with artists like Earth Wind & Fire, AI Jarreau, Maceo Parker, Dianne Reeves or Herbie Hancock. Wendy is co-composer and lead singer of Jestofunk’s new CD "Seventy Miles From Philadelphia" and of "Wendy Lewis - New Beginnings" by David Grausman, Norah Jones' pianist, too.


‘Angel’ comes up in three catchy interpretations. Ralf GUM & CrisP once again show their extraordinary remix-ability and concoct a magic potion, with hipping beats, rolling baseline, lovely keys and generous live-instrumentation. Benny Pecoraio delivers a more reduced, underground-sounding dance-floor slammer with interesting harmony changes and pumping bass & beats. Together with Matteo’s Original Mix, which comes up in best soulful tradition, GOGO Music comes up with a rounded off single.

Tracklist Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011:

G1 Ralf GUM & CrisP Vocal Mix
O1 Benny Pecoraio’s Up’N’Away Mix
O2 Matteo Ionescu Original Mix

...enjoy the music...


Blues & Soul (UK)
Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011

GOGO sounding good right now with “Angel” the new song from Matteo Ionescu featuring Wendy Lewis of Jestofunk fame. Kicking off with the excellent Ralf GUM & Crisp vocal mix, there’s also a tuffer clipped Benny Pecoraio mix, ensuring this covers many bases.
by Nicky Trax

MoSoul (uk)
Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011

GOGO blend the broken beat and house ideas once more, on this outing from Matteo Ionescu. The Ralf GUM & CrisP Vocal places intricate percussive patterns under a sun rising sax and tremendous guitars. The original is a smooth as silk number, with careful percussion, adorable keys and low down guitar movements.
by Jon Freer

Jayculture - Januar 05 (Italy)
Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011

Rising italian producer Matteo Ionescu teams up with singer Wendy Lewis for his new track "Angel" on german GOGO Music. Original Mix is a piece of high quality soulful house classic, Ralf GUM & CrisP provides an high class remix, with hipping beats, rolling bassline and some additional instrumentation, while the Benny Pecoario remix is a more minimal version. Quality record! by Franco Martinelli

Update Magazin (UK)
Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011

Ralf GUM & CrisP's Vocal mix almost feels like a summer release rather than the dead of winter but then there's nothing wrong with a few early rays of sunshine. The words breezy and jazzy spring to mind instantly as this very infectious groove is easy to fall in love with. Guitar, horns and an uplifting chorus all combine to once again deliver another sterling release from this German label which all benefits from Wendy Lewis's rousing vocal delivery.
by Greg Fenton
Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011

The first release of the young Italian talent Matteo Ionescu is about to hit the stores. The original mix is a smooth classic house production that is completely carried by the beautiful voice of the Jestofunk singer Wendy Lewis. The mixes from the GOGO Music camp add a bit of fierceness. The rework from Ralf GUM and CrisP is the perfect start to welcome the beginning spring season and some sunshine for our souls: lovely live-instrumentation and a rolling bassline are made to have us fallen in love with this mix. If you need a more peaktime and big floor version, go for the wicked Up'N'Away Mix from Benny Pecoraio, the youngster in the GOGO camp, who proves once again his knowledge. This guy is still not at the end of his road - so watch out for more from Benny to come from. All in all a very hot package of mixes to play!
by Thomas Fath

FREEZE Magazine (Greece)
Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011

GOGO Music has persue a good course in house music, so far, and especially
in soulful music. Track "Angel" is produced by an Italian (Matteo Ionescu) with Wendy Louis (Jestofunk) in vocals and as a result is quite strong. In 3 mixes (original, Benny Pecario's Up 'N Away mix), pay attention in the second mix which is more club track with really pumping bass and gave great groove check it out!!!

Blues & Soul (UK)
Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011

"If you ever feel lonely…"sings Jestofunk’s Wendy Lewis in this amazing record. Ralf GUM & CrisP’s Vocal Mix has a live tick tock timpani rhythm with walking bassline, deep resonating chords, nice jazzy trumpet and upbeat funkiness. Benny Pecoraio in his Up'N'Away Mix goes chunky with pumping chords and more electronic. Finally Matty’s Original Mix with its deep soulful and positively happy delights.
(5/5) by Mark Moore (Denmark)
Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011

Spændende nyt fra det nystartede tyske house-selskab GoGo Music. Her i form af den italienske DJ Matteo Ionescu og hans nyeste 12' med titlen "Angel".
Den unge talentfulde Matteo, transformer herligt sin begejstring for jazz, soul og funky disco ind i tidens house lyd. Han har tidligere udgivet plader på Map Dance, Solemusic og Mix2Inside, mødt og henrykkede folk som; Tony Humphries, CJ Mackintosh og Brian Tappert. Her samarbejde Matteo Ionescu med den amerikanske sangerinde Wendy Lewis, som også er officiel Jestofunk vokalist. Nummeret "Angel" er yderst veldrejet soul-house med 4/4 beats, rullende bas, skønt keyboard og generøs live instrumentering - perfekt til dansegulvet. "Angel" findes foreløbig i tre versioner; Ralf GUM & CrisP Vocal Mix, Benny Pecoraio Up'N'Away Mix og Matteo Ionescu Original Mix. Alle tre Mix er gode - men soulportal hælder mest til Ralf Gum & CrisP Vocal Mix - fire stjerner.
by Frank Ryle

Some Matteo Ionescu feat. Wendy Lewis - Angel - GOGO 011 DJ feedback

:: "Beautiful song! Really like this. Classic vibe - Yannick (Needs)

:: "Another great 12". Love it - Roger Sanchez

:: "Yet another quality release from GOGO! Feeling the Ralf GUM & CrisP’s Vocal Mix a lot. - Matteo Esse

:: "Nice work! I like the mixes very much - Brian Tappert

:: "Really feeling it, soulful house at its best! - Soy Mustafa (House FM London)

:: "A groovy energy is released on mix with the strong pumping beat. The nice combination of the voice with the Rhodes & the funky Bass grab you on the Floor!!! - Dj Rocco (BuzzinFly / Bs Traxx)

:: "All 3 mixes are winners - Ken N (Belgium)

GOGO 011 Ralf GUM & CrisP Vocal Mix Listen to
GOGO 011 Benny Pecoraio's Up'N'Away Mix Listen to
GOGO 011 Matteo Ionescu Original Vocal Listen to

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