Some highlights: “Ralf GUM – In My City” selected Best Dance Album 2014 by iTunes SA ....... “Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” stays more than half a year in the South African Media chart ....... Ralf GUM named #5 Afro House & #11 Soulful House Artist and Sir LSG to be on #20 of the Afro House Artists worldwide by Traxsource ....... “Ralf GUM – In My City” hits number 1 on iTunes SA on the day of release ....... “Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” hits GOLD in South Africa and is the #1 selling album of 2012 on Traxsource ....... “Take Me To My Love” by Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles of the year on Traxsource 2012 ...... GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol. I - IV - out now ... GOGO Music - 10 years young and fresher than ever ...... 'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated' hits #1 on Traxsource for almost 3 weeks and makes it to #1 in the Mascom/Yarona charts in Botswana ..... 'Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me on' (incl. Raw Artistic Soul remixes) # 3 in the "Best of 2009" charts of Traxsource ..... Ralf GUM with 4 releases in the 'Best of 2009' charts of Traxsource .... Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham hit #1 on Traxsource with 'Little W. 12th St.' again, after they scored the #1 spot in the 2008 sales chart of Traxsource with 'Kissing Strangers' .... find many more in our news and news archive!

Releases / Deep Bros. feat. Dawn Tallman - “Go Deep”

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Deep Bros. feat. Dawn Tallman - Go Deep
GOGO go deep, with this fine peace of music!
Let yourself seduce by ‘Diva Dawn’, who once again proves why she is one of the undisputed legends of the soulful vocal sound. Perfectly put into a musical setting by Pino Arduini aka Deep Bros, she delivers an inspiring vocal performance you’ll not forget. Swiss Deep Bros is no stranger to the house-scene, either. Spinning for almost two decades, the Italian born Pino, played at the best spots worldwide and appeared in most upfront Swiss clubs, meanwhile making himself a well-known name as producer of class.

His lovely original version led Ralf GUM & CrisP, Benny Pecoraio & SUGAR BEAT as well as Italian’s up and coming Solsonik to remixes, which make this vinyl a not to be missed item in your selection.


Additional to the lovely Deep Bros original mix the vinyl contains three inspired remixes.
Ralf GUM & CrisP Vocal Mix goes searchin’ for the soul and hits deep.
Solsonik Cadillac Remix goes a bit more pumpin’ and gets you moovin’.
Benny Pecoraio & SUGAR BEAT team up to deliver a off the hook dub and get you high.
DJ Pino Arduini’s Original Mix is simply a timeless classic and works the floor.

Tracklist Deep Bros featuring Dawn Tallman - Go Deep - GOGO 007:

G1 Ralf GUM & CrisP Vocal Mix
G2 Solsonik Cadillac Remix
O1 Benny Pecoraio & Sugar Beat Dub
O2 Pino Arduini Original Mix

...enjoy the music...

Deep Bros featuring Dawn Tallman - Go Deep - GOGO 007
GOGO Music is on the right way to one of the leading labels for quality music world-wide it seems. This time Ralf GUM and CrisP , Matteo Esse and Benny Pecoraio & SUGAR BEAT worked the remixes of this production and as expected, it’s no easy topic to decide which one is the best…maybe you should just play all remixes during your set! A winner and a solid piece of vinyl that will stay in the true house clubs for quite a while!
By Thomas Fath
Deep Bros featuring Dawn Tallman - Go Deep - GOGO 007

Pick of the Week!

A year ago we brought you an exclusive review of this songs original version that is built around a bubbling groove with a jazzy saxophone solo on top. Now it is ready for a full release on GOGO Music complete with new mixes. Benny Pecoraio and SUGARBEAT team up for a slammin' dub with phat beats and a cool guitar riff. Ralf GUM & CrisP turn out a soulful and deep interpretation taking the song to another level. Sant & Matteo Esse aka Solsonik deliver a pumped-up, more powerful version.
By Michael Fossati
Deep Bros featuring Dawn Tallman - Go Deep - GOGO 007

The Brothers and Sisters of GOGO Music come correct once again with a versatile 12" that is geared toward heating up a wide range of cultured House Music dance floors. The original version sets the standard and the remixes make this a must have release for those whom can't stop collecting Soulful House Music.
Ralf GUM & Chris P's Vocal Mix provides the Funky Deep Soulful House selection on this 12" and demonstrates this duo's ability to provide inspiring bass lines, groovy guitar riffs and melodic keys.
The Solsonik Cadillac Remix is DEEP HOUSE to the max. A great reworking of the original with a sexy bass line, heavenly guitar solo and subtle keys providing the perfect late night vibes for a proper Deep House experience.
Benny Pecoraio & Sugar Beat Dub is fabulous and gives the DJ a top notch dub with a latin samba arrangement. If only there was a Club Shelter night in Ibiza, I'd envision Timmy Regisford dropping this at sunset.
Shouts to Dawn Tallman for continuing to represent vocals within House Music in a first class style and fashion. Thanks for the great vibes GOGO Music and stay tuned for yet another review...
by DJ Dubmagic

Update (UK)
Deep Bros featuring Dawn Tallman - Go Deep - GOGO 007

The quality control continues with Ralf Gum's excellent imprint once again delivers soul-satisfying music. His and CrisP's Vocal Mix give you both the excitement of 'live' feeling instrumentation coupled with Dawn Tallman's inspired and uplifting vocals. The three remaing versions each add their own take on the affair with Solsonik's Cadillac remix doing so in a tastefully traditional and deeper vein.
By Greg Fenton
Deep Bros featuring Dawn Tallman - Go Deep - GOGO 007
La GOGO Music di Ralf GUM si può certamente considerare una delle labels di riferimento per il panorama soulful-house europeo e lo stà dimostrando disco dopo disco con prodotti di altissima qualità e coinvolgendo sia nomi di primissimo piano in questo settore che nuove emergenti realtà produttive. Emblematico in questo senso è il nuovo vinile GOGO Music, il numero 007, in uscita prossimamente, un brano che si intitola "Go deep" per Deep Bros feat. Dawn Tallman. Prodotto originariamente da Pino Arduini, nel vinile troviamo oltre alla versione originale una interessante serie di remixes, a cominciare da quello dello stesso Ralf GUM & CrisP. elegantissimo, soul e deep, per proseguire con quello del team italiano Solsonik che sfoderano un mix altrettanto interessante, per finire con la versione dub e alternativa curata da Benny Pecoraio & SUGAR BEAT del team GOGO. "Go deep" è il settimo sigillo per una delle realtà emergenti più interessanti del panorama soulful vocal-house europeo, una etichetta che si è conquistata la propria credibilità grazie ai suoi prodotti, sempre di altissimo livello, "Go deep" di Deep Bros feat Dawn Tallman è solo l'ultimo in ordine di tempo, per ora, perchè il futuro si prevede brillante.
By Franco Martinelli

Go Deep – Ralf GUM & CrisP Vocal Mix Listen to
Go Deep – Solsonik Cadillac Remix Listen to
Go Deep – Benny Pecoraio & SUGAR BEAT Dub Listen to
Go Deep – Pino Arduini Original Mix Listen to

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