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Releases / DJ MFR & D`Layna - “Just because”

DJ MFR & D`Layna - Just because
We go deep with the original of DJ MFR, on a trip with his ‘going crazy dub’, fall in love with his ‘just because’ dub and are driven away by Kiko Navarro’s great remix.

Italian born and San Francisco living DJ and producer M.F.R. is one of the owners of the highly estimated Transport Recordings Label, which he runs together with Miguel Migs.

Known for his slick productions, he now teamed up with lovely vocalist D’Layna for the first time, resulting in this deep, soothing soulful track called ‘Just because’.

D’Layna is, besides being involved into countless productions from ones like Grammy award winning producer Michael Narada Walden to Little Sis, the voice of house anthems like ‘Don’t stop’ by Kings of Tomorrow. She convincingly shows her talent on this vocal gem again.

Just as we like it, the vocals on this GOGO Music release surely touch the heart and soul of every house music lover, while DJ M.F.R.’s playback gets the floor of every fine house-club moving. Pure West Coast Flavour...


Next to the lovely original the vinyl contains two dub mixes by DJ M.F.R. himself and a rework by Kiko Navarro.
While the ‘Just Because’ Dub is based on the instrumental of the vocal mix and is a perfect tool for the DJ, the ‘Going Crazy’ Dub is a fierce peak-time club track, which makes the crowd going crazy for sure.
To round off the release, Spain's finest Kiko Navarro supports the record with a pumpin’ and straight to the floor, but not less deep, remix.

Tracklist DJ MFR - Just Because - GOGO 006:

G1 Original Mix
G2 Going Crazy Dub
O1 Kiko Navarro’s 'Love from Mallorca' Remix
O2 Just Because Dub

...enjoy the music...


Discoid (Italy)
DJ MFR - Just Because - GOGO 006
Ralf GUM's GOGO Music has a very nice next release, a special deep soulful vocal song which is perfect for any kind of house lover. I really like the chorus and the vocals and after a few times getting into it I couldn't keep it out of my mind. The release will include also a dub mix which is a good weapon for the floor and a new remix which will be announced soon.
DJ MFR - Just Because - GOGO 006

YES; this is soul, this is garage, this is simply essential! What a lovely tune with four truly wicked remixes. While the original vocal mix from San Francisco`s one-and-only DJ MFR is a sultry and deep tune, Mallorca based superfresh remixer Kiko Navarro, takes the song on a more peakhour level. I love both remixes, so it`s quite hard to recommend a special version. Quite cool are also the dubs, that DJ MFR delivers! They´ll drive you crazeee - I swear! Toptune for this summer and another landmark on Ralf GUM`s ruling label. This is music we love and the world needs...
by Thomas Fath

Update (UK)
DJ MFR - Just Because - GOGO 006

The excellent GOGO Music make a welcome return with this soulful gem which sees DJ MFR continue with yet another lush production. There’s plenty of music for you on here from the rolling jazzy chords to the incessant hi-hats leaving this hot vocal free to soar. Kiko Navarro then provides the remix and toughens it up for the dancefloor adding in a very funky live bass and guitar on an epic that reaches almost nine minutes.
by Greg Fenton

Klub Knowledge (UK) Edition: June 2003
DJ MFR - Just Because - GOGO 006

Another strong release from the GOGO Music camp. DJ MFR delivers one for the heads that conjures up deep soulful vibes. Imagine the sunset at Mambo and here you have one track that replicates the mood. For added measure Kiko Navarro of Spain completes the package to make this as must for the box!
by Soy Mustafa

The Dance Web (Italy) (
DJ MFR - Just Because - GOGO 006

E' il disco numero 6 del catalogo GoGo Records, e ancora una volta l'etichetta guidata da Ralf Gum propone un grande pezzo di soulful vocal-house, questa volta affidandosi alla produzione di DJ MFR che fŕ team con la cantante D'Layna per un disco che si intitola "Just because". MFR (Marco Celone) č un DJ/producer nato in Italia ma che vive ormai da tempo a San Francisco e che assieme a Miguel Migs e Bruno Ybarra gestisce l'etichetta Transport Records, piccola ma molto stimata dalle parti della Bay Area. D'Layna, la cantante, non č certo nuova della scena house, avendo collaborato con nomi di primissimo piano, č lei per esempio la voce in "Don't stop" di Kings Of Tomorrow. Il risultato della collaborazione č appunto questo "Just because", un disco che emana quel classico sapore della house californiana fatto di raffinatezza, elementi soul e atmosfere eleganti. Quattro le versioni presenti sul vinile, la vocal con la voce di D'Layna in evidenza, due dub curate dallo stesso DJ MFR, interessanti sopratutto le soluzioni ritmiche adottate nella "Going crazy dub mix", molto da pista, e il remix di Kiko Navarro che pur mantenendo la connotazione deep del brano costruisce una base e degli arrangiamenti di maggior impatto dancefloor.
by Franco Martinelli

Original Mix Listen to
Going Crazy Dub Listen to
Kiko Navarro’s "Love from Mallorca" Remix Listen to
Just Because Dub Listen to

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