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Releases / Rookie feat. Miss Jelée - “No More & Music”

Rookie feat. Miss Jelée - No More & Music
After various releases and remixes for Peppermint Jam, Records of Interest, Komfort Musik, to name just a few, Rookie have established their own timeless sound. With maximum style, the Berlin producers Sven Schoene and Little Mike create tunes from downbeat to dance-floor. Their repertoire reaches from analogue sounding tracks, with hooklines inspired by the 60s and 70s, to electronic sounding club tunes.

On this GOGO Music release you will find two examples of their mind rockin’ work, both together with the outstanding Miss Jelée on vocals.


‘No more’
a guitar driven latin influenced groove, to carry yourself away...where breathy vocals and tropical beats greet the rising moon.

a dynamite house anthem that smoulders, burns and explodes: jumpin’, bumpin’, the music is pumpin’! queit simply - a floorfiller.

Next to the original versions, the vinyl contains a extended version of ‘No more’ and a remix of ‘Music’ by Ralf GUM & CrisP, which really goes deep.

Tracklist Rookie feat. Miss Jelée - ‘No More’ & ‘Music’ - GOGO 004:

G1 No more - Extended
G2 Music - Ralf GUM’s on music mix
O1 Music - Original
O2 No more - Original

...enjoy the music...

Rookie feat. Miss Jelée - ‘No More’ & ‘Music’ - GOGO 004
Out now on GOGO Music, Ralf GUM’s fresh label is this two track vinyl. Behind Rookie are two ambitious producers from Berlin, Sven Schoene and Little Mike, who did a fine job that goes from latin (No More) to deep sounds (Music). If you want a really deep as fuck remix, check out the Ralf GUM’s on Music mix, who delivers a huge club mix for the finer clubs!


One of these fresh underground projects gets a release on Ralf GUM’s kickin’ label GOGO Music. When you listen to ‘No more’ for the first time, you can not help thinking of Moloko - simply the way the singer interprets the song - crazy! I have not heard a song with such sad lyrics sung in an uplifting kind this way since ‘Sing it back’. This one should get a big tune this fall - it really deserves it! The b-side offers with ‘Music’ a different and more vocal dub sounding track that got a deep and soulful Ralf GUM remix treatment - go play it!
by Thomas Fath (Sweden)
Rookie feat. Miss Jelée - ‘No More’ & ‘Music’ - GOGO 004

If there is a track out there that represents summer and the vibe that the sun and the sea makes, then the track ‘No More’ would be this. The guitar licks are just massive boost to the track, which has really nice lyrics, performed by Miss Jelée.

This track is like Nick Holder’s ‘Summer daze’ a track that really represents the summer vibe, that can be found on a little sunny Island outside the Spanish coastline...

The other track, which is called ‘Music’ is a very good compliment to ‘No more’ on this 12 inch. The track has a solid structure and good vocals.

Overall this 12inch is leaving a good imprint of a summer morning somewhere along the coastline of Spain with a wonderful sunrise, a cold drink in one hand and a nice girl in the other.

It’s Love...
by Mathias Haeglund

Partysan (Germany)
Rookie feat. Miss Jelée - ‘No More’ & ‘Music’ - GOGO 004
Das Würzburger DJ und Produzenten-Aushängeschild Ralf GUM präsentiert auf seinem GOGO Label mit Release Nummer vier ‚ Rookie feat. Miss Jelée - ‘No More’ & ‘Music’’ eine stark Latin angehauchte Vocalhouse-Scheibe mit Hitpotential. Jeweils zwei Mixe (einer vom Labelchef persönlich) die sowohl primetime wie sunrise kompatibel sind, und sicher nicht nur auf den Balearen die Hintern von zahlreichen Chickas zum wackeln bringen werden. Aber keine Angst, selbst wenn ihr die Scheibe nur zuhause hört, ist euch Sonne auch im tiefsten Winter garantiert! Die Babes müsst ihr euch dann allerdings dazu denken...
by Ali Sanchez

Fresh Guide
Rookie feat. Miss Jelée - ‘No More’ & ‘Music’ - GOGO 004 ‘No more’ erscheint eine Gitarren-Latin-House-Nummer die richtig amtlich grooved. Die Vocals von Jelée sind einfach fett und kommen frech und schwungvoll rüber...GOGO Music eines der qualitativ besten House Labels in Deutschland.
by Tobias Lindner

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