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Releases / Jaqueline Castellanos - “Yara Yara”

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Jaqueline Castellanos - Yara Yara
Our third release by ‘Cuba’s Rhythm Queen’ let’s the summer begin.

Jaqueline is no stranger to the Cuban music scene, after winning the award for best voice of Cuba in the mid 80s. Since then her music got plays from every important radio station in the country and she got the star of the TV-music-show ‘Palmas y Canas’.

She recorded several LPs in traditional style with Cuban musicians, such as for example members of the ‘Buena Vista Social Club’.
Besides touring the world, another highlight of her impressing career was the number one single in the Latin Beat Magazine (USA) ‘Como me ha insultado’ from her LP ‘ Solo vivo por ti’.

Together with song-writer Andreas Leins and the producers Ralf GUM & CrisP, she now hits the house-floors for the first time.
And Jaqueline Castellanos definitely has the right vibe to make a club burn...


As the original vocal mix, produced by Ralf GUM and CrisP, got a variety of great remixes by
Kiko Navarro, R&W and Ralf-e,
we decided to release a double 12inch.

Tracklist Jaqueline Castellanos - ‘Yara Yara’ - GOGO 003:

Vinyl 1:
G1 Ralf GUM & CrisP Original Mix
O1 R&W Power Lounge Remix
O2 Kiko’s Paila Beats
Vinyl 2:
G1 Kiko’s Spiritual Vocal Mix
O1 Ralf-e’s Yara Maya Deep Deep Dub
O2 Accapella

...enjoy the music...


Lushbeats Magazine ( (Sweden)
Jaqueline Castellanos - ‘Yara Yara’ - GOGO 003
This songbird feels a bit special, the vocals on this 2*12 inch are really good and together with the producers Ralf GUM & CrisP things come alive and really work nicely on the dancefloors. Both 12 inch vinyl’s are great, the track that’s really good for the crowd is the Kiko’s Spiritual vocal mix, which can turn any floor into a grooving meltingpot of warm summer loving.

This 2*12 inch is a very warm, groovy summer night in the moonlight type of music and it is very well made and just brings out those feeling that is called love; you really want to hug people, when you listen to the music. That is how I feel and others alike.

This is a release that I strongly recommend to all those who want to bring happiness and love into the dancefloors across the globe. A moment in time, where you can feel so much and still not have a clue what ‘Yara Yara’ means, but it is damn good.
by Mathias Haeglund (Germany)
Jaqueline Castellanos - ‘Yara Yara’ - GOGO 003

Available for some lucky ones on CD-R for quite some time now, this truly superb latin song comes along with a couple of HOT remixes on a double vinyl, finally among which the ones by Spain’s shooting star Kiko Navarro and Ralf GUM are my favs. Kiko delivers a extremely fierce ‘Paila Beats’ version, that is way more than a simple DJ-tool - mix it with Ralf GUM’s straight garage mix and feel the effect! Big time to get this package - feel and play it!
by Thomas Fath

Essential Reviews (Italy)
Jaqueline Castellanos - ‘Yara Yara’ - GOGO 003
A perfect summer tune. A groove that reminds it is summertime. A sinous and winding song, a warm and sensual voice, a valid package offering a vaste range of interesting remixes taken care by Ralf GUM & CrisP, R&W, Kiko Navarro and Ralf-e. If the summer has a sound, it is sure, this is the sound!!!
by Matteo Esse

Klub Knowledge (UK)
Jaqueline Castellanos - ‘Yara Yara’ - GOGO 003
Music Cuban vocal from the irresistible Jaqueline coming to the force with this house gem. Variety of mixes on this doublepack, but it is the original mix, which is perfect for the dancefloor with it’s dubby build up. Also check Kiko Navarro’s Paila Beats.
by Soy Mustafa

7 dancemusic.clubs.weekly (UK)
Jaqueline Castellanos - ‘Yara Yara’ - GOGO 003
GOGO’s latest release is packed full of Balearic passion with a vocal performance to match that feeling. With a range of mixes spread across this double pack it proves hard not to get excited about it all. Try Ralf GUM & CrisP’s Original version with its live rhythms, which come complete with a touch of Flamenco, or Kiko Navarro’s Spiritual Vocal Mix for a jazzy journey you’ll not forget.
by Greg Fenton

Raveline (Germany)
Jaqueline Castellanos - ‘Yara Yara’ - GOGO 003
Jaqueline Castellanos stammt aus Kuba und ist dort längst eine der größten Künstlerinnen in Latin Bereich. Für die dritte VÖ auf Ralf GUM’s Label GOGO Music leiht sie zum ersten mal einer House Produktion ihre Stimme. Auf dickem Doppel-Vinyl und mit 4 Mixen und zwei Tools toben sich Ralf, Kiko Navarro und andere aus. Im Orginal gehen es Ralf GUM & CrisP klassisch mit starken Gitarreneinsatz und natürlich den klasse Vocals an. Der R&W Power Lounge Mix kommt clubbig-groovig mit schiebender Bassline. Auf Vinyl 2 gibt’s einen Mix von Kiko, der vor allem von Latin-Gitarre sowie Percussions lebt und zum Ende noch einr heftigen E-Gitarreneinlage rockt.
by Andre Crom

Ralf GUM & CrisP Original Mix Listen to
Benny Pecoraio`s Dub (unreleased) Listen to
Benny Pecoraio`s Vocal (unreleased) Listen to
Ralf GUM & CrisP Reprise (unreleased) Listen to
R&W Power Lounge Remix Listen to
Kiko Navarro`s Spiritual Vocal Remix Listen to
Kiko Navarro`s Paila Beats Listen to
Ralf-e`s Yara Maya Deep Deep Remix Listen to
Ralf GUM Dub (unreleased) Listen to

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