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Releases / King Club - “You were singing”

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King Club - You were singing
While ‘Albator’ was saving the planet, young French pop artist King Club, was learning and listening to the music: piano, drums and bass to express his universe, balanced between the Atlantic waves and daily blue. It may be the azure or the taste of the party that inspired the melody of his track. Unless it is just a simple and strong desire to make the galaxy dance.

Forever seduced by Stevie Wonder’s harmonies, touched by Supertramp’s airy mood and Aphex Twins laboratory, his tone is in the mix of electronic and acoustic sound, of synthetic pads and organic riffs. Ultimate pretext of laying his voice for a definitive house style.


Additional to King Club’s classic original mix,
the vinyl contains three Ralf GUM & CrisP remixes.
An interpretation of the original, a fierce dub mix and a club-rocking ‘alternative’ vocal version.

Tracklist King Club - ‘You were singing’ - GOGO 002:

G1 Ralf GUM & CrisP Interpretation
G2 Original Club Mix
O1 Ralf GUM & CrisP Far Out Dub
O2 Ralf GUM & CrisP Alternative Vocal

...enjoy the music...


Blues and Soul- Issue #862 (UK)
King Club - ‘You were singing’ - GOGO 002

Spanish house music is currently enjoying quiet a patch with producers such as Kiko Navarro making noises in all the right places, so when this arrived on my doorstep I could hardly get it open quick enough. King Club originally hail from France, which might explain why the vocal sounds not too dissimilar to Modjo, and they give a soulful song, if sounding a little raw. The other three mixes are supplied by Germany’s Ralf GUM who shows just why he is getting quite a reputation as a producer of note, as he tightens up the production and brings out the harmonies in the vocal turning a solid vocal track into an absolute belter.
by Curtis Zack (Germany)
King Club - ‘You were singing’ - GOGO 002

Ralf GUM’s own label shoots out the 2nd release straight to your dancefloors. It is as expected, another strong song - this time from a fresh French talent. Ralf GUM adds quite a couple of cool mixes, with the ‘Far Out Dub’ as my favourite one. A nice soulful tune in a classic Garagehouse style, to lift you up and make you happy. A vinyl you should not miss this spring!
by Thomas Fath

7 dancemusic.clubs.weekly - Issue #141 (UK)
King Club - ‘You were singing’ - GOGO 002

This excellent new release from the Palma based label sees Ralf GUM do what he does best. Which is of course producing soulful, funky house to satisfy both the listener and the dancer. While the song has a distinctly European flavour, the music has plenty of Latin spirit to drive with it, again, a selection of real instruments adding passion to the affair. Try either the tougher dub or the full song with it’s breathy backing vocals and you’ll not be disappointed.
by Greg Fenton

Raveline 04-2002 (Germany)
King Club - ‘You were singing’ - GOGO 002

Bei ‘You were singing’ gehen trotz Dauerregens und Außentemperaturen von 4°C die Sonne und die Herzen auf. Unter der Leitung von Ralf GUM darf auf höchstem Niveau geschwoft werden. Ein lupenreiner House-Knaller mediteraner Machart, der mit feinen Vocals und schnittigen Grooves zu überzeugen versteht, genau wie man es von einem auf den Balearen beheimateten Label erwarten darf…
by Jerry

Ralf GUM`s & CrisP`s Interpretation Listen to
Ralf GUM`s & CrisP`s Far Out Dub Listen to
Ralf GUM`s & CrisP`s Alternative Vocal Mix Listen to
King Club Original Club Mix Listen to

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