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Releases / Sequential Soul - “Breath Deeper”

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Sequential Soul - Breath Deeper
GOGO Music is happy to present “Breath Deeper” by the mysterious artist “Sequential Soul”. The story about the track sounds quite funny: when Ralf GUM was walking through the streets of a big German metropolis he heard the rough version of the song through an open window and immediately had to nod to it. And when he has to nod to a deephouse-tune he does not know, of course his curiosity is aroused. So he stepped closer and when looking into the window he saw the dumbfounded surprised face of a well know producer, who has released great music for a long time under different pseudonyms in various kinds of genres. He invited Ralf for some drinks and a bit later it was agreed that the song will be released on GOGO Music.

The rich and astutely composed Sequential Soul Original got the right remix treatment by 4 Ears and Notenshun. A vocal and a dub remix are contributed by 4 Ears, which is a new project by Ralf GUM and Benny Pecoraio. Coming from the same hometown, sharing a similar musical taste and mutual completing their musical skills, it’s surprising that it took that long till they decided to start their joint venture. An incredibly effective percussive beat plus the driving moog baseline and sexy instrumentation make their remix an impeccable danceable work that’s hard to resist. The 4 Ears Dub strips things down to feature the ultra cool subbass and adds spacey delays - pure hypnotic deepness.

Notenshun, which is Werner Niedermeier and Lofty of UK’s widely applauded Chilli Funk Label, add their flavour to complete the package. Not astonishingly they chose a classic approach on their version and deliver a soulful tune for all the heads cherishing a solid vocal tune. You can’t go wrong with GOGO Music’s digital release number 3.

Tracklist Sequential Soul - Breath Deeper - GODIG 003:

1. Original 7:32
2. Ralf GUM & Benny Pecoraio 4 Ears Dub 7:23
3. Ralf GUM & Benny Pecoraio 4 Ears Vocal 9:12
4. Notenshun Remix 4:45

Enjoy the music...


DJVox (Italy)
Sequential Soul - Breath Deeper - GODIG 003

Ralf GUM knows a good tune when he hears one and whilst wandering through the streets of a big German city he actually heard this one banging out of a window and decided there and then that he had to have it for his label. Deep and rich, this tune is lovely. Including also versions from 4 Ears and Notenshun, go grab it... by David Colkett (Switzerland)
Sequential Soul - Breath Deeper - GODIG 003

Pick of the week!
This one here is quite special as we yet have to identify the producer behind the pseudonym Sequential Soul (no information was supplied with the release). "Breath deeper" is an awesome piece of soulful house music, featuring sweet'n'sexy female vocals and spoken words on top of a deeply thumpin' groove that is enriched with marvelous keys and chords. Ralf GUM and Benny Pecoraio just started a new project titled 4 Ears under which they contribute a vocal and dub remix that take the track as deep as it gets, letting the vocals, keys and relentless groove create a hypnotic vibe you won't be able to resist. Following next is Notenshun's (Werner Niedermeier and Lofty) interpretation that turns the track into a classic soulful vocal house tune. by Michael Fossati

JJazproJect Magazine
Sequential Soul - Breath Deeper - GODIG 003

Ralf GUM’s label is back on top form for the Autumn with this classy number from Sequential Soul. The press release too is intriguing, talking of a “well-known producer” who as yet remains anonymous. Getting to the music; the “Original” is a subtle number with a sultry half-spoken female vocal. The bass, rhodes, guitars and effortless percussion dovetail beautifully with the sparingly used keys. Moving on Ralf Gum and Benny Pecoraio remix the track with a little TLC injecting extra percussion and a rumbling moog bassline that’s sure to catch your attention. Notenshun keep it simple and soulful with a sparse production style and throbbing bassline, letting the vocals do the talking (quite literally). by Dean Serafini
Sequential Soul - Breath Deeper - GODIG 003

GOGO Digital presents "Breath Deeper" by the mysterious artist Sequential Soul. The "Original mix" is an infectious deep track with warm keys, sexy female vocals, cool jazzy elements and an intense soulful mood. Ralf GUM & Benny Pecoraio provides two hot reworks, an irresistible deep, groovy and hypnotic "4 Ears Vocal mix" as well as a deepr and underground "Dub mix". The package also includes an hot remix by Notenshun who provides a solid soulful house remix. byFranco Martinelli

Some Sequential Soul - Breath Deeper - GODIG 003 DJ reactions:

:: ""Wow what for a Soulful Track! That one is ON FIRE!!! Great Vocals with massive Deeeep Groove. Full Support from me, will play that! Thanks for the Package." Mark Stone (UDM Show, Switzerland)

:: "Man I love the 4 Ears remixes. Wicked deep electronic groove. Been listening to it all day. Killer stuff man." Christian Alvarez (Delecto Recordings, Canada)

:: "I love the 4 Ears Vocal. Super groovy, sexy & deeper killa Bomb!" Chris.G (The Henchmen/ Nightlife Mag, France)

:: "Intense deep-vocal track. Spreads an infectious late night underground vibe. Another little deep gem from GOGO. Full support." Franco Martinelli (, Italy)

:: "Really gorgeous deep project...I like all 4 mixes, especially the funk of the Original and the moodiness of the Ralf & Benny mixes - well done boys!" Greg Dealer (Look At You Records, Juke Joint Productions, USA)

:: "Heavy! Loving the 4 Ears Dub & the Notenshun Remix. Full support from me on this one!" Nik Moss (Groove Assassin)

:: "This is lovely!! I like verry much the 4 Ears Mix!!!! Full support on this!!!! Thanx for the good music!" DJ Pippi (Ibiza)

:: "Rocking." Tim White (House Afrika, South Afrika)

:: "Really like the New Yorkish feeling to it. Absolutely love the vocal hook and the 4 Ears Vocal really does it for me. Full support." Tobias Lindén (Orangemuse, Sweden)

:: "Another beautifully produced piece of Modern Soulful Dance." Umberto Giannini (Rushes, Ministry of Sound Radio, UK)

:: "Liking the Original Mix on this one…In the wallet!!" Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote, UK)

:: "Quality as usual. 4 Ears Dub & Notenshun Remix 4 me. Will play." Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Germany)

:: "Thanks for the promo. Could definitely use the 4 Ears Dub for our warm up." SUMO (Heya Hifi, Sweden)

:: "4 Ears mixes are very nice. I will be rocking it tomorrow in San Diego." Charles Spencer (Loveslap, USA)

:: ""I love the 4 Ears + Notenshun mixes !!! Very nice deep house!! Audio preview asap on" Roberto Graf (Austria)

:: "Sublime, in my playlist!" Craig Woodrow (UK)

:: "I have to admit that your tunes are very qualitive, but they also have the gift to be accepted by the crowd. I very much like the 4 Ears Dub and in my last night people seemed to love it. Very nice tune - super basslines!! Keep on doing the great job. I am sure that GOGO (I am watching you from the beginning) is already a very well known label." Philip Katsaitis (Greece)

:: "Love the new release, will be spinning all four versions of this track - esp the original (love the percussion!). Will give this a whole lot of support in my chart and on my radio show." Myles Chalmers (Naked Soul, UK)

:: " Excellent one, I love the Notenshun mix." Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio, Spain)

:: "Lovely music - Notenshun Mix…. Yum!" Russell Politt (Defected PR, UK)

:: "Prefer Ralf GUM & Benny Pecoraio 4 Ears Dub version." Greg Fenton (UK)

:: "Strong classic and sexy Vocal-House. Will be reviewed in print and on our Online-Mag Jacktracks." Denny Seber (Jacktracks, Germany)

:: "I’m feeling the Original mix best of all followed by the Notenshun Mix. Nice deep melodies very nice release." Steve Parr ( / Room Eight Music, UK)

Original Listen to
Ralf GUM & Benny Pecoraio 4 Ears Dub Listen to
Ralf GUM & Benny Pecoraio 4 Ears Vocal Listen to
Notenshun Remix Listen to

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