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Releases / Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - “Magic Star - The unreleased mixes”

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Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - Magic Star - The unreleased mixes
Back for another round, Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua’s superb “Magic Star” receives more amazing reworks by Alex Senna, Paulo & Rodriguez, Dezzo and Dom Navarra. This second part of “Magic Star” is GOGO Music’s first digital-only-release.

First up Alex Wheeler, half of the highly acclaimed Sueno Soul and one of the hottest producers to hit the Soulful House set delivers his trademark mix. He’s reknown for productions like the Tracy Chapman remake “Fast Car”, a huge smash all over Europe that or “Tempo Da Solo” and “A Better Love” on the latest Roger Sanchez “Release Yourself” compilation (Stealth Records/Armani Exchange), U Don’t Know What Love Is (Newlite Records), Holmes featuring Dragonfly “Blue Skies” remix (Deeplay), “Dancin” by A Tribe Called Es featuring Jaquita and most recently “Turn On The Music” by Roger Sanchez featuring G.T.O. Alex keeps it strictly soulful and delivers a great rework with funky guitars and uplifting baseline.

Chris Gray and Joe Baron aka Paulo & Rodriguez and Room 8 Productions are the founders of Room 8 Records and also of the club night Electronic Funk. Already their first release “Say what“ has been declared a classic and appeared on various compilations. Paulo & Rodriguez have added another member to their production team in the name of Mark Fesco lately, an amazing musician who has spent much time playing the live circuit and who’s influence can be heard on their geat disco soul soaked remix.

Dezzo is an amazing drummer playing in the band of Simon Grey. Living in Hamburg he produces various sytles from film music to Hip Hop. Quite new to the house-scene he prooves to be a versatile musician and delivers a straight to the floor, pumpin filtered dub with nice, innovative effects on the vocals. His mix surely will damage all floors at peak time.

Finally Dom Navarra is on the remix tip once again. His “Magic Ride Dub” which was included on the first part already and caused a bunch of great feedbacks. It was championed by many top-DJs like Bobby and Steve or Kaskade. Now here is his full vocal remix which surely will find it’s way in many sets again.

Tracklisting Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - "Magic Star - The unreleased mixes" - GODIG 001:

1. Alex Senna Spins Remix 5:52
2. Paulo & Rodriguez Club Mix 7 :41
3. Dom Navarra Magic Ride Mix 7 :09
4. Dezzo Remix 7:43

Enjoy the music...


Update Magazin (UK)
Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - "Magic Star - The unreleased mixes" - GODIG 001

This is the first Download only single from Ralf GUM’s hot GOGO imprint and quite frankly, what a start. "Magic Star" is already receiving attention via its initial batch of mixes however these three new versions cap it all for me. Sueno Soul’s Alex Senna kicks of in fine style with swinging beats and lush jazzy guitar, plus of course Joshua’s smooth vocal delivery. Paulo and Rodriguez’s superb rendition spaces out the voice while hitting you full-on with ultra-funky clavinet rhythms, leaving Dom Navarra’s deeper and equally impressive full vocal remix to round of. by Greg Fenton (Switzerland)
Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - "Magic Star - The unreleased mixes" - GODIG 001

These unreleased mixes mark the first digital-only release for GOGO Music and are a perfect extension to the already available mixes. Alex Senna (one half of Sueno Soul) delivers a soulfully bumpin' interpretation with funky guitars and warm melodic keys. Chris Gray & Joe Baron aka Paulo & Rodriguez with the help of musician Mark Fesco deliver a wonderful neo-disco reworking that is full of soulful moments and features a fantastic insturmentation. Lastly there is the full vocal version of Dom Navarra's remix (the dub was included in the first part of this release). by Michael Fossati
Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - "Magic Star - The unreleased mixes" - GODIG 001


Some Roberto De Carlo feat. Joshua - "Magic Star - The unreleased mixes" - GODIG 001 DJ feedback:

:: "I am rocking this all over..." Oscar P (Media Services, NY)

:: "SUPER - SUPER - SUPER." Christian Hornbostel (Housepacific)

:: "Absolutely loving the Dezzo Remix - Huuuuuge!!!" Umberto Giannini (UK)

:: "Fantastic EP! Really like the Alex Senna Remix!" Henchman (France)

:: "Oh yes i really like this, strong vocals lush elegant production tend to drive towards blaze esp Dom Navarro Mix. Love it all the way" Jonas J-man Sällberg (Nero Joia)

:: "Amazing production! Really feeling the uplifting vocals and deep vibe. Paulo & Rodriguez club mix makes it happen on the dancefloor!" Thomas Blondet (Rhythm And Culture Recordings, USA)

:: "Beautiful remixes from a great track. In bag for 'magic' moments. Favourite mixes Alex Senna Spins & Dom's Magic Rride. Thanks for the music and keep that vibe please!" Danny Marquez (Bubble Soul, Spain)

:: "All good mixes but really like the Dezzo remix… nice and bouncy…. Full support from me!" Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote, UK)

:: "Very nice! I go for the Paulo & Rodriguez club! Will play." Henri Kohn (Clubstar)

:: "Alex Senna Spins remix is the one for me. lovin this soulful groove." Alex Attias (Switzerland)

:: "Very fine stylish groove amd productions." DJ Rico (Slip n Slide Music)

:: "Thanks very much for your first digital release and what a start here...
That DEZZO RMX is phat. Deffo my preference here. Superb workout of this soulful beauty in totally new output.
Very close to the French bassline driven sound which really push it further. Also great in/out vox outing in it. Add my continuous support. All 3 other mixes are nice aswell." Ken N (Belgium)

:: ""Dezzo Remix" is the floor killer - wow! While "Dom Navarra Ride" is my fluffy fav." Bernd Niedergesaess (

:: "Room 8 Rmx = superb deep, a wonderful trip. Alex Senna rmx = very soulful, makes me wanna dance. GOGOlicious" Cay Taylan (Austria)

:: "Dom Navarra's Magic Ride Mix is chilled soulful house made with love." Lewis Dene (UK)

:: "Quality mix package, Dezzo takes it peaktime dubstyle, but Dom Navarra produces the pick of the bunch for me, wicked mix." DJ Paul Marshall (UK)

:: "Dezzo remix of Magic Star is so so big" Umberto.Giannini (Ministry of Sound Radio)

:: "There's a mix for every dj on this! Beginning of the night, primtime, or late night. Love it!" Thomas Blondet aka Tom B. (Rhythm And Culture Recordings, US)

Alex Senna Spins Remix Listen to
Paulo & Rodriguez Club Mix Listen to
Dom Navarra Magic Ride Mix Listen to
Dezzo Remix Listen to

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