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Releases / Zano - “My Story”

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Zano - My Story
GOGO Music continues its powerful output with this gospel inspired vocal tune by Zano entitled “My Story” and brings you, next to the fine Original, 4 hot Ralf GUM remixes of it.

Zano always had an unmistakable passion for the performing arts and became one of the most sought after musicians even before he finished his Diploma in the South African performing arts industry. He’s worked with some of South Africa’s best talent, such as Black Coffee, Dj Christos, Vinni Da Vinci, Shana, Phumeza … the list goes on and on … Although all these people played a major role in shaping Zano’s career, he still credits one artist for his big break in the music industry, Lebo Mathosa. Versatility, discipline, and commitment are what drives this young man towards a successful long-term career in the entertainment industry.

When Ralf GUM heard this fantastic song which is taken from Zano’s album “The Gentlemen’s Club”, released on Shota Music in South Africa, he knew immediately that he’d like to give his skilful treatment to it. Ralf should need no long introduction anymore. There is no denying that Ralf GUM has established in the league of the most prolific dj/producers in the house scene. He is delivering goody after goody and these mixes make no exception to his other gorgeous works. He is coming up with 4 genuine reworks of “My Story” taking the song to another level. His Organic Mixes are fully live instrumented musical journeys, while the Deeper mixes stay the course of Ralf’s beloved energetic, bouncy and dubby style.

GOGO Music is happy to introduce Zano to a worldwide audience and to present you this outstanding soulful vocal joint!

Tracklist Zano - My Story - GODIG 009 DJ:

1 - Ralf GUM Organic Mix
2 - Ralf GUM Organic Instrumental
3 - Ralf GUM Deeper Vocal
4 - Ralf GUM Deeper Dub
5 - Original Mix

Enjoy the music...


Zano - My Story - GOGO Music

Zano’s song speaks of his-story; an inspirational message but nonetheless a winning formula. Clean n’ easy drum beats and light chords abound thanks to the flamboyancy of Ralf GUM’s production assistance. The dub could even be up for peak time consideration; the looped drums are pushed forward with spaced out bongos that dance about all by themselves. by Marcia Carr

spiritOfHouse (Switzerland)
Zano - My Story - GOGO Music

GOGO Music continues to discover hidden South African talents and add Zano to their roster - an artist who has worked with the likes of Black Coffee, DJ Christos, Vinni Da Vinci and more in the past. "My story" is taken from Zano's album "The Gentlemen's Club", and this jewel features music by the late Art Jones Bukenya who combines the fantastic gospel inspired vocals with a deep contaminous backdrop. The remixes are courtesy of Ralf GUM whose distinguished 'Organic' mixes are fully live instrumented, while his vibrant 'Deeper' mixes are deep and dubby dance floor bombs spreading a hypnotic feel. by Michael Fossati

MagmaDJWeb (Italy)
Zano - My Story - GOGO Music

Another great release on GOGO music. This will be the summer hit! The Ralf GUM Organic Mix make people smile. The guitars melodies are great and combined with Zano voices, make this version perfect for the summer time. Marvelous choir! More groovy the Ralf GUM Deeper Vocal. His psycadelic sounds make this version adapt for big dancefloor. The guitars cutted and dalayed are great under the vocals. The Original is more minimal with amazing synth melodies over a refined percussive groove... but perfect on dalcefloor! Great Mix! Always useful the Instrumental and Dub Versions. by Alessio Furia (Italy)
Zano - My Story - GOGO Music

GOGO Music digital sublabel presents this new release by South Africa's talent Zano. "My story" is a deep and intense gospel inspired tune in its Original mix, but Ralf GUM's magic touch transformed it in one of the fresher and uplifting tunes of this spring, Ralf's Organic Mix is a perfect combination of warm and soulful atmospheres, funky elements and Africa tinged rhythms, while the "Deeper mix" is a deeper, bouncy and dubby rework. by Franco Martinelli

Some Zano - My Story - GODIG 009 DJ reactions:

:: "Thx for getting this over before miami, going to bang it ! On a roll man.... deeper vocal is down right dirty!" Jamie Thinnes (Seasons Recordings)

:: "Slamming as always. Full support." Marlon D (Underground Collective)

:: “This is great man. Summertime Soul Music. Would be huge at Ft Greene Park parties in Brooklyn ,and hopefully will. And don't know if I've said it before the production and mastering on the Gogo stuff is so clean and huge.. great work!“ Nick Chacona (XL8R)

:: “DOPE! I add a review on Sounding like a John Legend track… that’s a compliment.” Frank Ryle (

:: "Big bigger Ralf" DJ Mannix (M8, UK)

:: "Thanks for sending this! Really liking the Organic Instrumental..." Russell Pollitt (IDJ, UK)

:: "Ralf GUM Organic Mix for me. Will play." Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Germany)

:: "I love Ralf GUMdeeper vocal mix from Zano." Joan Ribas (IbizaGlobalRadio, Spain)

:: "Oooh yes, I bought the organic mix and it put a big smile on my face reminding me of summertime. Now I can play the original which is also HOT! deep with beautiful vocals - Congratulations yet again! FULL RADIO & OUT SUPPORT EVERY FUNKING WHERE" Craig Stewart (VMM Magazine, UK)

:: "this one is amazing - what a superb vocal!! Should appeal to fans of Blaze (amongst others) and generally anyone who likes it on the soulful side." Dean Serafini (Jjazproject, UK)

:: "Very nice, really loving the melancholic funky vibe on your Organic Mix, great track ,perfect for sunday afternoons at The Beach House." Ollie Brooke (PureHouseMusic, Australia)

:: "Deeper Vocal is the Best For Me! Max Support." Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italy)

:: "Thanks a bunch! Can't wait to start playing on the air and in the clubs. It's gonna be perfect for this Saturday night!!" Raul Campos (KRCW, USA)

:: "Original & Deeper vocal mix are good!" Danilo D'Andrea (Partygroove, Italy)

:: ""Awesome package, liking all mixes, especially Ralf GUM Organic Mix and Ralf GUM Deeper Vocal is my fav.perfect for my sets and my radio show." Bobi (Club FM, UK)

:: "My full support on "Deeper Vocal" and "Organic Instrumental"." Cesare ‘Boogeyman’ Cera (gruradio, Italy)

Ralf GUM Organic Mix Listen to
Ralf GUM Organic Instrumental Listen to
Ralf GUM Deeper Vocal Listen to
Ralf GUM Deeper Dub Listen to
Original Listen to

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