Some highlights: “Ralf GUM – In My City” selected Best Dance Album 2014 by iTunes SA ....... “Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” stays more than half a year in the South African Media chart ....... Ralf GUM named #5 Afro House & #11 Soulful House Artist and Sir LSG to be on #20 of the Afro House Artists worldwide by Traxsource ....... “Ralf GUM – In My City” hits number 1 on iTunes SA on the day of release ....... “Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” hits GOLD in South Africa and is the #1 selling album of 2012 on Traxsource ....... “Take Me To My Love” by Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles of the year on Traxsource 2012 ...... GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol. I - IV - out now ... GOGO Music - 10 years young and fresher than ever ...... 'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated' hits #1 on Traxsource for almost 3 weeks and makes it to #1 in the Mascom/Yarona charts in Botswana ..... 'Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me on' (incl. Raw Artistic Soul remixes) # 3 in the "Best of 2009" charts of Traxsource ..... Ralf GUM with 4 releases in the 'Best of 2009' charts of Traxsource .... Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham hit #1 on Traxsource with 'Little W. 12th St.' again, after they scored the #1 spot in the 2008 sales chart of Traxsource with 'Kissing Strangers' .... find many more in our news and news archive!

Releases / Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - “Free (Is All I Wanna Be)”

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Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be)
GOGO Music is extremely delighted to present the first single from Ralf GUM’s forthcoming album, “In My City”. It features Seattle-based soul sensation Portia Monique and is titled “Free (Is All I Wanna Be)”. After the huge success of Ralf GUM’s 2012 long-player, “Never Leaves You” (which was gold-awarded in South Africa and the best selling album of the year on Traxsource), this song will certainly increase the anticipation for GUM’s full-length.

Ralf GUM needs no introduction to House music lovers. Well known as a purveyor of all things soulful for more than two decades, his career has risen steadily since he put out his first tracks in the early nineties. Ralf has released countless songs that are considered classics nowadays, but his insatiable curiosity to enhance the four-to-the-floor House formula is still as strong as ever.

Ralf started his label GOGO Music in 2001 to serve as platform for his own releases, but it’s also presented music by Black Coffee, Raw Artistic Soul, Rocco and many others - with huge success. Thanks to Ralf’s taste and immovable love for real music, he’s managed to create huge momentum for the label. Today GOGO Music is an integral pillar in the House music landscape, as the press quotes prove. Chicago’s best house music publication, 5 Magazine, stated that “GOGO Music has become synonymous with the best Deep House produced in Europe,” and in 2010 the UK magazine SoulM8 certified that “GOGO Music is one of Germany’s best independent labels.”

In 2008, Ralf GUM released his long-awaited debut LP “Uniting Music” to plaudits; the UK’s M8 Magazine called the CD “simply one of the best albums of the year”. It was followed by his second long-player, “Never Leaves You”, in 2012, which was likewise celebrated. It included a variety of hit singles, among them “Take Me To My Love”, an official South African number one. Blues and Soul Magazine wrote that it was “an impressive, truly soulful collection of songs… emphatically demonstrating Ralf GUM’s ability to orchestrate soul-house goodness on the grandest possible scale,” while Tilllate Magazine said it was “simply amazing - now go buy it and support he finest soulful vocal house.” In 2014 Ralf GUM will release his third full-length and “Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” provides a sweet foretaste.

The single features Portia Monique, a lady who was born to sing. As a three-year-old she was performing in the mirror; by seven she was singing in church; and by nine she was writing snappy lyrics to further hone her talent. In her teens, musical studies followed, and through this she made an increasingly impactful series of hook-ups with various artists and producers. Portia’s beautifully unique voice blends hip-hop bite with velvety soul via dazzlingly complex harmonies, snazzy, jazzy tricks and some seriously insightful lyrical craft. This has brought her to the attention of kingpin US producers like Rodney Jerkins (Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige), Kyle West (LL Cool J) and Midi Mafia (Brandy, Talib Kweli, Frank Ocean). Additionally across the pond she’s caught the ear of Reel People Music’s Oli Lazarus, which has opened her up to a brand new avenue of opportunity, which she has gloriously exploited. All of which bodes well for 2014, when Ms. Monique’s debut album finally lands. Her collaboration with Ralf GUM shows why she’s considered a real star on the rise.

With this single release, GOGO Music manages to pair deliciously soulful vocals from Portia Monique with a deep creative production by Ralf GUM and Phil Kullmann - “Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” is a song that should not be missed by real House music DJs and good music lovers.

Tracklist: Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) - GOGO 061

1 - Ralf GUM Main Mix 6:35
2 - Ralf GUM Instrumental 6:35
3 - Ralf GUM Reprise 5:47
4 - Ralf GUM Radio Edit 4:12

GOGO Music … music it is and is it!


5 Magazine (Chicago)
Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) - GOGO 061

I gotta be honest: one of the things that really called me back to writing music reviews again is the resurgence of true songwriting - an honest to goodness S-O-N-G, with lyrics and substance that anyone can relate to, sing along to, and appeals to you heart and soul. The kind of song that makes the audience wanna buy it, and makes the radio stations wanna play it… And that makes GoGo Music that go-to label when you want a true song to add to your music mix. Such is the case with 'Free (Is All I Wanna Be)', the first single from Ralf GUM’s forthcoming third album In My City, featuring Seattle-based songstress Portia Monique. Portia's vocal delivery is a smooth combination of soulful and jazzy, with a pinch of Hip-Hop flavor, and the harmony in her voice states that she’s no stranger to a microphone. And pairing Portia's style with Ralf GUM’s signature soulful production is on the mark: like a live band backing up the lead singer, the way it should be. This is what a s-o-n-g is made of, and it’s what GOGO Music is made of!! by Lil John

Spirit Of House (Switzerland)
Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) - GOGO 061

It has been a while since we introduced you to new music from Ralf GUM, but thankfully the wait is over and he is back with a phenomenal slice of soulful heaven featuring Seattle based up and rising soul sensation Portia Monique on vocals. 'Free (is all I wanna be)' is the first single taken from this forthcoming album 'In my city', beyond doubt this incredibly soulful production will send shivers down your spine thanks to Portia Monique's amazing emotive vocals, glamorous melodies and wicked deep'n'gentle yet hypnotic rhythms. Quite simply a towering soulful gem by no means to be missed. by Michael Fossati

HouseOnMag (South Africa)
Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) - GOGO 061

It has been almost two years since Ralf GUM's ever green, bestselling and gold-awarded ‘Never Leaves You’ studio album. Word from GOGO is that Ralf is just about to drop his next full length record and if this - the latest single by Mr GUM is anything to go-by, then South Africa's deep and soulful house massives can only wait in baited breath for the official release of his forthcoming album “In My City”. Here an infectious soulful house gem titled “Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” is the first single to be captured from the German tastemakers’ upcoming project, which features Seattle based soul sensation Portia Monique. On this release the pair [Ralf and Portia] manage to deliver on an emphatic summer anthem which creatively blends Portia’s velvety vocals with GUM’s epic production abilities. The single release includes a main mix, instrumental, radio edit and reprise version of the song and is available for download on Traxsource. Much like the GOGO Music label head, Portia Monique needs no introduction - her insatiable and melodic voice comes highly regarded among many house heads both locally and internationally. She first set the scene alight with her studio collaboration “Do Better” with the UK astro-house duo the Layabouts, which she effortlessly followed up with another soulful house jewel in “Tell Me Now”. The Seattle songstress has also featured on numerous house anthems alongside soulful house producers Reel People. Sounds like the GOGO Music family have secured yet another soulful summer gem for our soulful house aficionados… by Tsholo Moteka

Jjazproject (UK)
Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) - GOGO 061

For just about as long as I’ve been writing music reviews, Ralf GUM and his GOGO Music label have been delivering stunning tunes designed to move your soul as well as your feet. “Free” is another sweet, soothing track with gentle yet compelling tribal rhythms and gorgeous vocals. The music just oozes emotion with Portia’s distinctive voice complimenting Ralf’s arrangement perfectly. Essential!

Some Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) - GOGO 061 DJ feedback:

:: 'SOUNDS DOPE! MY KINDA VIBE...' Vinny Da Vinci (House Afrika, South Africa)

:: 'I can always count on GOGO for quality soulful house music. Terrific release.' Carlos Mena (Yoruba, Ocha)

:: 'Really into this in a big soulful way.....Love, LOve...LOVE! All mixes are well usable - full support in the crate and radio. THANK U for the Music and stay blessed.' Dr Bob Jones (UK)

:: 'Ralf GUK continues to put out top notch productions while keeping the soulfulness in the music. 'Free' is a must have.' DJ Pope (USA)

:: 'Ralf GUM is always on time with his productions! Great summer feeling.
Main Mix and Reprise are for me!' Cesare ‘boogeyman’ Cera (Italy)

:: 'Outstanding once again.' Craig Bartlett (L'America, Tilllate, UK)

:: 'Nice soulful vibes from Portia Monique on a wicked hypnotic deep beat, which really has Ralf GUM's signature trademark.' MAQman (Vietnam)

:: 'A truly beautiful slice of music of the finest quality' Dean Facer (Terminal Audio / Resident Advisor / United Colors Of House, UK)

:: 'Really nice and quality track, if this is the anticipation of Ralf's new album, well, I can't wait to listen to the full Job.' Franco Martinelli (Housepage, Italy)

:: 'I will debut the track on Friday night on my show 'The Warehouse'' Just Mo (YFM, South Africa)

:: 'Loving the soulful vibes and sweet vocals, Portia's voice sounds amazing on this release. I'll be featuring the Main Mix or Reprise (maybe even both) in my upcoming mix show for July. Definitely the hottest promo that's landed for a few weeks.' Dean Serafini (jjazproject, UK)

::'Nice, soulful vibes!' Marcus 'Makossa' Wagner-Lapierre (FM4 head of Music, ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)

:: 'SUPER BOMB!!! MAIN MIX FOR ME!' Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove, Italy)

:: 'Love the Main Mix on this release mate, will be on the next Show.' Antony Angell (Essentialhouseradioshow, UK)

:: 'Smooth vocals and the background jazzy bits and guitar licks carry it onto into the summer heat.' Marc LaCasse (Oxide, Canada)

:: 'Love it :) Congrats.' Joan Ribas Dj (Ibizasoulstice, Spain)

:: 'Great vocal, great production …This is an awesome soulful track...Just what soulful house should be … lovely vocals and some percussion to move it along nicely. I’m on it.' Bobi (City Radio, Mazedonia)

:: 'Amazing.' DJ Mannix (Tilllate Magazine House Reviewer)

:: 'Gorgeous tune, lovely vocals. simply beautiful. ' Jeannie Hopper (Liquid Sound Lounge, WBAI 99.5fm, New York)

:: 'This sounds hot!!' DJ Edsoul (Kaya FM, South Africa)

:: 'Awesome track! Will def play out at HOUSEofAFRIKA!' Charl Chaka (Infusion Magazine, Dubai)

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