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Releases / Ralf GUM feat. Paul Randolph - “We Repeat”

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Ralf GUM feat. Paul Randolph - We Repeat
We proudly present a brand new single by Ralf GUM titled ‘We Repeat’. The song, which features soul music legend Paul Randolph on vocals, comes after Ralf’s little hiatus from releasing new productions - his last offering was the album ‘In My City’. In this latest outing, Paul Randolph delivers a powerful message to the human race, reminding us that we’re seemingly not learning anything from our past.

Ralf GUM built his reputation as a matchless musical powerhouse since he ventured into the music industry in the early nineties and is currently locked down in studio working on his next album to be released in 2018. ‘We Repeat’ surely shortens the wait and raises the anticipation on it. As an artist, he always likes to surprise with unexpected productions and this outstandingly orchestrated afro influenced jazz workout documents this once more. The amazing arrangement contains real strings performed by some of South Africa’s best, Susan Mouton and Evert van Niekerk - both from the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra - and dope horn lines played by Kafele Bandele, for both of which Michael ‘Nivalito’ Ehnes contributed the score. Paul Randolph’s flawless vocal delivery and a superb Vibraphone solo by Mathias Haus are the icing on the cake of a song which grew very close to Ralf’s heart: “As creative people we ideally want our creations to speak for us, but not too often in life come mood, vibe, situations and possibilities together to ponder about important topics through music and lyrics. After some Skype calls with Paul, we’ve been on the same wavelength and his lyrics are a perfect conversion of what we both feel needs to be said about the societies we live in,” Ralf says.

Paul Randolph is a multi-talented musician who settled in Detroit during his early teen years and who has performed with greats such as Fela drummer Tony Allen, Odetta, Dennis Coffey and Johnny Johnson, to name a few, and has recorded with Amp Fiddler, Carl Craig, iSoul8, and currently, the Berlin-based Jazzanova Live. Randolph's music has been categorized into many different genres; pop, rock, neo soul, jazz, funk, blues, and electronic. His first solo CD “This Is What It Is” was released on Kenny Dixon Jr.'s imprint in 2004 and he has just released a new solo album “In The Company Of Others” on Mahogani Music. Next to his busy schedule, he managed to pen out ‘We Repeat’ his first collaboration with soulful House Don Ralf GUM. Just as Paul’s own music, ‘We Repeat’ isn’t easy to categorize, but has everything of a timeless anthem.

GOGO Music is absolutely excited about this single release, which is surely tickling all musical senses and has a very relevant message considering the current global political tendencies or, as Paul puts it: “I grew up at a time when artists and musicians were more than just high definition poster images of excess and calculated perception, they were social commentators. Bob Dylan, Sly Stone, James Brown, Pete Seeger, Fela, Bob Marley, Joan Baez, Curtis Mayfield, NWA, Public Enemy, Nina Simone, and Marvin Gaye among others, were the voices of protest against the issues of the day. Earth Wind and Fire and the like offered solutions based upon spiritual principal and encouraged heightened consciousness. These are my heroes because they chose to be a part of a solution, not a part of a problem, and used their platforms to reach the masses. The world is in need of this type of intention, commitment, and service more than ever. As artists we have an obligation to be the messengers of possibility, kindness, love, tolerance, empowerment, patience, peace, and understanding, whether it is expressed overtly or subtly. ‘We Repeat’ is my contribution, my prayer.”


1 - Ralf GUM Main Mix 9:16
2 - Ralf GUM Main Instrumental 9:16
3 - Ralf GUM Reprise 7:49
4 - Ralf GUM Beat 4:57
5 - Ralf GUM Radio Edit 3:51

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Spirit Of House (Switzerland)
Ralf GUM feat. Paul Randolph - We Repeat - GOGO 071

GOGO Music label head, DJ and producer Ralf Gum teams up with Detroit's legendary multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter Paul Randolph for 'We repeat', undeniably this phantasmagorical uber soulful gem featuring the inimitable haunting vocals of Paul Randolph alongside grandiose strings, classy horns, marvelous vibraphone solo and dulcet yet captivating percussive rhythms is by no means to be missed. by Michael Fosatti

Ralf GUM feat. Paul Randolph - We Repeat - GOGO 071- DJ feedback

:: 'Beautiful Single' Vinny Da Vinci (House Afrika, South Africa)

:: 'Sounds great. Love the tune!' Kid Fonque (5FM, South Africa)

:: 'Great.' Louis Radio (Italy)

:: 'Cool track.' Robert Owens

:: 'Superb production.' Klaus Spitzner (Peppermint Jam, Germany)

:: 'This is awesome! A superb mellow but still groovy one. Love the strings and of course Randolph's vocals, but the beat is also exceptional. Sounds a bit like a Louie Vega inspired track - meaning this in the most respectful and positive way - love that!' Bernd Niedergesäß (Radio 42, Germany)

:: 'Love the message and the grooooovy beat toooooo...' Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, WHCR 90.3 FM New York)

:: 'Loving what you have done to the ‘Original’, it just flows nicely, big fan of Paul, nice to see you collaborating with such talent!!' Alan O' (Multi Storey Soul radio show, Shoreditch Radio, London)

:: 'Wow... so beautiful. Love this...appreciate the music very much.' Russell Pollitt (Soulful Edge, UK)

:: 'w o w ! ! ! keep doin it!!' Sascha Corti

:: 'Thanks so much for such lovely, rich!!' Nicky Blumenfeld (Kaya FM, South Africa)

:: 'I like the project. I always l prefer music with a message and this is nicely done vocally, musically, and production-wise. Good luck with this project. The world deserves more like this.' Keith Thompson (USA)

:: 'A very wonderful record. Count on my support for sure!' Richard Earnshaw (UK)

:: 'Wow! Love.' Ingela Borgefjord (Swedish House Crew)

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