Some highlights: “Ralf GUM – In My City” selected Best Dance Album 2014 by iTunes SA ....... “Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” stays more than half a year in the South African Media chart ....... Ralf GUM named #5 Afro House & #11 Soulful House Artist and Sir LSG to be on #20 of the Afro House Artists worldwide by Traxsource ....... “Ralf GUM – In My City” hits number 1 on iTunes SA on the day of release ....... “Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” hits GOLD in South Africa and is the #1 selling album of 2012 on Traxsource ....... “Take Me To My Love” by Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles of the year on Traxsource 2012 ...... GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol. I - IV - out now ... GOGO Music - 10 years young and fresher than ever ...... 'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated' hits #1 on Traxsource for almost 3 weeks and makes it to #1 in the Mascom/Yarona charts in Botswana ..... 'Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me on' (incl. Raw Artistic Soul remixes) # 3 in the "Best of 2009" charts of Traxsource ..... Ralf GUM with 4 releases in the 'Best of 2009' charts of Traxsource .... Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham hit #1 on Traxsource with 'Little W. 12th St.' again, after they scored the #1 spot in the 2008 sales chart of Traxsource with 'Kissing Strangers' .... find many more in our news and news archive!

Releases / Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas - “Higher High”

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Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas - Higher High
GOGO Music continues its superb output with this disco stomper by Ralf GUM who features UK vocalist Daniel Thomas on the title ‘Higher High’. Ralf GUM made it to one of the highest respected figures in the house music scene due to the distinctive qualities in his exceptional productions. Without a doubt he has made his name and his label GOGO Music, particularly familiar names to any house music fan. Always searching for originality in his productions he returns with ‘Higher High’ to his disco roots and blends the soulful funky keys played by keyboarder and composer Michael ‘Nivalito’ Ehnes with a stomping rhythm and some delicate percussive patterns. Plenty of strings, brass, guitars and driving bass-line are added to create a song that stands out far from the mass of mediocre records being released. Wherever a 'Higher High' is there has to be a 'Deeper Deep', as well. With these mixes Ralf showcases his love for more abstract structures that should satisfy all house heads who are looking for serious deeper action.

The unique vocal performance by Daniel Thomas intensifies the disco feeling to a max. Daniel is a multi faceted, multi dimensional talent who began singing and playing the piano since the age of 5 years. A bigger platform for his talent was created when he was taken under the wings of The London Community Gospel Choir and very swiftly rose through the ranks of as Choir director for 5 years. This grounding has afforded him a prominent place both within House music and the Gospel music scene in the UK. As an artist in his own right, he has won audience the world over with his amazing vocals and big flamboyant personality - to crowds as much as 100.000 when he performed at Party In The Park under the name of Blockster (Number 3 single in the UK charts), appearing on the same bill as Westlife. He has toured extensively throughout Europe and as far as Japan, South Africa, India and USA.

Rounding the release of is one of UK’s fine exports in house music - The Realm. Consisting of Toni Economides, Pete Kuzma and Oli Lazarus, The Realm have made themselves a prime name in the biz with their releases on Papa Records. Toni is a member of KV5 and one of London's most sought after producers and engineers. You'll find Toni's name on a lot of the hot records coming out of London these days, working with artists such as Bugz In The Attic, Da Lata, Tarantulaz, Fanatix as well as Reel People. Oli is the founder of Papa Records and Reel People. 2008 was a big year for him, with Reel People releasing their second album 'Seven Ways To Wonder' which won the plaudit of critics worldwide. Pete is an outstanding keyboarder and worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Jill Scott, Jazzy Jeff and has recently returned home after going a world tour playing keyboards for Kanye West. Together they delivered a great rework of ‘Higher High’ making it perfect for the soulful DJ-sets.

Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas ‘Higher High’ draws again a true distinction in the consistent quality of productions that have come from GOGO Music. This is a record that will stand the test of time!

Tracklisting Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas - Higher High - GOGO 035

G1 - Ralf GUM Original Disco Attack Mix
O1 - The Realm Vocal Remix
O2 - Higher High - Ralf GUM Deeper Deep Dub

Additional available mixes as download:

1 - Ralf GUM Deeper Deep Vocal
2 - Ralf GUM Disco Attack Instrumental
3 - The Realm Instrumental Remix
4 - The Realm Bonus Beats

Enjoy the music...

Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas - Higher High - GOGO 035

Pick of the week!
With 'Higher High', Ralf GUM presents a stellar Disco influenced dance floor stomper based around a funk drenched backdrop, featuring outstanding vocals by UK singer Daniel Thomas which together with the old school tinged keys, classic strings and lovely guitars create an intense feeling you can't resist to dance to. Ralf GUM's 'Deeper Deep' mixes are the choice for all the deep house headz loving it deep'n'soulful yet resistless, while The Realm rework the track into a fiercely groovin' affair that oozes with soulful vibes from the beginning to the end. This slice of uplifting dance music is a must have for your collection. by Michael Fossati
Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas - Higher High - GOGO 035

GOGO Music are proving to be an unstoppable force these days. With a great range of styles and vibes being released all over the place, the underlying quality is always high and while some of the releases have been hit and miss for me this one's a definite hit. The Disco Attack mix here is a firing full blooded funky disco House track, great bass line, great vocals by Daniel Thomas (who also did the great vocals on Love Will Find A Way by DJ Kulibir). As always we are treated to a range of mixes and Ralf GUM's Deeper Deep Vocal Mix brings a toned down afro latin feel to the package with a very percussive version, minimal use of keys gives full focus to the vox and works quite nicely. The Realm deliver a more deep electro soulful sort of vibe. Ralf GUM's Deeper Deep Dub does away with nearly all of the vocals and uses the odd snippet to inject some life into this otherwise sparsely populated deep house bubbler - nice work. While GUM seems to be able to command a main room soulful vibe with ease it would seem his real talent lies in crafting these deeper takes. Top job! by Ollie Brooke
Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas - Higher High - GOGO 035

GOGO Music unleashes another bomb from the mind of Ralf GUM. This time around it’s a more up tempo release that pays homage to the days of disco. The vocals from Daniel Thomas are excellent and with harmonies that are reminiscent of Earth Wind and Fire there are sure to be lots of happy faces whenever this one’s playing. The mixes come from Ralf himself with his “Original Disco Attack Mix” and “Deeper Deep Vocal” and from The Realm whose mix hits all the right notes. Awesome! by Dean Searfini
Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas - Higher High - GOGO 035

Ralf GUM is back with another awesome release on his own label GOGO Music. This time he teams up with singer Daniel Thomas and 'Higher high' is a fantastic funky-house gem with an infectious soulful vibe. The 'Original disco attack mix' is one of the freshest funky tunes I heard lately, it has solid funky beats, 70's disco inspired arrangements and great falsetto vocals. Ralf also provides a deeper and more minimal version in his 'Deeper deep mix' while The Realm delivers a smoother and soulful remix, with great Rhodes keys and a fresh jazzy touch. The package also includes instrumentals and dub mixes. by Franco Martinelli

Some 'Ralf GUM feat. Daniel Thomas - Higher High - GOGO 035' DJ reactions:

:: 'DOPE!' Frank Ryle (Soulportal, Denmark)

:: 'Amaaaaazing!' Sarah Foote (Favouritizm)

:: 'Love it!!!' Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote, UK)

:: 'Slamming!' Marlon D (Underground Collective, USA)

:: 'Great track!' DJ Meme (Brasilia)

:: 'You guys are rocking with the new tracks. Thank you so much. I love em all.' David Harness (USA)

:: 'Very musical will use on radio touch.' Danny Rampling (UK)

:: 'An amazing track - absolutely love this.' Curtis Zack (UK)

:: 'The package is hot as always.' Luis Radio (Equal Recordings, Italy)

:: 'This is simply amazing. LOVE IT!!!!!!! 10 out of 10 for this gem.' Franco Martinelli (, Italy)

:: 'No doubt it's gonna be an anthem!! In the Top 3 of my playlist.' Leo Cuenca (RadioFG, France)

:: 'Another A++++ GOGO release.'; Dave Wareing (RedSoul Music, UK)

:: 'Wow! Dude, this is an (other!) amazing release!! GOGO is my fave label at the mo for sure! I get loads of promo’s every day, but there aint many that really touch me, but this one is one of them, great remixes….great package….proper music.' Andy Compton (The Rurals, UK)

:: 'Wooowww a very strong record! This is a must have - another bomb from GOGO Music! Play this and full support from me - fav mix: Ralf GUM Original Disco Attack Mix.' Mark Stone (UDM Radio Show, Switzerland)

:: 'Respect Ralf, I put my headphones on then closed my eyes and the disco-attack-mix of Higher High made me feel like i was in the Paradise Garage listening to Larry play, great track all mixes.' Robert Owens (UK)

:: 'Wicked tune guys!' Jamie Thinnes (Seasons Recordings, USA)

:: 'Higher high stands out as one of the best tracks this month and if its is anything else like work that Ralf touches it will be huge year round!!!! The world is in need of good uplifting tracks especially like this!' Shawn Philipps (Laterdaysoul, USA)

:: 'WOW what can I say..!!! This is amazing, love it. The Disco Attack mix is great and I have been blasting ‘The Realm Vocal Mix’. Kissing Strangers was a big hit for you last year and I think you may have done it again with this one, well done Ralf GOGO hittin’ the spot yet again.' Steve Parr (, UK)

:: 'Dammm what an uplifting killer tune you done here! And i love the scat singing in the middle, pure fucking heaven piece of great music. An future soul classic. The clue is this.' Espen Wilk (Radio 1, Norway)

:: 'It is time to dust off the roller skates for this new one, disco is alive and well nice one!' DJ Dealer (Look At You Records, USA)

:: 'Excellent release as usual. All mixes are great will definitely fit in my sets.' Bobi (Club FM, UK)

:: 'Simply fantastic.'; Greg (Discovelopment)

:: 'The deeper deep dub does damage!' Charles Spencer (Loveslap, USA)

:: 'Genial!' Bernd Niedergesaess (Radio42, Germany)

:: 'Superb production, 5****'DJ Tokn (Germany)

:: 'I absolutely love this release great work as always.' Andre Harris (Innate Soul, USA)

:: 'Another top release!!! I dig both DEEPER DEEP mixes. Best as always!' Vinny Da Vincy (South Afrika)

:: 'Proper Disco! This is great uplifting funky stuff.' Huw Ellis (Australia)

:: 'Feeling the Realm Vocal and the Deeper Dub.' Soy Mustafa (Shack Music, UK)

:: 'LOVING IT! What a TUNE, AWSOME JOB! All mixes are superb. Really really good work, so far in my world, the best Quality Uplifting Disco Release in 2009.' Martin Schroeder (DV.FM Radio Manager)

:: 'What a great tune. I played this in the big Modern Soul room @ the Prestatyn soul week-ender last weekend and I got a great response on the dancefloor as well as many people asking me the name of the track.' Mick Farrer (Solar Radio, London, UK)

:: 'Love the Ralf GUM Deeper Deep Vocal' Rafael Yapudjian (Pacha, Brasilia)

:: 'Very very good, BOMB track!! Thank you so much.' Ivan F (Deephousesection, Italy)

:: 'I love house music since the mid 90’s when I discovered it for myself and my DJ choice first of all was exactly sunny soulful house music with gorgeous vocals and instrumentations. So I love energy and positiveness in house music. What I hear on this single is exaclty the same - pure sun, love and disco ambience. At the same time Deep Deep Dub is also awesome version, I adore that little sound which were actively used in intelligent techno tracks in the mid 90’s as well.' Bogdan Taran (Capital FM, Latvian radio syndication,

:: 'Nice one, Disco Attack, yeah!' C-Rock (Cocoon, Germany)

:: 'I'm really into the Disco Attack mix. They don't make them like this anymore. Very disco, very nice.' Andy Warburton (Hedkandi, Ministry of Sound Radio, UK)

:: 'Well done.' Henri Kohn (Soulstar, Germany)

:: 'Deeper Deep is the version for me!' Master Kev (USA)

:: 'Funky house stuff for the dancer.' Alfred Azzetto (Italy)

:: 'Timeless with lots of soul.' DJ Peavey (Prog City Deep, Peppermint Jam, Germany)

:: 'This release is very hot! The disco vibes of the original version make me smile and dance :) The voice of Daniel Thomas is perfect on that rhythm. Extremely refined the deep vocal mix. More classic soulful vibes in The Realm Rmx.Good the duds and instrumental tools. Another great release for GOGO and Ralf.' Alessio Furia (Magma DJ web, Italy)

:: 'Liking the loony Original Disco Attack Mix as well as the gorgeous Deep Dub! Once again superb quality from the GOGO Music camp. Full support!' Roes Svensk (Germany)

:: :: 'I ACTUALLY stood up and started groovin! Love it! Full support.' Roben (Passion Radio Worthing, Tillate Radio Europe, NYC)

:: 'Excellent track. Luv the radio edit.' Steve Flynn (Off The Chart Radio UK, Generation Mix UK)

:: 'Pure niceness!!! Will get my full support.' Sucasa Beats (UK)

:: 'Cool funky disco.' Toka Beatz (Germany)

:: 'Always a big fan of Ralf!' Marius (China)

:: 'Love Ralf GUM, love this and will be playing it this Saturday on Ibiza Global you' Clara Da Costa (Spain)

:: 'Nice deep track by Mr. GUM, definitely in my set.' Nicc Johnson (Ibiza Global Radio, Lifted Radio, UK)

:: 'Magnifique!' Xcalibur (USA)

:: 'Pure quality, great track, great label, full support from me.' Distant People (UK)

:: 'A track with soul and flavour.' HBK (Hightz FM London)

:: 'Ralf GUM does house well, and when house is good, everyone loves it.' Neil Brown (UK)

:: 'Fantastic! Perfect for the Seduction33 Sets.' Pete Farmer (Middle East)

:: 'Anything that touches on that classic Philly sound touches me!' Recreation Records (UK)

:: 'Nothing more to say than just awsome.....' Jeff Jefferson (Miss Moneypennys, UK)

:: 'Love it, summers coming baby!! Can´t wait to bust this track out.' Lee Gardener (Global FM, Spain)

:: 'Nice package. Will support it.' Hot Hands (Switzerland)

:: 'Deeper Dub For Me.....' Mididropmusic (London, UK)

:: 'Very nice!!' Paul Quinton (Pressure Radio, UK)

:: 'Summer feeling's we go agaaiiiinnn !!!!!! full support on this one. sexysugar ibiza 2009' JP Chronic (Radio One Valencia, Spain)

:: 'Very funky, very cool. I will listen to this without pants.' Demko (Z104.5 FM- The Edge Tulsa, USA)

:: 'Ralf GUM Deeper Dub -great dub remix.' Dance One Radio (Slovakia)

:: 'Yes the Deeper Deeper Dub for me please.' Aless D- Sevensensis (UK, London, iweb radio Italy)

:: 'Love the bassline. Its a superb funky choon...thanks.'Dave Charles (HFM Radio Leicester, UK)

:: 'This is my style :)' Chris Blenda (Energy FM, Cyprus)

:: 'Grooooooovy!' Mixgeselle (various stations)

:: 'Yip rate this tune big time!! look forward to playing it at the weekend!!' DJ Sam McComb (UK)

:: 'hot track, has a classic sound to it. Nice work. all mixes are good. Nice vocal arrangement. Fav: Ralf GUM Deeper Deep Dub.' Ricky (East Coast; USA)

:: 'Love it.'Able (Rinse FM, London, Karnival Records)

:: 'Wow! Love this now this is nice. More suited to my personal (online) mixes but a definite favorite!' DJ Trevor Izzard (Essex FM, UK)

:: 'Fabulous DISCO! Yeah Baby!!!' Mark Alsop (Australia and Oceania)

:: 'FANTASTIC!!!! i get this old disco feeling back....the days that sylvester was on the top of his it seriously!' Rob Boskamp (Netherlands)

:: 'Deeper Deep Dub is pure class. Smooth!' Aldrin (Lush FM SIngapore)

:: 'Deeper deep dub for me! will play!' Da Funk (Switzerland)

:: 'Ralf's best work to date. More please!!!' Colin Sales (

:: 'Higher High = Pure Deep In Every Sense of The Word!' Delmar Browne (AOL Radio, Music Choice, Pressure Radio)

:: 'Ralf ROCKS. Lovely house music.' Digital Phuture (Eddie Gordon, UK)

:: 'My God What Great Music.' Preparty (Netherlands)

:: 'Aw-sum, really nice work both mixes.' Gregrrr (Audiochic Live, UK)

:: 'Fantastic Track.' HFM Student Radio (UK)

:: 'Ideal track for my warm up and summer sets, I’m feelin this.' James Blond (BRMB Birmingham, UK)

:: 'Very Uplifting! Really Enjoyable!' Robbie Styles (Guilty Heaven, AudioBoutique, Uber, UK)

:: 'Excellent production as always..Ralf got me with the disco attack mix and deeper dub mixes..thanks.' Lady M and M (Push FM, UK)

:: 'This is what is happening right now!!!!! DEEEP!!! It always comes around to this...Rocking this for sure!' Davidson Ospina (USA)

:: 'Wkd cuts from the GOGO crowd!' Funklife (UK)

:: 'Fucking HOT!!!!!!' Pedro G (Kiss 108 FM Boston, USA)

:: 'Lovely Positive Summer Vibes!' Harrie (The East/West Music Analyst, UK)

:: 'Simply beautiful!' Dr Stevie (UK)

:: 'Love this song, have been play at my past radio shows and will rocking again, also the dub is great - pure deepness.' BKR aka DJ BENJAMIN (Pressure Radio, UK)

:: 'Loving the dub mix nice work.' Mike London (Rhythmic Label Group, My House Your House, UK)

:: 'Nice liked the vocal and the disco's hook.' Tony Alexandre (France)

:: 'Beautiful house tune - bring on the sumer.' Des Paul (Capital Radio London)

:: 'Quality mixes all the way. Great tune, right up my street.' Lofty (Amber Sound FM Derbyshire, UK)

:: 'Nice track.' DExplicit (UK)

:: 'Top quality from Ralf GUM as usual will defo be playing.' Graham Sahara (Seamless Recordings, UK)

:: 'This is the sound of summer and its a sound i won't forget any time soon this gonna be my song.' Westsideradio (UK)

:: 'Perfect for my bar sets.' Phil England (BoomBoxx Records, UK)

:: 'Disco Attack mix all the way - wicked bit of vocal tuneage.' Yaz (1 FM, USA)

:: 'I love this one!! 100% support!' Stacey Bowtell (Time FM Berkshire, UK)

:: 'Great Dub.' Mark Robinson (Unknown FM London, Global FM Spain)

:: 'Oh for sure... Classic Disco Soulful House Clean and nice production... the vocal arrangement is well done , the background and harmonies are standing out nicely padding the classy lead falsetto. Garnishment of horns and strings coloring the song all over. Again... Oh YES!' Alexia (Groove Radio, USA)

:: 'Love this tune.' BBC Suffolk (UK)

:: 'My lovely producer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a bomb!!!!' Mazi (Russia)

::'Good track, think this is a good track for starting my sessions.' Jean Maxwell (Borlange Local Hit FM, Sweden)

:: 'Superb. We need more pls.' Andy Rogers (Harvey FM, UK)

:: 'I like the deeper dub.' Bruno From Ibiza (Spain)

:: 'Very funky, very soulful and retro sounding. Love the production and the mixes. This is a great tune!!'

:: 'Big uplifting disco groove loving this.' Andy Smith (Solar Radio, UK)

:: 'Love this song, have been play at my past radio shows and will roking again, also the dub is great - pure deepnes.' BKR (Spain)

:: 'Lovely groove feeling it.' Cut House Records (UK)

:: 'Daniel Thomas vocals very reminiscent to those of TEN CITY's Byron Stingly! Soulful Baby!' Larry Jazzz (Spain)

:: 'Good sound.' Mauro Malaguti (Spain)

:: 'Doesn't fit in my set... But man! What a quality production!!!' Made in NL (Sneakerz Muzik, Spinnin' records)

:: 'FABULOUS soulful track..Amazingly sexy and groovy..Congratulations!!' Onelia Palao (Sutil Senations, Spain)

:: 'The sun is out, summer is coming, what a nice summer tune this is :) Nice love the deeper mixes.' Gary Spires (UK)

:: 'Wicked!' Matt Farley (UK)

:: 'Deeper Deep Dub is pure class. Smooth!' Aldrin (Signapore)

:: 'Stunning. Lay on the Afro's. If this is summer 09, pass me the factor 20!!!!' Jules Little (UK)

:: 'The Realm Vocal Remix is Fantastic tunage.... Top marks. So fresh, so soulful, such a summer tune! Love it ! ! ! and as for the deep vocal mix is definatly that! Again top marks!' Mr Dazzla (Smokin House)

:: 'Awesomely Uplifting, great vocals and great summer feel, perfect warm up track' Stu Ritchie (UK)

:: 'Great for radio and club play.... very strong set of mixes!' DJ B (USA)

:: 'Very nice deeper deep vocal mix.' Leu (Germany)

:: 'Great package of mixes, all hot for the summer!' Mark J (SSradiouk)

:: 'Oh for sure... Classic Disco Soulful House Clean and nice production... the vocal arrangement is well done , the background harmonies are standing out nicely padding the classy lead falsetto. Garnishment of horns and strings coloring the song all over. Again... Oh YES!' Alexia (Benelux)

:: 'Love Ralf GUM, love this and will be playing it this Saturday on Ibiza Global Radio' Clara Da Costa (Spain)

:: 'Yes I will definitely play and support this release on my shows. Ralf at his best!' Gregor Wagner (Germany)

:: 'What a great track this is going to get played Big time Original disco attack mix for me but all good mixes.' Scott Gibb (UK)

:: 'Disco Attack mix!!!! Wow! lot of groove!' DJ Lazz (France)

:: 'Just fantastic. Awesome arrangement, great vocals. Full support!' Cubanito (USA)

:: 'Brilliant from production to deliver, fantastic. Go Ralf...' Eddie Gordan (Digital Phuture, UK)

:: 'Feeling the Deeper Dub..all great tracks. Ralf is on a roll.' Niall Johnson (Turkey)

:: 'Simply awesome! Summer personified!' Scott Little (UK)

:: 'The DISCO ATTACK mix is mega!! Love it.' Kris King (UK)

:: 'Will play this.' The Artful Dodger (UK)

:: 'Love this track..excellent deep synth presence ..excellent over a good house p.a..thanks..will be bangin this one out!' Bendon C (UK)

:: 'Excellent mixes.' Dave Burton (UK)

:: 'It reminds me of those classics I used to listen to that made me fall in love with disco music. Great vocals and melody. I'm falling in love again...' Marc Palacios 40P. Leon (Spain)

:: 'Nice soulful house beat. Will support this one.' Cardiac (UK)

:: 'Bang on the money!' Andy Lothian (USA)

:: 'Liking the deeper dub.' Eleonora Cutaia (Samurai FM, Stilnovo Music, M2o Italy)

:: 'Excellent mixes.' Dave Burton (Soul Connexion, UK)

:: 'Discotastic!!!' Stuart Millar (Deviant DJs, Ireland)

:: 'All about the dub, lovely.' Matt Kirk (UK)

:: 'Wot a track!!!! One of the best I’ve heard this year by far.' Ian Wood (UK)

:: 'Ralf produces another slice of quality house music. While the first two mixes will keep any dancefloor happy I prefer the Deeper Dub for that 3am vibe.' Pugwash (UK)

:: 'Perfect for my T-Dance mix coming out this week...makes me dream for summer, EXCELLENT!' K j A M (USA)

:: 'Another great MUSICAL record!' James Ratcliff (Urban Groove)

:: 'Great track, from a great label and Producer.' OZ (United Colours of House, UK)

:: 'Absolutely fantastic package.' DJ Shep (UK)

:: 'Awsome doesnt cover it.' Antony Angell

:: 'It's amazing.' Cj Peeton (UK)

:: 'AMAZING new masterpiece from the MASTER Ralf GUM. Sublime!' David Gausa (Loca FM, Spain)

:: 'An amazing soulful song, i like it!' Fery Laurent (France)

:: 'Love this track..excellent deep synth presence. excellent over a good house p.a..thanks..will be bangin this one out!' Brendon C (UK)

:: 'Lovely tune.' Tony T (UK)

:: 'What a great track.' All (Lamericapromotions, UK)

:: 'Cool funky disco...' Toka Beatz (Germany)

:: 'Good!' DJ Net (Italy)

:: 'Ralf GUM is the hottest producer on the planet right now.' Dan Kelly (Galaxy 105 FM Leeds, UK)

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