Some highlights: “Ralf GUM – In My City” selected Best Dance Album 2014 by iTunes SA ....... “Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” stays more than half a year in the South African Media chart ....... Ralf GUM named #5 Afro House & #11 Soulful House Artist and Sir LSG to be on #20 of the Afro House Artists worldwide by Traxsource ....... “Ralf GUM – In My City” hits number 1 on iTunes SA on the day of release ....... “Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” hits GOLD in South Africa and is the #1 selling album of 2012 on Traxsource ....... “Take Me To My Love” by Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles of the year on Traxsource 2012 ...... GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol. I - IV - out now ... GOGO Music - 10 years young and fresher than ever ...... 'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated' hits #1 on Traxsource for almost 3 weeks and makes it to #1 in the Mascom/Yarona charts in Botswana ..... 'Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me on' (incl. Raw Artistic Soul remixes) # 3 in the "Best of 2009" charts of Traxsource ..... Ralf GUM with 4 releases in the 'Best of 2009' charts of Traxsource .... Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham hit #1 on Traxsource with 'Little W. 12th St.' again, after they scored the #1 spot in the 2008 sales chart of Traxsource with 'Kissing Strangers' .... find many more in our news and news archive!

Releases / Ralf GUM - “Progressions”

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Ralf GUM - Progressions
'Progressions’ is the highly anticipated fourth studio album from German born, South Africa residing House Music star Ralf GUM. A journey through exquisite soulful, afro and earthy grooves, ‘Progressions’ features popular singles 'Back To Love' feat. Joseph Junior and Ayanda Jiya, 'A Time And A Place' feat. Lady Alma and 'We Repeat' feat. Paul Randolph. It also includes Ralf’s brilliant new collaboration with South African superstars Mafikizolo on their new single 'Uyakhala‘ - a spiritual song inspired by a Setswana folk song with the belief that 'it takes a village to raise a child' or 'a person is a person through other people”. Also on the album is a feast of heavyweight talent including regular cohorts NY Songbird Monique Bingham and US trumpet player and singer Kafele, alongside wonderful vocal talent such as Bongi Mvuyana, Tony Momrelle, Ayanda Jiya and Portia Monique.

“Progressions captures a lot of life changes for me and now finally feeling fully settled in my South African environment, I am grateful how the album both lyrically and musically reflects the different moods and experiences I have lived through during the last 4 years, all thanks to my amazing collaborators.” - Ralf GUM

The album boasts some heavyweight German and South African musicians including co-producer Michael “Nivalito” Ehnes, strings by Susan Mouton and Evert van Niekerk (Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra), various percussion players and Flutist and Saxophone player Mthunzi Mvubu, among others. With four years in the making to get depth, not only in music, but lyrically too, topics on “Progressions” resonate profound messages that touch socio-political topics as much as joyful aspects of life. Packed into Ralf’s ever evolving and unique production style, this stellar body of work reflects on the progression of an artist who found himself long ago, but continues to reinvent himself.

German producer / DJ Ralf GUM began his musical career in 1990 putting on guests such as Frankie Feliciano and Mousse T at his residency in his hometown Würzburg as well as playing further afield in Asia, North and South America. In 2001 he launched GOGO Music, a highly acclaimed label synonymous with global soulful talent and Ralf’s own brilliant output. Ralf has released 3 albums to date - his 2008 debut “Uniting Music” containing the timeless “All This Love For You” and bestseller “Kissing Strangers”; his gold selling classic “Never Leaves You” which included the official South African chart #1 single “Take Me To My Love”; and “In My City”, which was selected dance album of the year by iTunes in 2014. In 2008 Ralf was invited to play in South Africa where he toured extensively, he also met and released music from the now superstar Black Coffee and others and instantly became a fav and regular on the Motherland's scene. So much so, that Ralf relocated to South Africa in 2012, becoming one of the most pivotal contributors and ambassadors, spurring the growth of the vibrant SA house scene and scooping award nominations in the process.


01 Back To Love feat. Joseph Junior and Ayanda Jiya
02 Used To Be feat. Bongi Mvuyana
03 Claudette feat. Monique Bingham
04 Uyakhala feat. Mafikizolo
05 We Repeat feat. Paul Randolph
06 A Time And A Place feat. Lady Alma
07 Ready For Love feat. Tony Momrelle
08 Dancing feat. Ayanda Jiya
09 After Midnight feat. Portia Monique
10 Dreamstate feat. Kafele

GOGO Music ... Music it is and is it!


Spirit Of House (Switzerland)
Ralf GUM - Progressions - GOGO Music
Finally the wait is over, and German born now South Africa residing house music maestro Ralf GUM presents his highly anticipated fourth studio album 'Progression'. Without doubt this is another timeless masterpiece from one of the world's leading soulful and afro house music producers and DJ's, taking you on a blissful and inspiring journey through exquisite soulful, afro and earthy grooves. This absolutely stunning, expertly crafted and masterly orchestrated album features an illustrious list of guest artists including Joseph Junior, Ayanda Jiya, Bongi Mvuyana, Monique Bingham, Mafikizolo, Paul Randolph, Lady Alma, Tony Momrelle, Portia Monique and Kafele; undeniably 'Progressions' is by no means to be missed.” by Mike Fossati

Frisky Rhythms (UK)
Ralf GUM - Progressions - GOGO Music

There's little doubt that Ralf GUM has become and continues to be one of the go to guys for soulful house music. His distinctive vibe has evolved over time, especially in the years since his relocation to South Africa where his career has continued to blossom. The sounds and influences of his adopted homeland are never far from evidence in this, his fourth studio album. 'Progressions' includes ten new compositions and finds Ralf collaborating with some of the scene's most revered performers alongside talent that is perhaps a little less known but no less engaging. Four of the tracks have already seen releases as singles, those being 'We Repeat' with the silky vocals of Paul Randolph, the haunting 'A Time And A Place' featuring Lady Alma, the current single 'Uyakhala' featuring Mafikizolo who while not so well known outside of South Africa are already well established stars in their own country. The last of the singles included is the stunning 'Back To Love' which was my track of 2018 featuring the wonderful vocals of Ayanda Jiya and Joseph Junior. The six previously unreleased tracks find Ralf teaming up with Bongi Mvuyana to create the soothing yet compelling 'Used To Be' before unleashing 'Claudette' which features the unmistakable voice of Monique Bingham with whom Ralf has a longstanding and highly productive musical relationship. 'Ready For Love' features the distinctive, emotionally charged vocals of Tony Momrelle who has worked extensively with Reel People and Louie Vega among others. Ayanda Jiya makes another appearance on 'Dancing' before Portia Monique brings her considerable talent to bear on 'After Midnight'. The album is rounded off by 'Dreamstate' which features another of Ralf's long term collaborators Kafele Bandele. Every single track has been lovingly crafted to create a memorable experience for the listener. The vocals are delivered with passion and emotion; you almost feel like the singer is performing just for you. The manner in which all the components blend together creates the kind of atmospheric vibe that really draws you into the music, you can't help but feel immersed in the sound. As an album 'Progressions' deserves to be listened to in its entirety from start to finish. If you can find an hour or so to escape from the rest of the world around about you, this is an album that will take you on a virtual journey awakening your senses and soothing your soul! 'Progressions' isn't just a collection of wonderful music, it's a masterpiece! Available to pre-order now on Traxsource with an official release date of 1st March on all major platforms. review by Dean Serafini

Sho Mag (South Africa)
Ralf GUM - Progressions - GOGO Music

Worth the wait from one of Mzansi's most consistent House Music Producer. LOVE IT!!!'

Ralf GUM - Progressions - GOCD 011 DJ Feedback

:: 'Wicked album!' Tony Humphries

:: 'Today we spent the day listening to new music and your album was the highlight!! It’s really special and you should be proud of it.' Hector Romero (Def Mix, USA)

:: 'Your new album is on FIRE!!!!!' David Harness

:: 'Thank you so much for sending this promo copy of your latest album.... Stunning production and vibe as always. Big love from the UK.' Dean Facer

:: 'Beautiful album.' Franco Martinelli (Housepage Italy)

'Tracks 1, 2, 6 and 9 our favourites, we will play one of them on saturday night warm up at Inolvidable FM 95.8' Michael Ramirez (Miami Global RadioShow)

:: 'Awesome and simply wicked. Love it and full support.' Bernd Niedergesäß (Radio 42, Germany)

:: 'Great Album! Congrats Ralf! Luis Radio

:: 'Amazing album!!!! each track got a story to tell. No other producer in the game can be compared to Ralf! Bravo' Cee Elassaad

:: 'Glad to have the maestro back, he has been quiet.' Stones and Bones

:: 'Hard to chose one favorite track as there are many. Full support on' Miss Luna


:: 'amazing all over' Mannix (DMC / Crystal Radio Show - 98.3 Superfly / Vienna)

:: 'Another absolutely stunning album by Ralf GUM loaded with nothing but masterly crafted timeless jewels' Mike Fossati

:: 'Great stuff as always from Ralf :)' CJ Mackintosh

:: 'Another excellent Album from Ralf All the tracks are really nice and our favourite are first of all 'After Midnight', 'Dreamstate' and 'Used to be' thanks a lot!' Souldynamic

:: 'Soulful power!' Dado Funky Poetz (Radio Monte Carlo / Radio MC2)

:: 'HEAT ALERT!!! Beautifully and Well Produced ALBUM.' Vinny da Vinci

:: 'Amazing release. Superb vibes!' Mviana

:: 'Pretty cool vibez' Severino

:: 'Lovely collection of tracks... will support, House FM play tonight for sure.' Jonesy (Soundstate Recordings)

:: 'After quickly scrolling through each preview I can tell that I'm gonna really love this gem of an album. Gonna download now and take a drive to the Bronx and listen properly! Best wishes Ralf!' Hector Romero

:: 'Awesome sounds!' Jay J

:: 'It's very hard to pick a favorite song as there's so much fantastic material on the LP. Well done!! Congrats.' Groove Junkies

:: 'Classic Momrelle + Classic GUM' Ben Lovett

:: 'I love me some Ralf an outstanding album with to many quality tracks to mention' Cory Centric (Afrocentric)

:: 'LOVE LOVE Ralf Gum and this is the best yet. we will be supporting it on Mi Soul' Gordon Mac

:: 'Great album.' Jeff Young

:: 'This. IS. INSANE. I LOVE IT.' Kid Enigma

:: 'Pure class' Curtis Zack (DJ Times (US))

:: 'He is back....what a stunning and Beautful album!!!' Tommy D Funk

:: 'Wonderful!!!' Diz

:: 'Beautiful album Ralf! Deep and soulful, how we like it in South of Africa!' Trancemisoul

:: 'Entire Album is Crazy Hot Full Support' Dj Pope

:: 'Dreamstate is great !!!' Lars Behrenroth

:: 'amazing Album full of great tracks...many will be included in my set...' Junior White

:: 'Really nice album!!! Love it!!!' davide fiorese

:: 'Where do I start with this beauty! A brilliantly put together album by Ralf GUM, Im really feeling this!! tracks like 'Time And A Place' and 'Back To Love' I know and love already BIG in my selection throughout 2018. The other tracks....absolute top quality, every single one, beautiful afro / soulful vibes all the way, some great collaboration here too, the likes of Monique Bingham , Tony Momrelle , Lady Alma, Kafele, to name a few who bring there unique vocal styles to the album, making this a must for all quality afro / soulful house music lovers...... EVERYWHERE!! ... It was soooo hard choosing a favourite , but I'm feeling track 2 'Use 2 Be' feat a vocalist I've never heard before, 'Bongi Mvuyana' who sounding great!! loving this lady's sweet sounding vocals!!' Randy Peterson (House of Frankie / House FM)

:: 'Great release, something for everyone. Stand out tracks for me feature Junior Joseph, Paul Randolph and Tony Momrelle. Looking forward to some juicy remixes of the Monique track. Thanks for sending this' Nick Standen (Tropical Velvet Radio show / Syndicated)

:: 'lovely sounds' Gerard R (Club Madnezz / 107.2fm Holland)

:: 'Love this !' Ben Mabon

:: 'lovely album!' Peter Borg (Mi Soul Radio)

:: 'Love this EP' charl chaka

:: 'Actually every track just as good;;;; need to try them out on the sound system!!!' Roy Malig

:: 'Lovely album! Super smooth.' Roberto Rodriguez

:: 'Simply sensational album, every track a winner, thanks' Steve Shaw

:: 'Absolutely slamming full marks' Chrissy T

:: 'Impossible to choose a favourite track amonst this outstanding set,first class drawer vocalists..i guess you could say i quite like this' Tony Griffin

:: 'nice laid back feel' Jim Phillips

:: 'Love his work and it just gets better and better' Mucho Soul Radio Show

:: 'FIRE!' Nick Holder

:: 'Excellent songs and perfectly crafted music! ;-)' Normski

.: 'Stunning new release from Ralf Gum encompassing all styles of soulful, deep and afro house music.' Paul Phillips

:: 'Amazing work here!' Gianni Junior

:: 'excellent good varioty of flavours good vibes' silver

:: 'Wow! An album perfectly balanced with soulful vocals and subtle south African beats. An absolute delight!' Steve Johns

:: 'I really need to give this a proper listen but I'm LOVING every track so far - TURN IT UP!' Simon Harrison

:: 'The full album is marvelous. Amazing tracks, suberb productions and collaborations. I will play this a lot.' Edground

:: 'very nice work as always from Ralf' Niall Redmond

:: 'Lots of great music on this album. I'm looking forward to listening through properly and absorbing every track. Hard to pick a solid favourite at the moment. Congratulations to Ralf for putting together another great project!' Sean McCabe

:: 'Truly Outstanding Every Single track is impeccably produced, vocals crisp and stunning if I could give this 6 stars I would...wonderful' richard roberts

:: 'Oh wow! Really quality album. Top class' Fabio Tosti

:: 'Great set of tracks' Ron Slomowicz

:: 'This entire joint is a testament to Ralf's talent. I'm definitely feeling this one. Great vibes and will support' Tony Wilson'

:: 'Stunning album, class dance music and well worth the wait!' Ginger Tony

:: 'Wonderful release, Ralf GUM did it again! , full support' Oded Nir

:: 'sexy music' Nick Power

:: 'awesome, love ralf gum' Gav Wharton

:: 'Wow wow wow' paul clark

:: 'SUPERRRRRR' Mirko Paoloni

:: 'Some serious tunes on there...proper!' Mad Mats

:. 'great album. feeling it. danke und bigups!' Henri Kohn

:: 'Nice and soulful :) Like it !' Marius Sommerfeldt

:: 'Awesome album! massive support to my bro Ralf' Franco De Mulero

:: 'Awesome!' Andrea Fiorino

:: 'This album is fantastic... Max Support' Kikko Esse

:: 'Maravilloso' Clubbers Radio / Spain

:: 'Some nice tracks' benoit tsugi

:: 'Lady Alma for the win!' junor

:: 'YES! Well this has brightened up promo day no end! Congrats to Ralf on what sounds like a wonderful LP. Will download for a proper listen and support is a no-brainer.' Will Sumsuch

:: 'RALF GUM can do no wrong!! Absolutely awesome album. Beats and grooves to move you' AS

:: 'Love the all abum.' DJ Vivona

:: 'Love all the tracks to be honest . At this moment really feeling track 10.' Bumpin Sugarspoon

:: 'Good stuff...' Barry King

:: 'Very solid album, some great tracks on this album' The Journeymen

:: 'Yes pure FIRE!! love it! Top marks!' Genetic Funk

:: 'Liking Claudette, Uyakhala, A Time and Place but all are super high class. Thanks' Graham Sahara

:: 'Nice package' Kenneth Carpenter

:: 'Nice groove!' Demuir

:: 'Great package! Superb stuff throughout but in particular Used To Be and After Midnight stand out for me. Will be hammering this for a good while!' David Elders

:: 'Beautiful album.' Eric Kupper

:: 'Stunning! Impossible to pick a fav! So much talent together with Ralf!' Cherokee

:: 'The latest album offering from Ralf GUM is really some of his best work to date, featuring a who's who of the soulful dance scene and beyond, each track is produced with so much passion and love that only Ralf can orchestrate, looking forward to sharing this with the listeners!!' Alan O' Malley

:: 'A long time fan of Ralf and generally like all his productions. Will be playing most of these tracks!' Steve Hobbs

:: 'Lovely album - will be playing some from this.' Simon Francis

:: 'Great songs ! Great production ! Great album ! Will play some of this record ! Thank you for the music !' Peter Kruder

:: 'This album is an absolute dream, puts me a meditative state.. and I didn't even read the title of the last song before writing that. Also a great showcase of some of the bestest vocalists around!' Ingela Borgefjord

:; 'Quality as usual on Ralf's productions!' Rafael Moraes

:: 'Wonderful versatility off rhythms This is one off my favs. Great LP' Francis Radick Ronan

:: 'Absolute quality as always !' Nick Groove

:: 'A Real Smooth Transition through House Music will be supporting on Radio Playing Out And Listening in car' Brian Power

:. 'Wicked vibes.' Booker T

:: 'Love It, Love It!!!' Mick Farrer

:: 'So nice!' SA

:: 'Only got a chance to listen Ralf Gum album progressions yesterday - wow what an album. Love the way he effortlessly and harmoniously fuses the vocals and the music together.Definitely album of the year for me.' DJ Christos

:: 'The album is rock solid!' Michael Terzian

:: 'The album is absolutely wonderful ! just wow!' Atjazz

:: 'LOVE EM ALL!!' Ronnie Herel

:: 'What an album not one bad track! IN THE BOX!' Blackwax

:: '10 out of 10, 5 out of 5. Just wonderful. Couldve pick most of the tracks as best tracks. Sheer brilliance.' Colin Williams

:: 'Lot of great tracks.' Lenny Fontana

:: 'Simply stunning LP from the maestro that is Ralf GUM, delicious slices of classy music. Can't wait to play!' Jon Manley

:: 'Album is so soulful.' Thee Gobbs

:: 'Long awaited - and most happy now already with the first listen. Looking forward to detect all the lovely Harmonies and Vocals. a 10/10 from us at Groovefinder's World.' Markus Kater

:: 'This album is fantastic... Max Support' Kikko Esse

:: 'This is so dope. The vibes are heavy and the soul is strong.' DJ Lil Dave

:: 'Love this from Ralf top work.' Leigh Howlett (Groove Odyssey / House Fm)

:: 'Love the Album Ralf!! Congrats on another amazing album.' Jullian Gomez

:: ‘Hard to pick a FAV!!! Great album!!’ N'dinga Gaba

:: ‘Quality Album, Dope Producer, Full Support looking to show more love to some of these joints again’ Deli G (BCfm 93.2 In Bristol )

:: ‘Nice vibes here - support’ Driver Brothers (SS Radio / Syndicated)

:: ‘Very Nice!!!!’ Jihad Muhammad

:: ‘Support’ Mike

:: ‘All tracks for me. BOOM !!!!!! Album. thanks House Master. Full Support radio and sets. :)’ Dj Bee

:: ‘Awesome groove. Selected for a premiere on (soundcloud)’ Claudio

:: ‘amazing Album ...sensual and groovy’ Pierre Ravan

:: ‘Well done Ralf!!! always so stilish!!’ Cesare ' boogeyman' Cera

:: ‘Solid’ Will Dawson

:: ‘Ralf don't make no bubble gum music. All killers can't wait to hear deeper and louder’ Jeremy Newall

:: ‘Very nice, well done Ralf’ Allan Nicoll

:: ‘Great album, hard to choose a favourite, full support x’ Martin Lodge

:: ‘Very nice album. Quality house music.’ Norm

:: ‘Super Duper!! All jams are FIRE!!! Thumbs UP! Will fully support on my weekly Bn4iA radio show.’ Norm

:: ‘Words cant express just how good this Album is ! Pure Class and Impossible to pick a favourite track as every one is 5 star material ! Will be supporting every track salute Ralf Gum for this heavyweight album’ Keith Harmer

:: ‘Simply Brilliant, best collection I've heard in a while, magnificent in every way’ Terry Jones

:: ‘Absolutely stellar album, beautiful percussion all the way through and an amazing support cast of amazing vocalist.’ Darren Gilles

:: 'Nice' JAZZIE B

:: 'Nice enough for me; dig RALF GUM and GOGO!' Velanche

:: 'Great pack.... Downloading for Global Dance Session, thank you!' Cheets

:: 'some of my favourite singers are featured here and the overall album shines with clean and masterly crafted music, so yeah.' Luyo

:: 'Great work!!!' Aldebaran

:: 'Full support.' John Morton

:: 'What a lovely album from Ralf, thank u so much for such a good music' Djeff

:: 'smooth' Jask

:: 'brillant album full of soul and soulful music' Alex Barck

:: 'a very mature album indeed with his own signature vibe and groove but allowing plenty space with collabarators......4-5 hot trax for singles/mixes for my ears....thank u Ralf 8-) thanku Sarah/Fav 8' Pete Haigh

:: 'LOVELY! After an hour of ploughing through a ton of dreadful shit promos, this is a breath of fresh air.' david dunne/triple dee

:: 'From the first bar you had me. I can't pick a favorite making me select one isn't fair!' Sandy Turnbull

:: 'So so good. Brilliant stuff from Ralf !' dj craig williams

:: 'woww, pure class from start to finish....nice one Ralf!' Rainer Trueby

.: 'good' Danny T

:: 'Could not choose the best. There are perfect ten beautiful songs including with talented vocalist. It is already the best soulfull house album of 2019. Ralf GUM is hope for us.' Kei (Dazzle Drums)

:: 'congrats Ralf, as usual top work, high quality, really like this album.' Kiko Navarro

:: 'hard to pick a FAV!!! Great album!!' N'dinga Gaba

:: 'Quality Album, Dope Producer, Full Support looking to show more love to some of these joints again' Deli G (BCfm 93.2 In Bristol)

:: 'What a wonderful album!! A lot of hard work and passion has gone into this…bloody good work!' Richard Earnshaw (iCulture, Spiritchase, Duffnote)

Back To Love feat. Joseph Junior and Ayanda Jiya Listen to
Used To Be feat. Bongi Mvuyana Listen to
Claudette feat. Monique Bingham Listen to
Uyakhala feat. Mafikizolo Listen to
We Repeat feat. Paul Randolph Listen to
A Time And A Place feat. Lady Alma Listen to
Ready For Love feat. Tony Momrelle Listen to
Dancing feat. Ayanda Jiya Listen to
After Midnight feat. Portia Monique Listen to
Dreamstate feat. Kafele Listen to

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