Some highlights: “Ralf GUM – In My City” selected Best Dance Album 2014 by iTunes SA ....... “Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” stays more than half a year in the South African Media chart ....... Ralf GUM named #5 Afro House & #11 Soulful House Artist and Sir LSG to be on #20 of the Afro House Artists worldwide by Traxsource ....... “Ralf GUM – In My City” hits number 1 on iTunes SA on the day of release ....... “Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” hits GOLD in South Africa and is the #1 selling album of 2012 on Traxsource ....... “Take Me To My Love” by Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles of the year on Traxsource 2012 ...... GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol. I - IV - out now ... GOGO Music - 10 years young and fresher than ever ...... 'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated' hits #1 on Traxsource for almost 3 weeks and makes it to #1 in the Mascom/Yarona charts in Botswana ..... 'Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me on' (incl. Raw Artistic Soul remixes) # 3 in the "Best of 2009" charts of Traxsource ..... Ralf GUM with 4 releases in the 'Best of 2009' charts of Traxsource .... Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham hit #1 on Traxsource with 'Little W. 12th St.' again, after they scored the #1 spot in the 2008 sales chart of Traxsource with 'Kissing Strangers' .... find many more in our news and news archive!

Releases / Ralf GUM - “Never Leaves You”

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Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You
Ralf GUM proves again with his new album that there is constancy - and consistency - to be found in this fast-moving world. His sound became an instantly recognizable trademark during the last two decades, as it cuts through the airwaves and clubs sound systems with unique class and style. “Never Leaves You” is testament to the fact that Ralf GUM has stayed true to his roots and his particular, well-honed style. Never one to skimp on the perfection of his arrangements, or sacrifice artful production to follow the latest trends, this album is his opus.

Since the start of Ralf GUM’s musical career, he’s tirelessly praised the importance of real songs, as opposed to simple, dancefloor-oriented productions and his new outing is homage to “the song”. While many categories and styles could be foisted on it as a description, “dancefloor soul music” is probably the best summation of the long-player. Featuring an extensive list of top musicians, the music on the album is far from the average programmed dance “track”. And the impressive list of vocalists on the record means that, while it’s absolutely dancefloor-relevant, it’ll also warm the hearts of home listeners.

These vocalists include some huge-hitters, such as two-time Grammy Award-winning British R&B and soul singer Caron Wheeler, who gained fame writing and singing the lead vocals on two of Soul II Soul’s biggest hits, "Keep on Movin'" and "Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)". Her collab with Ralf - entitled “So Good” - is her first ever real House track and is evidence of her outstanding talent. Monique Bingham (with whom Ralf recorded “Kissing Strangers” in 2008 - the best-selling house track of the year on Traxsource) proves on “Take Me To My Love” that she’s still the first lady of deep lyrics in House music, while Oluhle (who was born in Zimbabwe and won the Zimbabwean Achievers Award for Best Female Artist in 2011) really makes her presence felt in such royal company. Ditto Canadian Jaidene Veda, who’s already seduced a number of heavyweight producers and countless listeners around the globe with her breathy voice.

The male faction of singers includes “the voice of house music”, Robert Owens, who features on “Fly Free”, the first single taken from the album which was a huge hit on download charts and playlists across the planet. Furthermore, “the king of Gospel House”, Kenny Bobien, contributes two songs to the album, and Kafele delivers his second joint outing with Ralf, following their highly successful 2010 release “Complicated”. In addition to these, Ralf GUM has recorded with one of France’s finest voices Jocelyn Mathieu, who gained fame for his releases on Vega Records and collaborated with highly talented soul singer, Jon Pierce. He completes a list of sterling singers that just prove Ralf’s relevance as one of the most sought-after international soulful house producers.

This new long-player showcases the growth of this incredible artist, who never compromised and never left his signature style. Ten songs in which there’s much to hear and feel. The music abounds in soul; it’s jaunty and deep simultaneously. Combining traditional and contemporary elements whilst still being futuristic, it’s well crafted enough to “Never Leave You”.

Tracklist Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007:

01 Everything featuring Jocelyn Mathieu
02 Burning Star featuring Kafele
03 The Only Way featuring Kenny Bobien
04 Do It For Love featuring Jaidene Veda
05 Take Me To My Love featuring Monique Bingham
06 Linda featuring Oluhle
07 Fly Free featuring Robert Owens
08 So Good featuring Caron Wheeler
09 Greater Love featuring Kenny Bobien
10 Never featuring Jon Pierce & Kafele

GOGO Music ... Music it is and is it!


Blues & Soul (UK)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

Never Leaves You presents something of a vocal house dream team, bringing together the heavenly tonsils of Kenny Bobien, Robert Owens, Monique Bingham and former Soul II Soul star Caron Wheeler among others. In the talented hands of German DJ-produer GUM that team compliments rather than counters an impressive, truly soulful collection of songs; vocals riding slick, funky rhythms and a wide array of often dazzling instruments to joyous effect. Bobien’s unmistakeable falsetto slides supremely over stretches of brass on uplifting New Jersey groove The Only Way, Veda sounds more seductive than ever thanks to Do It For Love’s deep, dreamy production and Bingham dances nimbly across album standout Take Me To My Love, with its infectious afro-lilt, warm, expressive keys and immaculate songcraft. There are further heartfelt performances from Zimbabwe’s Oluhe (Linda) and Louie Vega collaborator Jocelyn Mathieu (Everything). Never Leaves You is a smooth, beautifully-crafted follow-up to GUM’s 2008 debut album Uniting Music, emphatically demonstrating his ability to orchestrate soul-house goodness on the grandest possible scale. by Ben Lovett

soulm8 Ezine (UK)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

The new Ralf GUM album “Never Leaves You” is head and shoulders above the rest of what others call house music. Ralf GUM is truly a great amongst his peers and this album is testament to his skills. When you are this good at what you do, it’s no surprise the quality of the vocalists you’re going to attract and this album oozes quality vocalists in abundance. by Dave Simpson

Soul Survivors Magazine (UK)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

"Kenny Bobien, Robert Owens, Caron Wheeler and Ralf GUM in the same musical sentence... is an equilibrium of a chillaxing, hypnotic and atmospheric 2012 aqua boogie soundtrack. Mellow as Steve Arrington’s cello. Fantabulous!!" Da Buzzboy Fitzroy

Bent Magazine (UK)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

"...a moving, heartfelt body of work that can juice up a crowd or spruce up a chilled night at home with friends or alone." by Adam Lowe

Tilllate (UK)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

German DJ / Producer Ralf GUM delivers his 2nd album ‘Never Leaves You’ on his own GOGO Music imprint. A continuation of his previous works and has taken more than 2 years to complete Ralf GUM has stayed true to his roots and well-honed style. This album is his opus, paying homage to the song and creating a moving and heartfelt body of music that transcends to both the dance-floor and the couch. With a who’s who of singers that include: Caron Wheeler (Soul II Soul), Monique Bingham, Zimbabwean shining star Oluhle (who won the Zimbabwean Achievers Award for Best Female Artist in 2011) the legens Robert Owens and Kenny Bobien. Plus appearnaces from Kafele, Jocelyn Mathieu and Jon Pierce. This completes a list of sterling singers that just prove Ralf’s relevance as one of the most sought-after international soulful house producers. This is simply amazing now go buy it and support the finest soulful vocal house. 10/10 by Craig Bartlett

DJ Times (USA)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

WOW!!! German DJ / Producer Ralf Gum rips it up on this solid full length house album. Cut after cut of choice, sweet, soulful house vocals featuring artists like legends like Kenny Bobien, Robert Owens and Monique Bingham, just to name a few. This will certainly not disappoint. by Shawn Christopher

Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

In 2008 Ralf GUM unveiled his debut album titled ‘Uniting Music’, which is still one of our favourite artist albums four years later. Now, at last, the German DJ/producer reveals his hugely anticipated second album ‘Never Leaves You’ on his own GOGO Music imprint.

Echoes Magazine
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

"A genuinely soulful house album on which the songs are as strong as the list of guest artists." by Chris Wells

Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

German DJ / Producer Ralf GUM reveals his hugely anticipated 2nd album ‘Never Leaves You’. This fantastic long player is beautifully knitted together by a host of carefully selected stunning vocalists and musicians. These include Grammy Award-winning British R&B/soul star Caron Wheeler (Soul II Soul). Her collaboration with Ralf, entitled ‘So Good’, is her first ever real House Music song and its amazing! NYC’s Monique Bingham lends her lyrical genius and stunning voice to the new single release ‘Take Me To My Love’. Zimbabwean shining star Oluhle transports us to dreamy exotic places with her beautiful native vocal on the current single ‘Linda’ - just beautiful!!. Canadian Jaidene Veda turns on her charm with the sensual song ‘Do It For Love’. The male singers include the legendary Robert Owens on the first single taken from the album ‘Fly Free’ and NJ’s Gospel House king Kenny Bobien contributes two songs to the album (‘The Only Way’ and ‘Greater Love’) with his most incredible vocal range. Kafele joins forces with Ralf once again on ‘Burning Star’. In addition to these, Ralf has recorded with one of France’s finest voices Jocelyn Mathieu on ‘Everything’ and collaborated with the talented soul singer Jon Pierce on ‘Never’. What a fantastic array of talent on this stunning soulful album that simply oozes quality! 5 out of 5. By Soto

Southport Weekend (UK)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

Although the sound of once-revered ‘soulful’ house producers might have fallen out of favour with the underground dance music press, the success of Ralf GUM’s new album Never Leaves You proves that the art of song writing, arrangement and live instrumentation will always cut through the trends of the day. After frustrating experiences dealing with record labels in the late 90s, GUM founded GOGO Music, an outlet that would allow him full artistic freedom without having to shape his productions to mimic these latest trends. It also allowed room for artist development, a luxury rarely afforded to new signings in today’s fast paced musical climate. Gentle segues between the tracks give a flow and structure that eludes the majority of house music long players; the extended format allowing for GUM to stretch out and explore different styles from his studio repertoire. Guests on the album include house music veterans Kenny Bobien and Robert Owens, alongside the two-time Grammy Award-winning UK vocalist who recently rejoined the Soul II Soul sound system, Caron Wheeler. The album’s collaborative chemistry is at its most potent though when GUM is joined by previous studio partner Monique Bingham. The sparse rhythm track of ‘Take Me To My Love’ is brought to life by her irresistible timbre in the album’s understated climax that has been riding the Traxsource charts for the past eight weeks.

Soul and Jazz and Funk (UK)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

Ralf GUM hails from Germany. But the uber DJ/producer now resides in South Africa where he's constantly working the numerous super clubs on the Motherland's burgeoning scene. He takes time out though to grace the world's top dance venues - everywhere from the States to Japan and Ibiza... and don't forget his stints at the good old Southport Weekender. He makes his own music too and his 2008 long player 'Uniting Music' was hailed as a soulful house classic. At last he's released a follow up (on his own GOGO Music label) and it's every bit as good as that exceptional debut. Unlike many soulful house sets where affairs are driven by the demands of the rhythm, on 'Never Leaves You' GUM allows his songs to take centre stage and because of that the music will find appeal right across the soul and dance spectrum. What's more our man's status in the world of soulful house is such that he can call in plenty of big name vocalists to help him deliver. Amongst the featured singers on the 10 tracker are Kenny Bobien, Monique Bingham, Robert Owens and the incomparable Caron Wheeler. The doyenne of Soul II Soul takes lead on the driving 'So Good' and she's so effective that it sounds like she's been a house diva all her career. The song is a heavy dancer in the same vein as the cut that precedes it - 'Fly Free' . Vocalised by Robert Owens, it's easy to hear why GUM's picked it as the album's lead single. The song is already a hit in South Africa and winning multi plays in the world's best dance arenas. Another of the LP's stand outs is the floater that is 'The Only Way'. Here the vocalist is Kenny Bobien and once again he shows his incredible, gospel-honed vocal range. He's upfront on another goodie - 'Greater Love'. Elsewhere some newer names turn in excellent performances - none better than new soul singer Jon Pierce. He duets with Kafele on the album's closer - the lazy summer groove, 'Never'- complete with a fine and full brass section. Most impressive vocal however comes from France's Jocelyn Mathieu. He opens proceedings with 'Everything' - a quite stunning confection that sums up where Ralf Gum is coming from. It marries a full-on soul vocal with a sophisticated arrangement and production to create a tune that has the potential to become a modern soul anthem and a soulful house classic in the way that some of those great Drizabone tunes did. You'll ignore it at your peril! by Bill Buckley

Spirit Of House (Switzerland)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

More than four years have passed since German DJ/producer Ralf GUM released his debut artist album "Uniting music", now finally the wait is over and his highly anticipated second album "Never leaves you" has arrived. Ten genuinely soulful songs can be found on this album, performed by some of the greatest vocalists: Caron Wheeler, Jocelyn Mathieu, Kafele, Kenny Bobien, Robert Owens, Jaidene Veda, Oluhle, Monique Bingham, Jon Pierce. From beginning to the end, this masterly crafted album is all about Ralf GUM's signature sounds, his inimitable production style and his truly sophisticated arrangements. In other words, what you get with Ralf GUM's "Never leaves you" is the finest soulful vocal house this planet has to offer. Quite simply the album of the year for us, a masterpiece by no means to be missed. by Michael Fossati
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

A big name in the Soulful House scene, Ralf's been DJ'ing since the early 90's; As a producer, he's worked with notable artists as Monique Bingham, Robert Owens, Kenny Bobien & Caron Wheeler; He released his first artist album titled 'Uniting Music' in 2008 and this is his follow up; Tune after tune of that deep, soulful house that I love and always try to convince the "Soul-Heads" to get into. And how could they not, with vocals on here courtesy of the aforementioned trio plus others, its a real showcase of quality. The best Soulful House LP Ive heard this year.

ClubbingSpain (Spain)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

El productor y DJ alemán Ralf GUM lleva los dos últimos años trabajando en lo que supone su segundo álbum, titulado Never Leaves You, y publicado en su propio sello GOGO Music. Un trabajo con el que sin duda consigue dar un salto de calidad importante dentro de su estilo, siempre cercano al Soulful House, gracias en gran medida a la excelente nómina de colaboraciones vocales de las que el disco está plagado. Para empezar, cuenta con leyendas de la talla de Carol Wheeler, la que fuera cantante del grupo inglés Soul II Soul, toda una estrella en su país y ganadora de un Grammy, en lo que supone su primer tema de House real, titulado ‘So Good’. Otro clásico que participa en el disco es Kenny Bobien, todo un artista mítico que desde New Jersey impregna de gospel las dos canciones en las que canta: The Only Way y Greater Love. Y para terminar con el trío de reputados, tenemos otra colaboración vocal del legendario Robert Owens en el primer single extraído del disco: Fly Free. La lista de artistas que participan en el Lp se completa con el francés Jocelyn Mathieu (habitual del sello Vega Records, de Little Louie Vega), Kafefe, Jon Pierce o Monique Bingham entre otros. En definitiva, Never Leaves You supone todo un ejemplo de house hecho desde el alma, cargado de instrumentos reales, orgánico y elegante. Perfecto para ser escuchado y bailado. No en vano, Ralf GUM lleva produciendo y publicando desde 1993, ha colaborado con los artistas más influyentes de los últimos años en lo que a música de baile se refiere, ha creado su propio sello donde da salida a gente de la talla de Raw Artistic Soul o Black Coffee, y ha conseguido ser uno de los artistas más respetados, tanto como productor como DJ. Y con este disco ha conseguido ahondar en el lado más Soul del House, siendo profundo y alegre a la vez, combinando elementos tradicionales y contemporáneos de la mejor manera posible. by Javi Frías

Contactmusic (UK)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

German DJ/Producer Ralf GUM releases his second album 'Never Leaves You' on his own label GOGO Music. He has been producing music since 1993 and setting up his label in 2001 has enabled GUM to contribute to the scene for some time and he has certainly gained continuing recognition in the scene. It's clear when listening to his eagerly anticipated second album that Ralf's style has passion and love for house music and maintains an integrity that is to be respected. Currently residing in South Africa, Ralf GUM is one of the hottest acts to be working there right now.
'Never Leaves You' is certainly a refreshing album that has definite sophistication and cool song structures to make it classy. There are some excellent tracks like 'Linda' featuring Oluhle and 'Take Me To My Love' featuring Monique Bingham. Other great vocal tracks on the album feature the legendary Caron Wheeler and some nice projections from Kenny Bobien. It's clear from the production that Ralf GUM truly must have been inspired to have such an excellent range of vocalists to give the album a really soulful feel that has definitely added to the energy and groove of the album. In fact, this is one of the few dance albums that really sells itself as an album rather than just a collection of tracks. I have to hand it to Ralf GUM; he has really created a classy second album. 'Never Leaves You' truly brings the dance floor energy to you and allows for some soulful reflection too. As far as I'm concerned, that's a winning combination and for me confirms Ralf GUM as a sophisticated artist bringing some quality to the scene. There's something for everyone on this album if you're into groove, soul and funky house and definitely if you're into good vibrations. Good effort! by Tareck Ghoneim

Soultracks (USA)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

The advent of house music during the late 1980's gave way to the rise of many prominent club DJ's as sought-after producers and remixers. Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, and the late Larry Levan are just a few players whose contributions to the genre remain relevant today. Aside from the unique musical and engineering components of popular recordings by the likes of CeCe Rogers and Kym Mazelle, the vocalists themselves helped to define what would evolve into "soulful house." Programmers and instrumentalists could elevate a groove to new melodic and rhythmic heights around the singers' intuitive phrasing and spiritually rousing performances. While a steady supply of anthemic single releases has earned soulful house a reputation as a continually relevant force, acts in the sub-genre capable of selling full-length sets have been fewer recently. German-bred, South Africa-based DJ and musician Ralf Gum has a solid shot at upping those figures with his second CD, Never Leaves You, released through his own GOGO Music label. One of the main challenges with a long-player of its kind is to maintain consistency in both bodily enticement and mental stimulation. With an artfully conceived blend of subtlety and conviction, Gum and his collaborators duly accomplish this task by fashioning a variety of international influences into a seemingly effortless motive soundscape. The presence of a distinctively expressive vocalist on each track is the tie that binds the collective material into a cohesive whole that—well, never leaves you. Whether the musical mood is decidedly low-key ("Take Me to My Love"), celebratory ("Greater Love"), or sensual ("Linda"), the listener is engaged with soulful singers whose essence comes through by way of intent passion and style. Selective ears will recognize the rich tones of former Soul II Soul vocalist Caron Wheeler on the loungin' "So Good," while house devotees will instantly pick up on the unique phrasing of Robert Owens on "Fly Free." It is, however, the opening and closing tracks on the disc—showcasing the commendable vocal talents of up-and-comers Jocelyn Mathieu and Jon Pierce—which leave the most indelible impressions. On the breezy "Everything," Paris-born Mathieu evokes classy swag, while the reassuring "Never" finds Chicago native Pierce injecting his smoothness with an appealingly gruff edge. Throughout Never Leaves You, the voices are continuously surrounded by a flavorful array of instrumentation. Adding flair to Gum's mixing, programming, and percussion prowess, musicians such as Tobias Weldinger (flugelhorn), Phillip Niessen (guitar), and Kafele Bandele (trumpet) help to create an atmospheric experience not only on the dance floor, but also in soothing the senses. Combined with fluent lyrical messages (most penned by the featured vocalists), it all results in a pleasing palette from start to finish. by Justin Kantor (Germany)
Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007

Zwei Jahre brauchte es, dass Ralf nun sein zweites Album auf dem eigenen GOGO Music-Label veröffentlichen kann. Was gleich zu Beginn auffällt, sind die vielen Gastsängerinnen/sänger erlesener, internationaler Güte: Caron Wheeler (Soul II Soul), Kenny Bobien, Monique Bingham, oder Robert Owens sind nur einige der Hochkaräter, die dazu beitragen, dass der melodische, soulige Vocalhouse seine Wirkung maximal entfalten kann. Bereits in der Vergangenheit hatte er ja Schwergewichte wie Wunmi, Beady Belle und Inaya Day am Mic zu Gast. Meist hält sich Ralf an die deepe Welt des House, weicht aber ab dem Mittelpart auch auf frühere Steckenpferde mit (feinfühligen) Perkussions zurück (“Take Me To My Love“, “Linda“, “Fly Free“). Mit den Bläserpassagen auf “Greater Love“ klingt er wie Blueys Incognito und lädt zu ausgiebigem Tanzvergnügen auf dem Floor ein. Da alles ist tanzbarer Soul eingebettet zwischen Tradition und Moderne, der diesen schönen Longplayer auszeichnet.7 Points. by Carsten Becker

Some Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You - GOCD 007 DJ Feedback:

:: "Cool, very exciting, you have a wonderful album." Louie Vega (USA)

:: "A high quality album from Ralf Gum. Nice soulful summer sounds backed up with appearances from some great names including Kenny Bobien, Robert Owens, Monique Bingham, my friend Jaidene Veda and Soul II Soul's queen Caron Wheeler! - the relaxing vibe of the set reminds me of a warm chilled out early evening in Ibiza watching the sunset" Stretch Taylor (Mi-Soul Radio/Stomp Radio/Ghetto Heaven)

:: "Every cut is a winner- superb production & killer songs." Dr Bob Jones (UK)

:: "Probably the best soulful dance album I've ever heard, you've created a masterpiece!" Lem Sprinsteen (Mood II Swing, USA)

Everything featuring Jocelyn Mathieu Listen to
Burning Star featuring Kafele Listen to
The Only Way featuring Kenny Bobien Listen to
Do It For Love featuring Jaidene Veda Listen to
Take Me To My Love featuring Monique Bingham Listen to
Linda featuring Oluhle Listen to
Fly Free featuring Robert Owens Listen to
So Good featuring Caron Wheeler Listen to
Greater Love featuring Kenny Bobien Listen to
Never featuring Jon Pierce & Kafele Listen to

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