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Releases / Inaya Day & Ralf GUM - “Lose My Worries (Part 2)”

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Inaya Day & Ralf GUM - Lose My Worries (Part 2)
Inaya Day & Ralf GUM's hit single returns with remixes by Louis Benedetti and Trancemicsoul.

'Lose my worries' received great plaudit when GOGO Music released the single in September 2010 and since then can be found in countless playlist of radio-stations, top DJs and beyond. The release went instantly to the top position in the download chart of Traxsource and scored number 15 in the best selling singles of the year 2010. Now the song is back for another round containing dope remixes by Louis Benedetti and Trancemicsoul.

Louis Benedetti, co-writer of the song, provides a fabulous set of remixes. He culled together some legendary musicians, such as Gene Perez on bass and Albert 'Sterling' Mendez on keys to deliver what only can be called some of the best in contemporary soulful house music. This mixes clearly shows Louis' deep musical flavour, influenced by the best of soulful club music of all times dating back to the 70's.

Trancemicsoul, a talent from Pretoria, South Africa, has himself already built up a worldwide reputation at his young age with productions on various labels in his home country and internationally. His mix, peppered with rolling sub-bass and subtle percussions, takes 'Lose my Worries' to deeper territories and adds some African taste to the package. We are sure that this sympathetic and calm artist will easily continue to leave his fingerprint in the music industry.

Singer/songwriter Inaya Day became one of the most frequently heard voices on the Universes dance floors since more than a decade and is known to fans of GOGO Music fans since years, as she already collaborated on 'What I like', 'Try Me', 'Easy' and 'The way it was' with Ralf GUM, who she calls her favourite producer in Europe. With the original release of ‘Lose my worries’ she just added another one to her string of hit-singles.

Ralf GUM's work receives great attention and respect since a long time, as a Producer, DJ and Label CEO at the same time. His last singles all made it to the top positions of various charts and we dare to predict that this success story will continue with the help of this fantastic 'Lose my worries' remix package.

Tracklist Inaya Day & Ralf GUM- Lose My Worries (Part 2) - GODIG 010

1 - Louis Benedetti Vocal Mix 7:56
2 - Louis Benedetti Reprise Wurly Dub 4:36
3 - Louis Benedetti Reprise Wurly Dub Instrumental 4:36
4 - Trancemicsoul Deep Mix 8:44
5 - Louis Benedetti Instrumental 7:56
6 - Trancemicsoul Deepmental Mix 7:53
7 - Louis Benedetti TV Track 7:56

GOGO Music…music it is and is it!

Inaya Day & Ralf GUM - Lose My Worries (Part 2) - GOGO Music

Since last summer, "Lose my worries" has been setting dance floors ablaze with slammin mixes by Ralf GUM, DJ Spen and Roberto De Carlo, now this uplifting production by Ralf GUM and songstress Inaya Day returns with ingenious mixes by co-writer Louis Benedetti and Trancemicsoul, taking Inaya Day's deeply felt vocals to a whole new level. Louis Benedetti has called legendary musicians such as Gene Perez (bass) and Albert 'Sterling'' Mendez (keys) into the studio - the result speaks for itself, with the undeniable 70's influences making these phenomenal mixes an essential slice of contemporary soulful house. South Africa's Trancemicsoul enters deepest grounds on his mesmerizing remix, adding a gorgeous atmospheric afro flavor to the song. by Michael Fossati

Magmaweb (Italy)
Inaya Day & Ralf GUM - Lose My Worries (Part 2) - GOGO Music

The new year began in explosive mode for Ralf GUM and his GOGO Music label. The 2nd part of "Lose My Worries" is a slamming release with great remixes. The classic soulful flavour by the great Louis Benedetti is always unconfondable. Live drum for the groove, amazing bassline, refined rhodes, build a perfect rhythm under the beutiful voice of Inaya Day. Really interesting the deepest side of Trancemisoul remixes. Love for the vocals loop in the beginning of the mix. Deep pad over the rhythm bring us in a travel mind.... always guided by Inaya Day. Already in top ten... will remain for a while. by Alessio Furia

Housepage (Italy)
Inaya Day & Ralf GUM - Lose My Worries (Part 2) - GOGO Music

"Lose my worries" by Inaya Day and Ralf GUM was one of the hottest GOGO's releases last year, well, now the song is back for another round, including hot remixes from Louis Benedetti and South Africa's rising producer/remixer Trancemicsoul. Louis Benedetti, co-writer of the song, provides a stellar set of remixes in his classic soulful style, with brand new live bass and infectious keys added to a solid funky groove. Benedetti delivers some bright soulful gems. Trancemicsoul explores some deeper territories in his rework, with rolling sub-bass, subtle percussions and dark pads he provides a very different and alternative version of this beautiful track. by Franco Martinelli

Some Inaya Day & Ralf GUM - Lose My Worries (Part 2) - GODIG 010 DJ reactions:

:: "Yeah it's sounds cool ...The Louis Benedetti mixes still with a lotta SOUL!!! Transmicsoul takin it a bit DEEPER..." Vinny Da Vinci (South Africa)

:: "It really doesn’t get much better than this, the LB Vocal is breathtaking material which means that yet again GOGO are setting the standard to beat - terrififc." Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart (Universe Media)

:: "Beautiful track and I will be supporting the Vocal mix from Louis Benedetti. Quality as always Thanks." Antony Angell (Stereo Sushi Radio, UK)

:: "Thanks for the music, another superb release... Benedetti did a superb job:)" Joan Ribas (Ibiza Global Radio, Spain)

:: "Put it in the paper as this weeks recommeded track." Niall Redmond (RTE Plus, Ireland)

:: "Mr. Benedetti takes Ralf and Inaya, who are ALWAYS in top form, and re-lights a fire under what was an already rock solid groove. No childish fumbling in the dark here. The grown ups are in full effect. Trancemicsoul mixes are legitimately hip as well. Deeply dug." Monique Bingham (Bigga Sounds; New York, USA)

:: "Very nice sir! business as usual. dig Louis´s and Trancemicsoul´s mixes! Thanks." Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Germany)

:: "Stunning remix catalog of goodies." Ingo Hahn (New Zealand)

:: "Great remixes for LMW, i am definitely loving the Louis Benedetti Vocal Mix, it has a warm soulful feel to it! Trancemicsoul also did a great job on the remix, this is one tune to have." Just Mo (YFM; Johannesburg, South Africa)

:: "THANX, THANX!!!!! BIG VOCAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Benedetti!!!!!BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cerino Testarossa (Radio Ibiza, Italy)

:: "A really strong houser with a very powerful vocal from Inaya Day. Love the whole package but must admit the Louis Benedetti Vocal Mix is a stunner." Bobbi (Club FM, Mazedonia)

:: "Great package. Loving it!" T Deep (Metro FM, South Africa)

:: Going to one of the HEAVY HITTERS in Miami." Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, WHCR 90.3 FM)

:: "Sounding good. I like the Louis Benedetti Reprise Wurly Dub but am still in love the Ralf GUM Main Mix." Bobstar (Oskido's Church, YFM Johannesburg)

:: "Wow thank you so much for this amazing gift..just DL'd and love the new remixes. Mr Louis Benedetti is one of my favourite remixers. pt 1 was on heavy rotation on my mixshow urban vibrations and im definatly going to be spinning this for quite sometime to come. Cant thank you enough Inaya. Much love & blessings. I feel this is gonna be a huge smash...I wish you continued success for this Killer release." Markie Dj Bully

:: "Full support from us here on the Dead Dead Good Radio Show, the Louis Bennedetti vocal mix is a sure fire winner. Thanks!" Damo B (Unity Radio 92.8 fm, Manchester, UK)

:: "Loving Louis’ vocal mix - full support!" Sarah Foote (Favouritzm, UK)

:: "Another really strong package." Lewis Dene (Media2Radio)

:: "Beautiful Remixes package, really love the Louis Benedetti mixes SOOOO SOULFUL!!!!! Full support." Franco Martinelli

:: "Another awesome release from GOGO Music, loving what both Louis and Trancemicsoul have done with the original, full support on my radio show this week!!" Alan O' (Multi Storey Soul radio show, RTE Pulse, Dublin, Ireland)

:: "It’s a real and amzing soulfull release!We will insert the “Lose My Worries (Louis Benedetti Vocal Mix)” track in our daily High Rotation." Laurent Hulstaert (TheClubbing Media Group)

:: "Fantastic! Max Support!!! Louis Benedetti Vocal for me!" Mirko Paoloni (Partygroove, Italy)

:: "Lovin all the mixes! But Louis Benedetti Reprise Wurly Dub is a bomb. I will play on my show and added in Paris-One Deeper." Vincent Loria (Paris One Deeper, France)

:: "Nice track - liked the Reprise best!" Greg Fenton (UK)

:: "1/2 slick b line and soothing vocals roll out here. 3 the keys really stick out here, could use this for some fancy looping action. 5 those gospel type keys rule this mix. 7 just laid back walk in the park body vibe here, love it." Marc LaCasse

Louis Benedetti Vocal Mix Listen to
Louis Benedetti Reprise Wurly Dub Listen to
Louis Benedetti Reprise Wurly Dub Instrumental Listen to
Trancemicsoul Deep Mix Listen to
Louis Benedetti Instrumental Listen to
Trancemicsoul Deepmental Mix Listen to
Louis Benedetti TV Track Listen to

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