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Releases / Bucie - “Your Kiss”

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Bucie - Your Kiss
GOGO Music presents the “Your Kiss” by Bucie with a pivotal package including versions by Ralf GUM, DJ Christos, Andy Compton and Demor’s Original.

South African Bucie, the voice of the highly successful “Turn me on”, returns to GOGO Music with another more than sweet song entitled “Your Kiss”. The immensely talented young lady set the South African music scene ablaze with her sure-fire debut album “Rock Star” released in her home on Demor Music. Her “Turn me on” release with Black Coffee earlier this year was a major worldwide success which topped numerous download-charts and made it to various top compilations such as Defected’s “Ibiza 2009” CD. “Your Kiss” is taken from her second long-player outing, which just was released in South Africa and which will manifest her relevance in contemporary soulful music.

Ralf GUM is currently riding on a wave of successful releases and delivers another masterful rework for his own GOGO Music label just after hitting #1 in Traxsource’s download-charts once more together with Monique Bingham and their “Little W. 12th St.”. With a magic electronic touch he is taking the song into deeper territories and creates a unique floor-filler. The world-premier of his version took place at the legendary Mother of all Parties in Durban (South Africa) in July when Bucie entered the stage as a surprise act during Ralf’s DJ-set and set the 4000 ecstatic dancers into a complete frenzy.

DJ Christos is one of South Africa’s most respected house producers and has been named the Godfather of House music in his country. He launched his own label Katsaitis Music in 1999 and has been responsible for some of the most ground-breaking artists including Boom Shaka, the late Lebo Mathosa, Shana, Daw, Black Coffee and lately Culoe De Song. From behind the mixing desk, he’s produced some of the biggest tracks of the recent past, including the 2008 smash “Uyangichomela”. Katsaitis Music is as well the leading Dj agency for soulful and deep house acts in SA boasting top DJs like Vinny Da Vinci or Ralf GUM. Christos’ version is a sure-shot winner based on an afro influenced drum workout with spacey synths and solid baseline.

Andy Compton forms together with his wife Tweek “The Rurals” and has been perfecting a unique style of live elements melted with thumping electronic music. No one ever who listened to his sophisticated deep house sound expects that the picturesque pastures of Devonshire in England’s countryside can be home to such a distinctive sound. He released over 60 EPs and 10 long-players on his self-owned label, Peng and also has worked with Motown, Naked Music, EMI and Large Records amongst many others. Lately Andy Compton emerges primarily as a solo artist and scored a top hit with his “Above the sky” release featuring Chicago born and New York based singer and trumpeter Kafele. His version of “Your Kiss” is in the history of his beloved sound of jazzy beats laid over the sweetest soul drenched harmonies.

GOGO Music is a happy to intensify its collaboration with Katsaitis Music and Demor, where “Your Kiss” saw the day of light in its original form and to present an essential remix package of it to the worldwide audience now.

Tracklisting Tracklist Bucie - Your Kiss - GOGO 039:

G1 Ralf GUM Main Vocal
G2 DJ Christos Dub
O1 DJ Christos Vocal
O2 Andy Compton Soul Jam Mix

Additional available mixes as download:

5. Ralf GUM Instrumental
6. Original Mix

Enjoy the music...

Bucie - Your Kiss - GOGO Music

Pick of the week!
"Your kiss" is a masterful follow up to the world wide smash "Turn me on", with the original being a supa smooth afro groover featuring sultry vocals by the one and only Bucie alongside warm keys. Ralf GUM is getting deep and hypnotic on his resistless tech-soul take fuelled with contagious chords, while DJ Christos goes interstellar on his version with lush keys and chords over a groovy afro-tribal drum beat. Finally Andy Compton servers an organic yet truly soulful rework with a gorgeous jazz-funk touch. by Michael Fossati

Magma DJ web (Italy)
Bucie - Your Kiss - GOGO Music

Great release on GOGO Music after the big success of "Little W. 12th St.". The track is extremely refined with a sweet voice over the sounds... love for Bucie's vocals. The Ralf GUM mixes have a deeply touch with overall rhythm perfect for big dancefloor. The Christos mixes have a deeply touch too but with more tech flavour. Lovely percussion rhythm in the original mix with piano synths. For classic sounds lovers. Another big hit from the most important German label...for sure in top selling. by Alessio Furia

Tillate (UK)
Bucie - Your Kiss - GOGO Music

Ralf GUM has an amazing ear for great music, this is definitely no exception, with the main man delivering a great vocal and instrumental mix himself. It's instantly hooky, the groovy bassline is so effective. Then the beautifully yet eery vocal rides the rhythm effortlessly, putting you in a trance. Great instrumentation and second to none production. Dj Christos serves up a more electronic sounding groove, equally as effective and pleasurable on the ear as the Boss's mixes, with the addition of some wicked drums and much deepness on his dub. To round off this great package Andy Compton injects some real soul in his Soul Jam mix that will please the likes of Timmy Regisford, Kevin Hedge, Danny Krivit and many many more. This is a great slice of soulful vocal house at its best and my pick of the tracks this month 10/10. by Craig Bartlett

DJ Times (USA)
Bucie - Your Kiss - GOGO Music

Check out these smooth, delicate, titillating vocals by Bucie. Ralf GUM’s mix brings an edgy flare with a rugged bass line and stylish, cascading keys. DJ Christos brings a bit of bounce to the party with some beefy stabs and chunky percussion. Andy Compton funks it up with a swinging bass line and some sweet, melodic keys. This is fresh, sparkling, classy, serious, soulful house at its best. by Shawn Christopher
Bucie - Your Kiss - GOGO Music

The most obvious thing that stands out when you first hear “Your Kiss” is how remarkably sweet Bucie’s voice is. The biggest dilemmas, as is often the case with releases on GOGO, is which version to play. In this instance, there’s a choice of mixes from Ralf GUM, DJ Christos, and Andy Compton of the Rurals along with the “Original”, “Dub” and “Instrumental”. I’ve been favouring the deep soulful vibe of “Andy Compton’s Soul Jam Mix” but that’s more a reflection on my taste rather than anything else. High quality as usual! by Dean Serafini

Ourhouse Magazine (UK)
Bucie - Your Kiss - GOGO Music

Release number 39 on the ever consistent GOGO Music label is as beautifully warm as any paradise island with white sand and crystal blue waters softly lapping at the beach. GOGO Music's head man Ralf GUM yet again turns on the style with a great vocal version drizzled with Bucie's sultry voice, but my personal favourite on here is Andy Compton's Soul mix which is just so utterly intoxicating. Add to this an instrumental mix from Ralf GUM, a dub and a vocal from DJ Christos as well as the original mix and you have the full compliment on this release. Big already for the likes of Louie Vega & Danny Krivit. by Dean Facer (Italy)
Bucie - Your Kiss - GOGO Music

South African artist Bucie returns on GoGo Music with another smooth and intense soulful-house track titled "Your kiss". Ralf GUM mixes (Vocal and Instrumental) are awesome, deep and intense, with a groovy bassline and beautiful keys. DJ Christos provides a solid rework, adding hot synths to a driving, percussive groove, while Andy Compton delivers a pure soulful version with great melodic keys and funky bassline. Finally, the "Original mix" with its smooth, afro influenced percussive groove, warm keys and the beautiful Bucie's vocals, closes the package. by Franco Martinelli

Some Bucie - Your Kiss - GOGO 039 DJ reactions:

:: "Super slamming, full support!" Marlon D (Underground Collective, Colombia)

:: "Your Kiss is sensational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" DJ Le Roi (Switzerland)

:: "Lovin' the Ralf GUM Bucie remix!" Grant Nelson (Swing City, UK)

:: "Another lovely project...not sure of my favorite mix just yet they all have something to offer...sounds like another sure fire winner from the GOGO camp!" DJ Dealer (Look At You Records, USA)

:: "Wicked!!" Luis Radio (Italy)

:: ""GOGO never fails to impress us with the powerful releases. Supporting Ralf's mixes of Your Kiss" Soulmagic (Sweden)

:: "Very nice release. Ralf GUM vocal mix in the wallet. Full support from me!" Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote, UK)

:: "Loving this! Will definitely be supporting this!" Master Kev (USA)

:: "Big support for this! Play & chart this!I play it on my next radio show for sure!!" DJ Rork (Stalwart, France)

:: "Amazing release as usual on GOGO!!!! Full support!" Danny Marquez (Bubble Soul, Spain)

:: "GOGO has done it again! I fell in love with the original and Ralf GUM remix supporting it everywhere I played, Bucie's vocal is sublime and with the DJ Christos and Andy Compton versions added to this release, this can only be described as the complete package! I must also add that this fantastic for the South African House scene exposure, having 'Turn Me On' drop at start of the year. The future is very bright! 10/10 and my number 1 for my next chart!" DJ Sef (UK)

:: "Nice tune bro!!. As usual the best vocal tracks are GOGO tracks. My mix is DJ Christos vocal mix." Joan Ribas (Ibizaglobalradio, Spain)

:: "I'm feeling 'Ralf GUM Vocal Mix' on this release, I'll be spinning this one. The vocal is really nice and the smooth strings and effects create a lush sweeping track that is growing on me all the time. Good stuff." Steve Parr (Faizemusic, UK)

:: "Ralf GUM Vocal mix for me as always. Ralf's always on it." CJ Mackintosh (UK)

:: "The Original mix and Ralf GUM mix does it for me." Dj Pope (USA)

:: "Ralf keeps up the heat with his remix of Bucie's 'Your Kiss'. Top production! Will get full support from me." Roed Svensk (Germany)

:: "Strong Release! Loved every track in there." Baggie Begovic (Netherlands)

:: "Great track and mixes." Robert Owens (UK)

:: "I love this song and these remixes are killer. The one for me is the DJ Christos vocal. Full support on all." Andre Harris (Innate Soul Digital, USA)

:: "I really like the Ralf GUM Vocal mix. Its working for me. Good for the floor with great beats and smooth style. In the box" Graham Sahara (Seamless Records, UK)

:: "Wow! Huge track. Ralf GUM Vocal mix is one of my favourites at the moment. In my charts. 10/10" (Chrissi D (Germany)

:: "Liking all mixes on this. Love bucies vocal style, thanks for the music." The Layabouts (UK)

:: "Loving the original and Ralf Gum mixes. Overall a good package." Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades of House,

:: "Top class release on the ever impressive GOGO, terrific vocals from Bucie (I’m a fan), Ralf GUM Vocal is class, Full Support from me. Congratulations." Craig Stewart (Raunchy Rhythms Radio, UK)

:: " For me Andy Compton Soul Jam mix is perfect.. will support!!!!" Rafael Yapudjian (Pacha, Brazil)

:: "I really like this song. I will rock this with you in mind this weekend." Wil Milton (New York, USA)

:: "Very nice. All them mixes r good." Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Germany)

:: "Bloomin marvellous! Spoilt for choice on the mixes - but as ever Mr GUM presses all the right buttons and twiddles all the right faders." Russell Pollitt (UK)

:: "Nice, deep vibes!!" Marcus 'Makossa' Wagner-Lapierre (FM4 head of music, Austria)

:: "This tune is great! Love all the mixes but particularly Ralf GUM Vocal mix for the clubs and Andy Comptons mix more for the bars." Gary Ward (Days like this, Birmingham, UK)

:: "Full support on the Ralf GUM Vocal." Loria Vincent (Paris One Deeper, France)

:: "This is a very much essential release package. Beautiful vocals and excellent harmonies put together in this outstanding track. 10/10 for me here in NZ. I very much like the Ralf GUM take on this and the one of DJ Christos, loving the deep dubby bass line." Ingo Haan (Bop Fm, New Zealand)

:: "Super dope track." Myles Chalmers (Nakedsoul Radioshow, UK)

:: "Really nice package again from GOGO. Andy Compton's mix will be getting the premiere on this weeks show. Full support from me." Niall Redmond (RTE Plus, Ireland)

:: "Loved the Dj Christos Vocal and Dub. Really really nice stuff there." Greg (Discovelopement, Denmark)

:: "Amazing soulful sound, with much feeling, we love it. New release of the week at show #240." Essential Deluxe Radioshow (Spain)

:: "Excellent release. Very nice vocal ,all mixes are tight, just a classic, warm and workable sound. In the box, full support" Bobi (Club FM, Skopje)

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