Some highlights: “Ralf GUM – In My City” selected Best Dance Album 2014 by iTunes SA ....... “Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” stays more than half a year in the South African Media chart ....... Ralf GUM named #5 Afro House & #11 Soulful House Artist and Sir LSG to be on #20 of the Afro House Artists worldwide by Traxsource ....... “Ralf GUM – In My City” hits number 1 on iTunes SA on the day of release ....... “Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” hits GOLD in South Africa and is the #1 selling album of 2012 on Traxsource ....... “Take Me To My Love” by Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles of the year on Traxsource 2012 ...... GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol. I - IV - out now ... GOGO Music - 10 years young and fresher than ever ...... 'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated' hits #1 on Traxsource for almost 3 weeks and makes it to #1 in the Mascom/Yarona charts in Botswana ..... 'Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me on' (incl. Raw Artistic Soul remixes) # 3 in the "Best of 2009" charts of Traxsource ..... Ralf GUM with 4 releases in the 'Best of 2009' charts of Traxsource .... Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham hit #1 on Traxsource with 'Little W. 12th St.' again, after they scored the #1 spot in the 2008 sales chart of Traxsource with 'Kissing Strangers' .... find many more in our news and news archive!

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 ... LillyRig
 Hello. And Bye.
 ... angelapetr
 Hello. And Bye.
 ... milanapronkova
  Hi, I do believe this is a great website. I stumbledupon it ;) I am going to come back yet again since I saved as a favorite it. Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue to help others. hiv symptom efter 6 mГҐnader hiv symptom efter 6 mГҐnader
 ... hiv symptom efter 6 mГҐnader
  And I have faced it. We can communicate on this theme.
 ... CraigReops
 &#1051;&#1102;&#1073;&#1086;&#1081; &#1090;&#1077;&#1082;&#1089;&#1090; 2 &#1089;&#1083;&#1086;&#1074;&#1072;
 ... DuglasebiHourn
 Hi Rulf please listen to our tracks
 ... modjadeep
 Hi Ralf,im loving ur music...please give feed back on how is my track...i wanna release it as my single
 ... Genius Brown
 I am not a dj but found my self recorf=ding a killer mix
 ... Rendani Manngo
 greetings I am an aspiring DJ and producer. Is it possible for me to get mentoring if I showcase my talent.
 ... Tiisetso Hamnca
 I'm one of deep house listeners i want to converse this music genre for the next generation of deep house fellos.
 ... Trevor
 Rulf man I like u my man
 ... lehlonolo
 Rulf man, you are not only legend, you are what music should have now and forever... Live on man. @TheWayThroughMusic on Facebook
 ... TheOne Dunn
 love the platform, still waiting for Ralf to come to East London, South Africa!
 ... Sox Mtoba
 hi guys m one of ur big fans and also a future dj cz iv recently started taking djing classes, I wud like u to help me with music ( links, cites etc) as i am aiming to introduce deep house music in my area( Mdantsane)
 ... Bulumko Jacob
 Hey Ralf Gum. My bf and I are huge fans. Hoping to be at ur launch when you rock durban. We so amped. We digg ur new album...c u in SAz playground.
 ... buttercup
 What's up Ralf! I can't wait for your your new album 'in my city'. You rock my man. See you at House 22 in Pretoria.
 ... Donovan
 Hi GOGO FAM id like to know how do i submit my mix for GOGO Radio
 ... slee
 they are many young producers want to sing contract with gogo help us we are 1 of them
 ... mamaaq
 Can't wait for the new ulbum on the 18th.Never leaves you was on point.
 ... Mr Mo
 Can't wait for the compilation mix from MAQman and Blacck_Child on!!
 ... Thabo
 big up to gogo music, diz house it too way deep
 ... marcos gavi
 Thnx for house music deep & soul
 ... citizendeejay
 Thank you for keeping us grounded to House Music
 ... Konke
 hi my nyme is Muzi Pooe i live in s.a inside gauteng @ elspark i am a disabled guy without arms 1shortleg who luvz music,2 be a musician 1 dae n i luv singing n i would like 2 send my demo of mine n i could plz help me 2 achieving my dreams 2 be cum a singer one dae plz help me plz.......
 ... muzikayise pooe
 Do u guys take deep-tech producers? If so where can i submit a demo?
 ... CN
 Hy guyz can i send ma demo
 ... Solmaster
 Ralf ... Track Everything is real masterpiece ...greatings from Dubrovnik / Croatia ... from now I will follow GOGO team ... Chears everybody
 ... Frank Bass
 Ralf, thanks for including my track "De Montuh - Shapes (Main Mix)" on Metro FM. I appreciate the support.
 ... De Montuh
 genial magnifique the best music thna Earth wind and fire BRAVO kiss from paris
 ... puillandre pascal
 Thanx for an awesome performance with the legendary Monique Bingham at The Thoughts,we pulled it off,love,respect and music
 ... Mcfee Pleja and DJ pepe
 dj christos radioshow 376 is dope.
 ... belmiro ferreira mabuie
 GOGO Music is my life Life feels much better with you guys in it...
 ... Ofentse
 I totally love the new album! Congrats! So happy my friend Jaidene Veda is on it too \o/ :)
 ... Veerle
 awesome musiq
 i found my tune exactly of my beat thanks, are great gogo .... music
 ... hugo
 ... Mashasha
 GoGo music is awesome.. Seems like you taking over the world when it comes to house music.. you guys really know house..
 ... Linda
 GO GO music...the music of my life!!!
 ... pier italy
 good job to track 6 and 5
 Hi ralph im loving the radio show and wondering where can i download them. thanks for the good music
 ... Sfiso
 Hey Ralf, thank you for bringing Monique Bingham down to SA, I missed her performance @ Sedibeng(Soweto) however when she comes in December I shall be there, you Rock the Guy. Oy...!
 ... Velisto aka Mr Vee...
 I enjoyed my attendance at Hills Lounge on saturday with Ralf and Monique,I could get enough of Ralf was standing by his side from start to finish. Danke Danke
 I want that GOGO T-shirt, ... Great performance @ House 22 , You Rock!!!!
 ... Caswell
 Deep Soul Album. very tight Bra. you and Monique are just too good, she's a great vocalist and we love her in SA. hope to see you guys in Sedibeng this coming sunday.
 ... Tshepiso
 GREAT!!!! music, the production is always TIGHT!! thank you. Your music is always appreciated on our station
 ... BlackMartini Radio
 So far so good GOGO-MUSIC
 ... Gadlabethithiza
 Hope to get to South Africa soon to listen to all that soulful music
 ... Keith The Ground
 Wishing you your continued success {:-) The Ground
 ... Keith The Ground
 "Never Leaves You". Sick full-length album Ralf. :-)
 ... Jackson Brainwave
 "Never Leaves You". Sick full-length album Ralf. :-)
 ... Jackson Brainwave
 Im a dj and a producer coming all the way from ga-rankuwa,im looking for a record label that can help me release my ep that is called''journey'its a combilation of soulfull deep and jazz;my numbers 0799655401
 ... solenatives
 Ralf: I wish you continued success now and beyond!
 ... Delmar Browne
 ... giry
 Ya is waar, never leave you, listening o this album just made realis that since 2008, you had never left us, after uniting us, thanks for the great album ralfie
 ... SIzwe
 Ralf, you made me dance at Turfloop, you are the best. I just went thr to see you and you proved that you are the best international DJ.
 ... lucas
 wow the new album rocks Ralf. If only You we could manage to download the whole album. U rock!!!!!!!!!!!
 ... Karabo
 I respect and love your GoGo
 ... thabo shabalala blackeight
 Rulf you killed Denish Pub (SA) on Friday 30/03/2012...
 ... Razor Da King
 Ralf U rock last nite @ Danish Lounge was HOT thank u for such great music, keep playing and keep us dancing....Dankie San!!
 ... Lerato X
 wow..what a night in Cape Town...Ralf Killed went on until the club closed...too much for my feet thank u..hope to see u again soon in CT and hope u toured Stellenbosch for some good Red Wine
 ... Thabo
 ... khanya (dj KG)
 nice work(overall),I can't wait for Ralf's new album coming up these year...
 ... applecafe(Oba-king)@bloemfontein
 I so love da GOGO muzique, more espicially da 60Hertz Project 4rm Garankuwa.......DJ Blackjean more bass..............Mmuso Da big boss more bass............. 60Hertz Project
 ... Silo guy@Garankuwa
 GOGO Junkie Me...haha..hah.. KEep up the Good work Fellaz , The Dance floor aint nuthing without your input! Love, Respect and Addicted to this.
 ... Sibs
 *Inside of me (Ralf GUM Remix) *Sax inthe City(Nastee's 0808 Nevas Mix) *Capricorn(Main Mix) Reali completed my 2011.. keep em cmin!.Jah bless
 ... Thapes@Mahikeng
 crazier than ever, keep the good work. One day you'll remix one of tracks hopefully.
 ... ClanVhile
 Manoo mix is just on another point. cc Tapta Beach. Cant wait for the full package.
 ... Jon Kaiso
 Super hot tracks coming out of Gogo Music lately, big ups. Support all the way.
 ... Leks
 Awsum sounds puttin me in an outter worldly state of mind! Big Ups
 ... ishaam
 We cnt get enuf owt of u ralf, Cnt w8 for us to rumble like aliens in the jungle of schoeman park, Bloemfontein. Much luv....
 ... Thabang "Marvellous" Namusi
 Brendon: the song will come out early 2012
 ... Ralf GUM
 I hear there is song with Jon Pierce from Chicago with Kafele, when is it coming out to the airwaves I had the privilege of going to one of Jon's shows, dude is dope!
 ... Brandon
 gogo music is de best,hail 2 u kings of house music
 ... kiddo
 The day I saw un play live, one on one with Christos in July of 2011 in South Africa- that must have truly been one of the most heavenly day of my life...the day I FELL madly inlove with house music!!!!!!!
 ... Nomonde "APPLE" Mkhwanazi
 gogo music is the best
 ... chievosky
 Hail to Ralf Gum and Monique the performance at the Durban July after party at cube was out of this world!!!!!!!Much love for Ralf and deep house music>>>>>>> londz
 ... londiwe ntuli
 Ralph I can still remeber your set @ CO.Fi Brooklyn Pretoria..winter was about to set but warmed the house...big up and thanks for Mzanzi love.
 ... Vado
 Thanks for loving Mzansi South Africa as you do. Thanks to Christos for exposing young talent to you guys. SAMC, leeegggooo
 ... Kaiser khoza
 ohn gum u very k keep that up and let us listen 2 the heart of the music. u sho r on fire
 ... tlabxit
 falf gum man of the match at orlando stadium (soweto) damn u were smoking
 ... thabo
 ralf i simply love ya stuff man gogo music ist die f**ken best man danke shen
 ... lerothodi nyatso
 washa mpho....architoture baba,,bt anyways....deep house yenu you guys rock
 ... kay bhengu
 damn, gogo music is on fire. rocco, ralf gum, you guys are going to make me follow the music to heaven. guys don't stop the music please
 ... mpho mphati chievosky
 i heard christos play at south africa in free state at trim park. people i felt like i was a vip guest in gods house. man house music is the pat, present, future and infinity. please god, bless gogo music
 ... mpho mphati chievosky
 Rulf gum u rock my man. Luv ur sets, keep rockn. So wen r u eva gona play in pe, south africa?
 ... Philiswa
 thnx 4 ma gogo t-shirt @ braco(pta)
 ... charles
 Ralf Gum u rock,heard u play @ bahamas nd chillas South Africa,c u at Soweto on da 26th,keep on rockin 4 eva nd eva.
 ... Vusi Mayisa
 Ralf, u rock bra, killer sets u played @ Kwa-Thema ( Bahamas ) South Africa killer killer… sumthing special abut deep house music… U can’t really explain it… keep up da good work…
 ... Adolph Nkosi
 DAMN!!! Ralf u alwayszz kill with ur new releases, I will be at swaziland cnt wait keep safe peace, versatile
 ... vezi
 it's something special
 ... like
 ralf gum u the best!!ur selection kills m!!
 ... dj cascandy
 theres something bout this thing called house music. we dont know what it n thats the reason why we love so much.
 ... mogomotsi leshau
 Ralf Gum im enjoying the mixs. keep it up.
 ... mogomotsi leshau
 a true inspiration. Amma move to germany nxt year
 ... Tumi Sephoko
 Keep on producing the good trax Ralf we are giving you full support in South Africa. more fire man.
 ... Naxi
 that was the shizzzzzzz you did in gudfellas ralf, we are your house fellas!! great exceptional work!!! peace
 ... simon
 in ralf we GOGO music we shall dance, keep da house evolution goin, peace
 ... vezi mthethwa
 yo Ralf getin em mix tapes is da hardest ting 2 do, is there an easier way plz
 ... versatile
 Ralf, i'm trying to down load but i cannot get it right man. please help cause i know from Bar9, Midrand that you're cooking hot staff.
 ... bogatsu
 In House I trust GOGO Music. Love the production from u guys. Keep blessing us with good music. Peace, Love & Happiness!
 ... Leks
 im speechless.....this guyz are good in music and djing....ralf gum rocco black coffee etc gogo music...thanks for music you are my best djs ive ever heard...i dig ull peace
 ... luyanda
 Ralf Gum the track complicated rock my world especialy the one u featured kafele the track is top where ever i hear the track i dance
 ... bafana
 i present you as the god of house and we like to thank u and gogo music for putting Black Coffee on the spot u are inspiring me to become a dj and i realy dig house music
 ... Bafana
 The song You were singing ..who is the vocalist there?
 ... Gomi
 Dig ur sound dude, kissing strangers still makes my day, keep it up
 ... sanele 'sonnyboy' mayeza
 Gud music Ralf keep it up!!!!!
 ... Sbusiso
 Thankyou for blessing my soul. Much luv
 ... Njabulo "Njabs njo"
 thanks gogo music( Rulf) for the great music
 ... khumbulani
 I like to thank black coffee for presenting South Africa to the world, how we do music.home brewed papa
 ... Dj Ta sox
 GoGo in the house! Thank you Ralf for exposing Black coffee to the world. Since the release of "turn me on" he's been successful in everything he touches. God bless and keep it deep!!!
 ... Jeff supasta
 To the man with the magic terms of soul house music you are gifted, keep up the good work man. love your stuff BIG TIME. Also Raw Artistic Soul is banging some sweet deep sounds as well. much love for serious talent. South Africa(SA)
 ... Sah
 eish,eish,eish what kind of love, been on da hunt for this track since Nov/dec 2009 vinni was mixing,(illegal Ltd, biisto)
 ... biisto
 keep up the gr8 work ralf, we love you in SA
 ... silva
 Go Go Good stuff guys
 ... Quintin
 .......,keep it going Skhokho. we love ur music.
 ... Casanostra
 i want to upload my podcast but i cant seem to get it
 ... garnet
 Yeh brothers the complicated release is touching big up....guys the track keep me all night on the dance floor
 ... Siward
 so when do move to s.a. more specificaly durban?? we hoping 2 c u again this year. much respect
 ... sqwayi
 when next will you be in RSA Ralf bring Benny and Raw Artistic with
 ... Chimene Pereira
 u did it again in dli hall on xmas day, u r the greatest...........!
 ... casanostra
 what a dope set on the 25th..Dli came to a standstill...i witnessed witnessed it and they witnessed it..fcuk it we witnessed it......peaceeeeeeeeeeee!!
 ... Tshepo
 I can remember when u brought the house down, in Durban ICC. The house came to a standstill, i hope u will do the same in Durban DLI HALL on the 25th of December. I will be there. u are a truelly house GOD.
 ... casanostra
 Hala!! Thank for the great music. "QUALITY ALWAYS BEATS QUANTITY"
 ... Same2 (Loxion Boyz Entertainment)
 howzit gogo family i'm a big fan, i'm an up coming dj nd producer in sa, can i plz send ur guys my demo
 ... squire (deep warriors crew)
 The deeper dub rocks harder, you know mos. Your number one fan from ko S.A. Thanks again for everything boss
 ... Henry and Jen (Jenpaco)
 Brother ...ralf I really get moved by ur set n ur music ...can't stop playing it's such a music that's sooth my feeling ...bring many more..
 ... Siward
 dis is sum crazi tune that u have wit monique- little.W.. 12th st, ayeye, luv da deeper mix. this is my predictions of who will play each tune in SA, Vinny-deeper ; Greg-main and spinna mix; clive and 2lani the warrior- benny boi mix sweet bro
 ... biisto(sizwe)
 i just love the beats from ralf, in south africa, we just go mad
 ... congress
 Hey Ralf danke noma für Cocoon, coole Musik dank dir & hoffe auf Atlantis :)
 ... Andy
 Mr Ralf Gum you inspire me alot guy i been working on a few house projects Dj Christos heard some of the tracks and he likes them Follow the link Bless audioK
 ... Linda AudioK Ginya
 GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! with much support from South Africa Mr Gum.We are still celebrating ur footmarks and we won't forget ur crucial presence in South Africa.Go GOGO Records with house music.......Lowfrequency(South Africa,Limpopo)
 ... Lowfrequency
 What's up Ralf!! It's been a long time since we spoke. Believe it's been about 5 years now since I disappeared. I love seeing the label is still puttin' out the soul. Keep doin' what your doin' and let me know if you need any records mailed for ya... lol.
 ... J-Be
 Hi Ralf I've recently heard that you have signed Andy Compton from the Rurals. I'm currently listening to his latest track "Above The Sky" and Im must say im hooked, wherever i am i play this tune every now and then. What is the name of the album, when is it dropping and is it available in SA. South Africa!!!
 ... Jabu
 holla this is trevor bhekum 4rom sa hi 2 benny
 ... bhekumuzi
 sho benny it's me again and i'd like to say i'm proud of u and one day come to south africa and play your set we are the upcoming producers and one day u will recieve our demo or promo's from the DEEP WARRIORS CREW 4rom SOUTH AFRICA we are strictly UNDERGROUND and we are 3 talented boys our names are (TREVOR BHEKUM AKA DEEP SHAKER)and (LOUIS AKA SQUIRE MAN) and (zonge AKA GE.GI)
 ... bhekumuzi
 sure Ralfie bisto here, 1 of those you met in Zambezi lounge(SA) my request still stands can I own one of those GOGO music T-shirts since I requested that you pls take it off after your set.
 ... biisto
 Hi, Please tell me what do you think of my CD (107 Records) from South Africa
 ... Phumlani Mzobe
 Hi Man...DDDDDDDDYYYAAAAM.....I really REally Enjoyed your mix on Friday at Jack Budha Pretoris South Africa....Loved ur Set...Manoo Abyss.....David Brown Smile...and Bucie Kiss You ..Just 2 mention a few that Touched me... Peace nd GOD BLess !!!
 ... mondli
 ... nour
 Hallo Ralf Gum, Sie sind mit Abstand der beste DJ. Ihre Musik inspiriert und lässt einen träumen und relaxen, sehr soulful und deep. Bitte machen Sie unbedingt weiter so, Gruß knitzen aus Oberfranken
 ... Knitzen
 Ralph cnt wait 2 here u playin in S.A im xpctin a heavy mix.PEACE
 ... sfiso
 hola wapos :P
 ... paula cuenca castellano
 What a nice set this Saturday by Mr GUM in London. Thanks for the music!
 ... Maurice T
 ... Glenn S
 i would just lyk to say u rock ralf gum especially dat track u did iwth rocco all dis lov 4 u , i would lyk u to remix the song ,kentphonik happiness they a south african house producers
 ... suwas
 ha ha ha ha i feel so proud like a father watching his son chasing after girls. Bucie is amazing on that vocal and yeah blackcofee is been my favorite since the dayz of Vusi Mahlasela.
 ... zake$
 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .....Our Very own Black Coffee Releasing with Gogo Music ...You Know i Think Ralf Must Sign One of Our Producer as One of his Artist and i Think Black Coffee cud be Da 1 ....Much Love Gogo Music for recognising Our Love for House ...Domzela (South Africa)
 ... Domzela
 I BOW 2 THEE...
 ... siyanda
 Congrats mate keep it up and too much respect
 ... Deep Edge
 Yeh yeh my people, soon south africa will be having shares with GOGO music and i'll be the first 1 to have them. Just hope that Ralf will make the remixes he will be doing for my tracks rock. Keep the good work y'll at GOGO MUSIC
 ... Dj Charlie K
 Hey Ralf, congratulations with the best house track! peace, Han Litz
 ... Han Litz
 hola a todos saludos desde monterrey mexico
 ... daniel
 I think you can see for yourself Mr Gum, the love that you are getting for South Africa. Keep that good music coming. 1luv Da Native1 "Soweto"
 ... Swigar Da Native1
 Hey you guyz are doing good keep it up.................................
 ... sam
 Once again .....cant wait to checkout your work with Shana ....cant wait for the Release Date
 ... Domzela
 i love this label...... it is amazing!!!
 ... AndriiCZECH
 Ralf u have outdone yourself this time.the following tracks are rocking South African airwaves Warrior featuring Beate S. Lech, Kissing Strangers featuring Monique Bingham , Elle featuring Hanna Haïs Parachute featuring Oliver Leicht , Brother Like No Other featuring Wunmi Searching featuring Mike Avery, Baby Let Me featuring Dennis Legree , Parabatu Easy featuring Inaya Day , If No Harm featuring Rachel Claudio, All This Love For You featuring Diamondancer.
 ... koketso (tshwane universty SA)
 yello gentlemen keep dion wat u doin music is the way of life and you are our universe
 ... peter ndaba
 Rulf Gum's Someday rocks my boots. Keep it up my boy
 ... Thabo Masuku
 wat up all my party people this is kay-k(tshwane unversity of technology) all the way from South Africa, ma man Ralf and the crew keep on rockin
 ... Koketso
 yo party people this is grand all the way from south africa im enjoying the record all this love for you big up to my legends , ralf , rocco, and diamond dancers
 ... Grand ramatlo
 Yahoooo ... SA is thankful that he's finally coming. the scene will be behind him! with love from rosebank
 ... Avela
 Ayoooooooooooooooooooooooobaaaaaaa....Finaly the Man he's Coming to the Country .......South Africa cant Wait
 ... domzela
 ilove gogo music
 ... jasonharris
 Great sounds on you new album. It´s delicious. Best regards Gerhard
 ... Gerhard
 Ralf we still waiting for a reply about when you coming to South Africa. Please organize thle. Anyway we only got two of your mixes, where can we find more. Jen$Paco.
 ... Jenpaco
 You’ve got that down pat.
 ... Anne
  GOGO MUSIC Beautiful Sound !!!!!!!!!!!!
 ... Rick
 ralf gum thrue inspiration in house music. great tunes!
 ... Mario Dujic
 gogo deeeeep thnaks for the music, esta muy chingona... mexico df
 ... kasbeck
 hi gogo ppl we dig your musik in south afrika when u comin ????? Raw Artistic soul - the light its 08 bt still cant get over it frm simlo
 ... simlo
 Hi Rulf Your tracks selection has always been soulfully filling and spiritually healing to me and my wife at all times. We look forward to seeing you in South Africa soon. Keep rocking Jennifer and Paco Phehlane
 ... JenPaco
 Hi Ralf, also ich muss echt sagen, dass ihr wieder geniale neue Scheiben veröffentlicht habt! Werde wenn ich es einrichten kann, mal am 26.10.07 im Airport Würzburg vorbeischauen. Hoffe das das klappt, da ich mich irgendwie riesig darauf freue da mal wieder nen netten Abend zu verbringen ;-) Liebe Grüße aus Bremen!
 ... Chromy Sebastian
 "The Way It Was"! Great track Ralf. Lovin it. Gonna have to get me a copy of this one. Always such beautiful combinations of instruments. This is music!
 ... Brian Lindsay
 Keep up the great work. It very impressive. Enjoyed the visit!
 GOGO, your music rocks!!!!!!!!
 ... chardo
 hi all.
 ... robert
 Ayoba magents,this site rocks and the beats r tights............House music is the issssssssshhhhh man keep the beats coming....Mossy(south africa)
 ... Mossy
 Hola, endlich frischer, smoother, souliger House-Sound aus Germany! Endich kann man wieder richtig stolz sein auf deutsche Produktionen. Werde es mir "live" in Würzburg demnächst anhören. Unbedingt: Weiter so!!!!!!!!
 ... Paul
 you make good music. Thx U
 dance to lovely, deep house music all night and into the wee morning hours...
 ... Eric
 i love music
 your music is an inspiration
 ... thomas
 Bonjour! What a super websight! Very refreshing to peruse from where we live in Paris (France). I eat frogs and drink wine. Woold like more informatons on this. Best regards! Mikael.
 ... tramdol
 Great and informative website! Thank you for the music.
 ... Nicole Graham
 Good site! Thanks. Kelner loh.
 ... Jaxx
 Thank you to support the deep house, the vocals are beautiful, the music is magic, your label remind me one of the first greatest label, Stricly Rhythm (when it was the best) CJazz
 ... CJAZZ
 Hi Ralf, super das es am Freitag Abend alles so gelaufen ist und mit der Platte geklappt hat. Tausend Dank! Gruß S. Chromy
 ... Chromy Sebastian
 NEW HOUSE MUSIC MAGAZINE!!! - FREE SUBSCRIPTION Check this out! It’s a new House Music Magazine which has just launched. You can download it for free. Spread the word!! Get your tracks and press releases in for the next edition!!!
 ... Ricardo Porteus
 ... AJ
 nice site and very good music keep going peace jojo from athens
 ... jojo
 Cool Site !
 ... Nike
 13/04/2006: Echt hamma, wie Ralf Gum in Air auflegt. Bye mone ... Mone dem ist nichts mehr hinzu zufügen ...
 ... Redface
 Hey Ralf wassup Dog.....Im all the way in South Africa and enjoying ur mixes...The 1 on subgroundfm rocks.....Keep it up man....The music Rocks
 ... Mosoatsi
 I've never heard about you until these days, but Zaab is a so great sound. Excellent work. I'm a Defected fun, and now I'm waiting for your new tracks. Best regards. Vico
 ... Vico (from Hungary)
 Hallo, ich bin die Nese. Ich habe ein neues Produzenten-Forum eröffnet und würde mich freuen, wenn du mal vorbeischaust... Brauche nämlich dringend Unterstützung von Produzenten. I´m representin´ Soulfood Entertainment Freiburg/ D-Funk Music Productions. THANX..
 ... Nese
 Lovin the new tunes coming out! I need to pick me up some more of them! Funky fresh!
 ... Brian Lindsay
 great productions, I love your works Cheers All the best Dream-x
 ... Dream-x
 Hola From IBIZA!! You can eard the last GoGo Music Tracks & much more on the only 24hours electrorganic radio station on IBIZA Jose Maria Ramon
 ... Jose Maria Ramon
 We need the GOGO vibes here... in toronto!!!
 ... salim
 was up in the house geeeeeeeees? i want eat from the president's cake.
 ... drummer king
 let's broke in broklyn.
 ... drummer king
 Cool site! I like it! Thanks!
 ... Kodko
 Shout outs from Brooklyn NYC. Nice site and I will be back soon. peace Markus
 ... Markus Rice
 Oh o ho! very nice site!
 ... Bexter
 wirklich wieder ein feines release. danke für den guten sound ;-)viele grüße
 ... a.lee
 Echt hamma, wie Ralf Gum in Air auflegt. Bye mone
 ... Mone
 Great record label!!! and nice web site. Loving the music 100% Would like to know a bit of history behind the label.
 ... Jimbo - Raw Deal - Groove Sanctuary
 Viel Spaß in Miami an die gesamte GoGo Crew! greetz, kdk
 ... kingdk
 Hi Ralf, keep up the good work. We will keep on supporting your music over here! All the best, Art-D-Fact: Online Magazine
 ... Art-D-Fact aka Eclectic Art
 Hi, id just like to take the time out to say many thanks to Ralf Gum for his recent radio show on ... Ralf's a true credit to house music....all the best for 2006!
 ... Darren Campbell
 Klasse Set wieder am 27.01. gespielt im Airport! Danke für solch gute Musik ... Keep House Alive!
 ... Chromy
 Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!
 ... Sergej Brin
 Wish the whole GOGO crew a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! You guys keep rocking it! x Nico and Rachel
 ... Nico & Rachel
 Viele Grüße und Respekt an Ralf GUM. Geniales Set gestern im Miniclub (HH).
 ... Torben
 check out fab house music station :) keep up all the good releases gogo :)
 ... sammo
 Hey beautiful people! I wanna give you a link for a sweet place in the net. very stylish netradio! regards DJ Leon El Ray
 ... DJ Leon El Ray
 ton son est vraiment trop bon j espere te voir bientot a Paris. Au sommet de l Arche De la Defense Ich hoffe, dass du im Paris spielen wird.
 ... FilL
 sehr coole seite habt ihr hier. werd mal häufiger vorbeischauen. deep house forever :)
 ... sel
 DJ Ralf Gum thank you for playing and charting "Living My Life Underground!!!" By SUMO featuring Malik Hart. Thanx!!!! (Will someone get this to Ralf?)
 ... Malik Hart "PhyBal"
 I feel like dancing!!!
 ... Malik Hart
 Hello everyone at GoGo Music, The label is very nice,cool and classy , keep up the good work. Now if I can find a way to get on your Dj Mailing List.....
 ... Tony Carrasco
 Hi friends.. your music is really fantastic, really.. ::House Music Forever::
 ... Piero Vespo
 Yo .... much respect to Ralf & the GOGO crew ... and a big welcome to Talk soon, Myles (Naked Soul London)
 ... Myles
 When do we see the group touring South Africa ? and what is the distributing label in Joburg where we can order the album .Cool african rythmns keep it coming !
 ... From Africa ! Coco vibes!
 A big shout from the listeners of Tokyma.FM. Your show is running very good. We have lots of positive DJ and listener feedbacks. Go ahead like this!
 ... Jazzmo
 Hello all from FRANCE, The news GOGO MUSIC 014 is wonderfull :o) Thanks all for the good sound we love ! Best regards, DJ_KIK
 ... DJ_KIK
 "Felipes dubstyle" es bonissima!!! sense deixar de banda "what about love". Gogo music està fent un treball molt bò i amb molt de criteri, cançons encantadores...per disfrutar!!!
 ... Jaume
 die Gogo 013 ist (trotz der cat.#) ein echter knaller, allen voran der benny percoraio dub. vielen dank für die super musik !
 ... manuel tur
 i want to tcb and byb ccb
 ... nikki
 Hey Ralf! Loving "What about love". The SUMO Rebounce is something else... Jim
 ... Jim stopandfunk
 wuddup Ralf?! Lovin the Felipes Dubstyle-Main Mix of 'What about Love EP'. Hope your well mate. Dave
 ... Dave Jones
 I dig your vibe, big up from manchester UK.
 ... mike o mara (blue vinyl)
 Hi there, wanna say only one thing about your net shop.Why you dont sell us your music with beter quality? Just 192kbps isnt enough.I would preffer the 320kbps even if the price will be more as this 0,99 cent.We love to play your music but in a good quality.I would love to see any changes soon. Regards DJ leon El Ray
 ... DJ leon El Ray
 grandissimo ralf gum e straordinario roberto de carlo...miraccomando continuate così!! kiss from italy
 ... umberto
 Hello Ralph, Roberto and Joshua, The GOGO13 track is very very good :o) All the best. Cheers, DJ_KIK from France
 ... DJ_KIK
 Hi Ralf, Congratulations to the Go! Compilation! It´s beautiful! See you again soon @ Studio, Rich
 ... Rich
 kompliment!!!! wiedermal saubere arbeit am sonntag im airport abgeliefert!!!!!! wenigstens auf einem floor "real" house-music..... greetings from memmingen, conrad may
 ... conrad may
 Greetings from Detroit! I love the music you guys are releasing! Keep up the good work! I am a fan of your label! grace & peace, TP
 ... Terrence Parker
 GO! Compilation, Qualität pur. Wer sie nicht kauft ist selber Schuld.
 ... Roberto De Carlo
 Hallo Ralf! Super, deine neue CD! Sogar mein Lieblings-Gogo-Song ist drauf, das hat mich sehr gefreut!! Weiter so!
 ... Clemens
 Hallo Ralf! *winke winke* Wollte Dir mal ein dickes Hallo schicken und sagen, ich hab Dich nicht vergessen. ;) ICh hoffe es geht Dir soweit bestens. Denke ganz dolle an Dich!!! Fühl Dich ganz dolle gedrückt. Knutscha Anja xxxx
 ... Anja
 Release des RAS Albums wird Anfang Mai sein. Im März erscheint die zweite EP "Kana".
 ... rg
 Wann kommt Album raus What About Love ! Berliner House Freak
 ... Peter Ganns
 Viel Glück und Erfolg im GOGO-Jahr 2005! Grüsse aus München!
 ... jomo & siba
 Hi Ralf, Ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2005 wünsch ich! Keep it alive! lg, Michael
 ... kingdk
 Super Party gestern in der Lounge im Studio!!! SUMO hat echt gerockt!
 ... Clemens
 Hey when is the official big release 11th oct ? we are all dying to buy our personal CDs and when do we hear radio play this song will be big as in worldwide with a fat video behind it I see everybody clubbing again ! Nawella ... ! Europe USA South Africa Japan !
 ... Nawella Fan @ TK !
 hey! big and funky greetz from germany! audionoise
 Hi just want to add onto want my bro said South Africans including Thabo Mbeki lived in Zambia and many in the region speak BEMBA Lusaka was the head quarters of many groups fighting apartheid including Namibia and Zimbabwe
 ... Zinzi
 Yo... Khafrede Big Up Nawella !! Big Up Raw Artistic Souuul ! Its bangin ...! LOL Don Eric
 ... Don Eric USA
  Guys ! Bemba is spoken in Zambia not South Africa.It is the main language after the official state language english ! Peace
 ... Bemba boy !
 Hola Ralf :) Sehr sehr geile Musik gestern abend auf funny bunny ;) hast nen neuen fan (bin übrigens die kleine blonde die gegen ende nach der weißen tasche verlangt hat :) greetz Nata
 ... Natalya
 Oh Yea Man that Music gots me so God Damn Highly Geili and you so Gorgeous and extremly Marvelous oh yeah Man God Damn it Fxxk up just right and aint no Stop until you Drop Man youre the first the last Eternety get on Down Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 ... Gianni
 you do it right, only richard earnshaw is on par! creative and different i love funky house but reckon some people churn it out just cos it works ever after wot a tune! pleasure listenin mate
 ... matty
 Hallo Ralf, hier ist Dein größter Fan. *lol* ICh wünsch Dir tolle Ostern. Fetten Schmatzer Anja (vom Bodensee)
 ... Anja
 hey ralph deine sets im studio sind echt 1a! dickes lob, feineres house ist echt nicht zu finden...weiter so, keep the spirit alive u know...
 ... g-girl
 I've been feeling GOGO Music for some time. Your brand of House Music is first class. Deep, Soulful and Funky - the way it is suppossed to be. Much Respect and Best Wishes in 2004 and beyond.
 ... Christopher aka dubmagic
 hallo ralf ... deine neue scheibe is der hammer ... respect ...
 ... Lukas
 Hi Ralf, König des Freitagabends im Air ;) Die neue "What I like" ist ja mal wieder der Oberhammer.
 ... Julia
 Hi Ralf! Wie gehts Dir? Mir gut!!! Bist Du am WE im air? hoffe wir sehen uns!! Lass mal was von Dir hören!! lg claudia
 ... claudia
 hallo ralf, nochmal danke dür die supi airport tour. war saustark. mach weiter so. gruß aus dem ruhrgebiet (komm mal hin, auch hier gibt es tolle clubs), bis bald, eva
 ... eva
 Hallo Ralf, hier schreibt Dir Anja vom Bodensee. Ich wollte mich bei Dir nochmal ganz lieb für die tolle Airport Arrival- Tour bedanken!!! Pass auf Dich auf, ja. Vielleicht sehen wir uns schneller als Dir lieb ist. *lol* :) Grüssle Anja
 ... Anja
 Ciao Ralf, Ich wollte einfach mal festhalten das Du ein SUPER Produzent, mit sehr viel Soul und Herz bist. Dazu hast Du ein label auf die Beine gestellt das grossartig ist. QUALITÄT. rdc
 ... Roberto De Carlo
 hi your music and your site rocks so please send me your free promotional vinyls at the following address: 1410b molale street mofolo central p.o dube 1800 johannesburg,soweto south africa
 ... lebohang
 Alles gute für's neue Jahr und viel Erfolg mit deinen Produktionen. Liebe Grüsse aus dem verschneiten Wien Lorenzo
 ... Lorenzo al Dino
 Hallo Ralf, hallo Tina, wir wünschen Euch für 2004 das Allerbeste. Wenn wir wieder mal nach Wü fahren, melden wir uns. jomo & sabi (muc)
 ... jomo
 hi ralf! danke für die schöne music-> es ist sehr gut angekommen und wir werden weiter machen-> wir kommen nächste woche auf dich zurück zwecks termin im feb.- cosmicbar is getting bigger DANKE euch (SUGAR BEAT yeahhhhh!)
 ... cosmicbar
 If the following sentence is not appropriate, I'm really sorry,please delete it. If you are interested in FPM, CORNELIUS, PIZZICATO FIVE..,you must check this store! The biggest Japanese online record store start hipping to overseas!! There is a tons of records which are hard to get items.we specialize in vinyl records and cds of JAPANESE DANCE AND INDIE POP MUSIC. but of course we also have hip hop, house, jazz, soul, funk, any kind of club music around the world. you can just listen free samples without registar.
 ... JET SET
 Hallo Ralph, wo und was ist denn diese Cosmicbar in meiner alten Wahlheimat Schweinebach !
 ... Norman
 Norman um dir die Frage an Ralf zu beantworten Cosmicbar ist eine einmalige party in schweinssssfurt wenn es deine alte wahlheimat war dann entscheide dich doch vorbei zuschauen-> trag dich auf der guestlist ein unter der e-mail! ende flo
 Hi Ralf, dein Link zu radio24 ist nicht ganz vollstaendig, sieh doch mal nach. Gruesse -a-
 ... masterlab mastering
 sers ralf.meine site ist auch bald fertig. jeden freitag im terminal 2 airport würzburg: agent orange peace´n ´out
 ... agent
 Hey Ihr Lieben, wollte mal kurz hallo sagen. Ich hoffe euch geht es gut!!! Lasst es euch gut gehen! Viele Liebe Grüße Lutz
 ... Lutz....
 Professionelle Arbeit!! Hoffe auf weitere schöne Gogo Music releases.. Viel Glück! Grüsse aus der Schweiz Soulful
 ... Soulful
 Merci für die ganzen tollen Releases...Schöne Seite.Don`t forget:Choclatecity,Hird...
 ... Lisa
 Hallo Ralf, ich wollt mich mal bei dir bedanken für die geniale Music, die du auflegst und produzierst. Auch für die anderen Sachen. Wir hören uns ... Cia Marcel
 ... Marcel
 Ciao Ralf, Freue mich schon, dich an unserem SOULHOUSE Event im Borderline Club Basel " on the set " zu sehen ! Bis bald, Mark
 ... Mark Stone
 hi ralf... geniale vorstellung von dir in dresden... hast god-like aufgelegt... einfach der hammer der das nicht mitbekommen hat! du warst unbeschreibbar besser als mousse t ! nix mehr hinzu zu fügen ! gruß Sebbo
 ... Sebbo (Air)
 wohl die ersten schriftlichen worte die wir zwei wechseln? danke fuer die plattenparty am samstag... komm uns mal im kuckucksnest besuchen!
 ... LX
 Je me range à l'avis de milli ;)
 ... Julia
 hallo ralf, "malle" war echt cool.. hatten leider nur zwei tage zeit. wünsch´dir und tina viel liebe und sonne...
 ... dan
 Merci beaucoup beaucoup pour les niuts dans L'airport a würzburg.
 ... milli
 Sers Ralf, Deine music ist eeecht great!!! Das muss mal gesagt werrrn... Vielleicht kenn mer uns ja noch?! Bin der Jensens aus Thüngen, selbe Schule usw... ham auch mal a bissl ge´skateboarderd for zich Jahren, wenn ich mich net täusch?! Will auch ma wida bald ins air... hoffe es klappt mit der faulen Frau *g* Bin inzwischen richtiger Wüarzburcher, besser Sanderauer Stadtparkbewohner geworn... Greets und respect an Dich! Bye Jensens from WÜ oda
 ... Jensens
 GO td GO ralf GOGO Music... Keep House Alive!
 ... PURE
 good music and vibe !!yesssss!
 ... zwart
 Hola Ralf, cómo es a ud ? Espero muy bien !! Schau wie vor kurzem versprochen wieder mal auf Deiner Seite vorbei (cooler Shop - weiter so :). Wegen unseres Treffens werde ich Dir noch in diesem Jahrhundert eine mail schicken, versprochen !! ... so long
 ... TOM
 hey, alles klar herr kommissar? greez & bis bald ali
 ... ali
 Haloo friends. Nice music.
 ... DJ Marmol
 ich liebe die nächte im studio... einmalig wunderbar danke für jeden abend...
 ... steve
 Nice to see you back on line !!!
 ... Franco (TheDanceWeb)
 Hallo Ralf, freut mich dass die Seite wieder online ist und alle Inhalt gesichert sind.. ab sofort am besten zumindest das gästebuch regelmäßig speichern :-) viele grüße & bis bald, jo ___________________
 ... jo
 ... Agnes
 i'm from LITHUANIA.HELLO PEOPLE!what's sounds good!i buy it!
 ... montekk
 I can't get hold of King Club-You were Singing anywhere. Does anybody know where i can buy a copy. Can't believe i missed it!! Hi to all you house music lovers out there in Deutschland. Ich liebe dich!!!
 ... Kiran Patel
 Ralf GUM feat. Concha Buika Nobody can touch me. Der absulute Hammer ! Mach weiter so. Gruss Phil
 ... phil-z
 Hi Tina/Ralf, Les Croasdaile here from "Liquid" on ALL FM 96.9 Manchester! Just wanted to say thanks for the promo's and support, Manchester loves your sound and I'm doing all I can to push it to the people. Feb Guest dj's --------------- 7th Feb. Dean Wilson (Cream/Golden) plus live phoner from Harry "Choo Choo" Romero!!! 14th Feb. Smokin' Jo (Defected). 21st Feb. Huw Titchiner(SoulPressure Sessions)plus live phoner from Andy Caldwell/Kaskade(Inspirit music). 28th Feb. Atomphunk(Deepfunk recs USA). kind regards Les Croasdaile.
 ... Les Croasdaile
 Just surfed' in once again to give my support & respect to all the GOGO crew.... Ralf , this time u rocks ,I can't stop to play this stuff.... Nobody can touch me is definitly the best release on GOGO Music, love all the mixes ... expecially the Sugar Beat dub & the Original mix..... all the best & speak soon :-)
 ... Davide Maffei
 I am lovin' this web site much better!! Much Luv.. Lee-@nne(dj)
 ... LEE-@NNE
 love & peace to all housemusic lovers. QUE NO PARE!!
 ... araceli
 Hi Ralf, Hi Tina, wόnsche Euch beiden ein schφnes neues Jahr!! Ralf, laί was hφren wegen Karlsruhe... bis denne Simone
 ... Simone
 hallo ralf, einen guten rutsch und ein erfolgreiches neues jahr wόnsch ich dir und deiner freundin. weiter so!!!! respect - rob aus nόrnberg
 ... robert spoljaric
 Ein schφnes Weichnachtsfest und alles Beste fόr das GOGO-Jahr 2003! abi & sabine
 ... abi
 Hi guys. Lets get together one day, how about a Stereo night at Airport? Ross from Virtual Agency. Big shouts to: Ralf Gum, Christian P, Concha, Heike, Daniel Klein, Iρaky, Pepe Link, Kiko, Chus & Ceballos,Werner soulfuric....
 ... ross donaldson
 nochmal stefan! hab ganz vergessen zu erwδhnen, daί ich der Typ im Anhang von DJ Monique im Airport am Freitag war. nur damit du weiίt, wer dir da mailt!
 ... stefan Mόller
 Hi, Ralf, habe mir gerade mal ein parr deiner Releases angehφrt und bin schwer angetan. Supergeile, musikalische Nummern. Kompliment!!! Schau mal auf unserer Website vorbei: stay tuned, vielleicht ergibt sich ja mal was! Cu Stefan
 ... Stefan Mόller
 hi all,einen gruss aus luzern. I LOVE HOUSEMUSIC in groove victor
 hi ralf, bin grad beim surfen όber eure site gestolpert...nettes teil....mein audio-pc is abgekackt, von dem her hab ich keine zeit - und kein material - gehabt. nu ist alles wieder im lot. melde mich nδchste woche wegen helena, ok. abraco winne
 ... Winne
 Hi Guys, Just checked out your site, the link was sent to me by j be who's currently helping to promote your label. I have checked out a few of your tracks, and I would like to add my word of encouragement and say keep on spreading good muscial vibes. Irie, Marcel
 ... Marcel
 Hey Ralf! Die Fotos die wir am Freitag gemacht haben sind total hart geworden, du siehst aus wie ??? Schau sie dir doch mal an!
 ... Thekenschlampe
 i think people be on the lookout for Ralf Gum.... lets continue pushing the best music. Everbody get behind and push.... Much respect Ralf
 ... J-Be
 Hi Tina, hi Ralf - schade das wir uns schon so lange nicht gesehen haben :-(, aber ich bin zuversichtlich das wir nach eurem Umzug wieder mal richtig zusammen feiern koennen :-) !! mfg - TOM
 ... TOM
 hey ralf,tolle page,tolle releases. respekt Boris
 ... Boris Hotton
 Hallo liebe Tina und lieber Gum-man! hat sich viel getan bei Euch, respekt! Ich sitz auch schon (fast) auf gepackten koffern.....liebe Gruesse von der Isla Bonita
 ... godmother
 hello to my house friends over seas. I hope you understand this or have someone interpet this for you. I send my love and respect to all those who apprieciate good deep house music. If anyone would like to have a mix cd from the states. feel free to drop me an email with an address. props to go go music...... peace in music
 ... J-Be (infamous)
 Nun...da so viele nette Menschen in das nicht weniger nette Guestbook geschrieben haben, kommt auch mein Eintrag :-) Gute gemacht site mit ebenso gutem Inhalt und nicht uninteressanten audiosamples! Respect und weiterhin so gute Arbeit - was wδre die Housewelt ohne Leute wie dich, Daniel, Kiko, Boris etc. Thomas
 ... Thomas Fath
 hi ralf, habe bei Heiko Gemein die Rookie gehφrt und wollte Dir nur kurz mitteilen das das ein Megaburner ist!!! :)
 ... King DK
 fette site! respeckt...hmm vielleicht besuchst du auch mal meine unter ibizenkische greetz dj ladybird
 uuuuh, isch bin schon so auf-ge-regt...aber was soll isch tragen Cheri , das kleine Schwarze vom letzten Mal ?
 ... Norman
 Ei, das war eine feine 10 Jahresfeier im Art. Und danke dass du da warst. ;-)
 ... Zottel
 Moinmoin. Also fein dass das am 20.ten mit dem Art doch noch geklappt hat. Ich freu mich. ;-) Eine lustige Feier wird das. C`Ya Zottel
 ... Zottel
 Hallo Ralph, ich bin`s Norman von der DJ-Bar....ich bin so scharf auf Dich...gehen wir mal wieder frόhstόcken...kleiner Scherz ( Hallo Tina :-) )...schφne Seite , bis Freitag
 ... Norman
 Hallo, nochmal DANKE fόr den kurzweiligen Freitag in Frankfurt! Viele Grόsse
 ... abi
 Sers alle zusammen! Jetzt konnte ich es mir doch nicht verkneifen auch mal was in diese nette Klatschspalte zu schreiben! :-) Wollte doch noch fragen ob die VIP-Lounge und die Wanne mit dem Bier fόr den Freitag schon reserviert sind?? Andrι u. Meinereiner hatten doch da gewisse Vorstellungen... (Hδ Hδ) Also man sieht sich denn mal am Freitag im KingKa. Ciao Sebastian. PS: Bob Sinclar wird so geschrieben......
 ... Sebastian
 Hey Ralf! Ich hab in dieser Woche Urlaub und das Wetter hier in Wόrzburg ist mehr als fies. In meinem nδchsten Urlaub komm ich zu dir, ist klar oder?! Bis Freitag! Ich freu mich!
 ... Carmen
 Hallo ihr Helden! Hoffe meinen Freunden geht es gut in der Sonne Spaniens! Wird Zeit das wir uns alle mal wieder im Airport sehen! Damit meine ich auch den Herrn P.! Hoffentlich bis bald und seid schφn fleiίig! Grόsse auch vom Rest der Truppe! Dirk
 ... Dirk
 Hi Ralf. Wollte mal wieder vorbeischauen hier. Weiterhin alles Gute! Hoffe man sieht sich mal wieder am Freitag im Air. bye
 ... Oliver
 am sonntag fliegen wir! stell΄schon mal ein paar drinks kalt!
 ... abi
 Hi Ralf, nettes Gesprδch am Fr. im Air!:) Hat mich gefreut. Keep On Groovin'! Shoutz Ali 'DeepDiver' S.
 ... Ali
 is THE WAY LOVE GOES avail on cdsingle? i need one.
 ... brian mcclenathan dj
 Hey Ralf! Wie geht es deinem Grieίkorn? War sehr geil, am Freitag nach dem air. Gehen wir nδchste Woche wieder frόhstόcken?
 ... Carmen von der Space-Bar
 Hey Ralf! Ich freu mich schon auf morgen Abend im air!! Kόsschen aus Wόrzburg!! Carmen
 ... Carmen von der Space-Bar
 gracias Ralf por tu musica :) pregunta para Kiko: no se si me recuerdas,una vez te envie un email y no sabias de donde pillι la direccion (cadiz),para cuando online? besos
 ... ori
 hi ralf, i really enjoy ur style...keep on good work. check out cheers
 ... nookie
 Looking forward to hear more of your work, since I really enjoy the tunes I've heard so far!!! Keep Spreadin' The Vibe XXXX
 ... Ingela
 Hola Ralf, Tina & Christian, os deseo lo mejor con vuestro nuevo sello Gogo, y espero veros mαs a menudo que vivimos en la misma isla y parece que estamos en distintos puntos del mundo. Espero que os guste mi remix de Yara Yara. Un fuerte Abrazo para todos. K.N.
 ... Kiko Navarro
 ...einfach mal so reingesurft. hόbsch hier...und im radio lδuft massive attacks "unfinished sympathy". na, denn ;-) all tha best!
 ... fm stroemer
 gruesse aus ny! lutz
 ... lutz
 Hey, Ralf, schφn Dich und Tina mal wieder gesehen zu haben. Vergiss die Grόίe an Christian nicht! Bin mit Julius in Kontakt, mehr gegen Ende der Woche hoffe ich. Ansonsten: schick mir mal vorsichtshalber ne mail, finde Deine Adresse gerade nicht... ;-) tom
 ... tom
 Hola que tal! Mehr kann ich nicht. Wollte mich mal in Richtung NY verabschieden. Kannst mich ab April auf allen Kanδlen erreichen, schicke dir dann auch meine Festnetznummer. Gruί Lutz
 ... Lutz Leurs
 hallφchen ihr drei!! hoffe es geht euch gut. hoffe wir sehn uns in miami. bis bald basti(part of tiefschwarz)
 ... basti
 Hi Ralf nice site, looking forward to the new releases on the label! If you are going to be in Miami give me a shout! Adrian
 ... Adrian Champion
 Hi Ralf, Sers ! Gute Seite mein Freund, hope to see you soon.. Greetz Baby Bee
 ... Baby Bee
 Hi Ralf, auch nochmal von dieser Stelle aus Lob und Anerkennung fόr all die Spitzentracks! Gruss aus Wiesbaden Stephan
 ... Stephan
 hey ralf, endlich habe auch ich mal den weg zu eurem gδstebuch gefunden. sehr nette seite habt ihr hier... respekt!!! greetings oliver garcia!
 ... oliver garcia
 Hi Ralf, wollte mal wieder vorbeischauen. Weiterhin alles gute fόr euch!
 ... Oliver
 hi, hammer nummer die king club super schφn
 ... tobi as
 @@@ http://www.UNIVERSALCREATIONS.COM @@@
 RESPEKT! Beste Wόnsche fόr alle Trδume, die ihr habt. Bis bald
 ... abi
 Hi Gogo-Crew! Nette Page ist hier am Start, gefδllt mir ganz gut! Fόr 2002 weiter alles Gute und viel Erfolg weiterhin! Liebe Grόίe aus Frankfurt, dj nuθl -
 ... Dj Nuθl/FFM
 ich wollte es euch nur mal ganz persφnlich mailen: Wir haben fetten respekt vor eurer Arbeit und wόrden uns sehr freuen, Euch an einem Donnertag des Jahres 2002 zwecks Label-Prδsentation als gδste in unserer Sendung "vovals Inside" auf begrόίen zu dόrfen. Bis dahin: Alle Regler hoch und keep the groove alive! Schφnen gruί von der
 ... Florian Kroeber
 Hi Ralf, du kennst mich (noch) nicht. :) Wollte nur zum eigenen Label gratulieren und sagen sehr schφne erste Nummer, als weiter so! Auch die Seite ist sehr schφn, schlicht, aber stylisch! Greetz, King DK Grόίe auch an Heiko Gemein..
 ... King DK
 Schφne Grόsse von meiner Seite an das ganze Go Go Music Team...schφne Site habt ihr da...->to Ralf:mach weiter so....greetz LaRoc
 ... LaRoc
 hi ralf,tina u.christian klasse seite!naja wollt helt auch mal was in gδstebuch schreiben.macht weiter so gruί andre΄u. ina.p.s super bild von ralf!
 ... andre
 Hi Ralf, viele Grόίe aus dem Sonnigen Wόrzburg ins momentan verschneite Mallorca.... Ich hδtte ja nie gedacht, dass ich sowas mal schreiben muss.... :-)
 ... Tobi Grimm
 Sorry das es mit dem Termin nicht geklappt hat! bis demnδchst c.u. :-) A.K.Andrι
 ... Andrι
 ich heiss auch ralf. und finds schφn.
 ... ralf
 Hola amigos de la casa, ist doch wirklich entzόckend, euer smarter launch! sag ich doch mal bis dann, zum weihnachtsmann ... keep on groovin & gogo+ x-toph
 ... christoph
 Morgen. Ich bin begeistert, das Gδstebuch funktioniert. Also dann auch von mir gleich mal viele Grόsse und so. ;-) C`Ya Zottel
 ... Zottel
 Hi Ralf, super schφne Seite!! Glόckwunsch!! sonnige Grόίe and Tina & Christian... Heiko
 ... Heiko Gemein
 Hi Ralf, very nice Site! I hope I can hear more funky traxx from you in the Future. You can be proud of your work! CU Oliver
 ... Oliver deLux
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